It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new.
But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

And Thats The Story of Honey

I have written about her before ....  My mom adopted a tiny kitten. The two of them lived in an apartment and kept each other company. The kitten had a sweet gentle mama and my mother had a sweet little baby .
I am not sure if it was hereditary or if mom just over fed the kitten but when mom died and I inherited Honey, I got this Extra Large pussycat .... with this tiny cat meow.
She is playful, affectionate and comical. It is a pleasure to be able to give her love and a home because that is what my mother wanted and I get to enjoy Honey.
So thats the story of Honey ...


I have had a bit of trouble ... well actually .. it has been a pain in the a$$ trying to get the comments section etc to work again or to even show up easily.

I think/hope it is fixed now. If not, let me know. So I can throw the computer with its crap "Blogger" out the window.

If you use Safari, you probably will be having no problems.
If you use  Chrome, there you might have a problem. Blogger it seems, only wants comments to come from Safari .. so I switch back and forth when that happens but no one is going to want to do that for long.
While I figure it all out, please hang in there with me.

During the day, something will happen, I will see or hear something and say to myself, I have to Blog that ! So stay there, things are bound to get more interesting.
I have company coming and I am considering running away ...

Thank you.
It is 8:21.
I have fed 3 fussy kitties and one desperate for love young kitty who slept on my lanai rather than go home or be out with the raccoons.

If it isn't one thing it's another.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A Beautiful Day

I am going to have out of state company.
They will stay in a nearby hotel.
This is always a good thing.
Especially when they have a small child and I have 3 cats.
I am mulling over the pros and cons of moving.
To another state.
I wish it was to another country.
Although there are times, here in Florida, that I feel like I am in another country.
Today I will see if I can find some flowers to put in the house, that cats won't want to eat 
or knock over.
Wishing you a Beautiful Day ~

Monday, June 18, 2018

So I Went to a Party

When I was 5 I looked like this without the mermaid tail. or curls. lol
Wishing everyone a Happy Monday.
Mine will be good or else !!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Troll Be Gone

OK Kids .. I am going to have to crack down on the Trolls .
I have attracted, only one, hopefully, Troll who has some kind of grudge and feels the need to spend their time anonymously leaving snarky comments.
She ... I assume ... needs to go find a life elsewhere but until then, I am going to have to hold comments until I can read  them before publishing them.
Hopefully it will get tired and find a new pastime .
So have a good day and hopefully bored Trolls will go somewhere else to find their fun .. poor things.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Red Sky At Night

I think Sailors Take Warning is part of that but last night that was the sky and today it is blue and cloudless. It is a hot sunny day. I really have to get out of the house and do something ..
Maybe if I do anything interesting, I will blog about it later.
In the meantime, enjoy your day .. 

photo: taken with iPhone

Hello Fleas, My Name is Candy

Hello .. my cats get flea and tick drops and they wear flea collars sometimes.
Not Minette so much, she is the Houdini of kitties, she can get out of anything.

Merlin doesn't care, collar schmarlar .. let him sleep already !! And make something tasty for dinner.

Honey is the biggest cat , I have a hard time picking her up .. her size, weight and the added difficulty of her being so huge and such silky fur ... she slides right out of your arms.
All the while, meowing in the tiny high pitched voice of a little kitten.
It's all an act, she can beat the neighbors dogs a$$.

So ... where did I get fleas ?
I have bites.
I know flea bites. Sadly fleas love the taste of me.

So I am in my house, not out side, with indoor cats and they are wearing flea collars and I might get myself one also.

It is hot out there.
Storms forecast for later. Good ... it will cool things off for 20 minutes and help increase the mosquito population.  Cause low lying areas to flood ...All things we need.

A friend quit emailing me.
All she did was cry about something that has been going on for years .. I made the mistake of giving an opinion instead of just a pat on the back ... after years of pats on the back.

I recommend blogging.
Don't send your friends daily updates on all the Bad things going on in your life and then be angry at them for replying with encouragement or advice.
If blogging doesn't appeal, then talk to your spouse ... they are stuck with you, you can't drop them just because you didn't like the advice/opinion of a friend.

Now My Advice for anyone who sees a stray cat or puppy.
Douse yourself with bug repellent. Then save the cat or puppy.
Or get a few bites, in the Grand Scheme of Things .... You did a Good Thing.

Benadryl Lotion, clear, scentless, works immediately. Just in case.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Oh Tony, We loved you

RIP Anthony
Too many of our best and brightest commit suicide .. Life should be enjoyed, most of the time at least.
There is pretty much nothing that is worse than Death ..
If you have a friend or family member who concerns you with their depression, if they speak of death or suicide or not wanting to live, get them to a doctor .. seek help... and don't leave them alone. Keep them company, even if they don't want it.
Sadly, I know what I am talking about.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

Due to some changes Blogger made and the changes that I had to make, it has been difficult to leave comments as well as for me to do commenting and managing the blog.

So ... I did a little changing of settings here and there.

It should be easy to leave a comment now and hopefully everything will be the way it was before.

Let me know if you have problems if you post a comment .

Thanks ! C

Citizens of the Forest

At night, I like to sit out on the lanai with the lights off and just listen to the music in the house and the forest , night sounds outside.
I am just a few feet from the forest.
We have raccoons, opossums, deer, wolves and the occasional green snake so far .. I am sure there are plenty of things I have not seen and I am ok with that ... I can hear things too, that I am ok with hearing but not seeing.

Now and then a little creature will come out into the lawns behind the building and I sit on the lanai, no lights on and the cats and I watch the 'Possums toddle around, ugly and cute at the same time.
Raccoons are such rascals, they come right to the lanai, put their faces to the screen and look in.
Once I said hello, he ran. I just sit there now and smile to myself.. sometimes feeling a bit sad that I have no one to share it with but I enjoy seeing them.
Sitting here in this place, so gated and posh and no one walks, just drives, no one chats, but it is safe and clean .. my condo is beautiful and I have a forest for a view and raccoons who visit so there are no complaints coming from me.
Not to mention the thrill the cats get when they are on one side of the screen and there is a raccoon on the other.
Both tend to realize what they are looking at , up close and personal .... and they turn and run for cover.

My nights are not so boring ~


Is anyone having problems with reading my posts ?
Commenting ?
Please let me know because I had a big problem replying to a comment on my own blog... which is just a bit ridiculous and I am not sure what to do about it.

I am also only able to post using Safari,  when I always use Chrome.

So please  if you have a minute just tell me if you have noticed any difficulties in reading or commenting...

Thank you very much, C

Saturday, June 9, 2018

I Worry

Do you ever think that sometimes things are just difficult ?
Nothing is easy like it used to be ?
I have days where things are easy, things I dreaded that would be a pain in the neck to deal with ,  turned out to be just as easy as you could hope for ..
But then there are things that you just don't expect to be difficult and they are.

Today ( well, the past few days ) have been difficult for a couple of reasons.

1 - Being totally alone so much is hard in odd little ways ... I find myself worrying more, feeling more vulnerable , and worrying .. did I lock the door, did I hear a noise etc. And because of that worry, I repeat myself  .

2 - I don't talk to people sometimes all day, then I worry I will talk non stop then repeat myself ,
And you know there is always someone who will be sure to say, I know, you already told me.
That was just yesterday, that phone call, those words.
If I was in the room with him, his mother might have smacked him upside the head ... how very Southern of me ..

3- I fear being a bore. I fear being avoided because I am so boring or repeat myself.

I think that once upon a time, I was fun, carefree, brave .... now I worry that I am the opposite of those things.

4- I worry that This is It ... This is my life now. Not just a stage or a few months but this is it.
This is not what I want to be IT ... I don't know exactly where and what It is but this isn't It .

5- I worry there will be a Hurricane
There will be. I just know it :(

6 - I was told to gain weight ... I did .. Now I worry I will gain too much . LOL ... this one is true but at the same time, not what I really count as a worry.   But I wish I had a cook.  :)

7- I have learned about Old Coots and Lonely Old Women. Ever talk to an old coot, they just say the craziest things, or old women, they just say whatever pops into their heads.
I am afraid I will be talking to someone and I will say something totally inappropriate .. like some demented old woman who lives alone with cats ...

8- Now I will confess.. these things cross my mind or pop into my head when I read or hear about something but so far ... these are things that I still have good control over and should be ok for a while longer ..

9- I worry I will end up with more cats.

10- I worry I will shuffle around the house in a house coat like my grandmother wore and scuff along in slippers with a line of cats meowing along behind me ..

lol ... not really.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

I Don't Know

I don't know where to begin , I started messing around with my blog, the workings .. making it , I thought, easier to comment, brighten up the look of it .. don't want it to be same old and tired.

I have had one problem after another with it ..  I can't leave a comment , no one can  .
Fixing it made everything worse.

So forgive me and please do check in to see if I figured things out and have something to say that might be of interest or entertaining ...

I want it to be easier/ more basic. Blogger wants to make it blog itself so I am not managing well with this.

Have a good week. Stormy conditions coming to Florida .. the H word has been used again.
I am looking at house rentals in NY State.

Take care, comment if you like, we can see if the thing even takes comments still !

besitos, C

RIP Kate Spade

The news is so sad today.
My condolences to her friends and family and all of her admirers.
May she Rest In Peace

Bored, Isolated & Itching

                                         Photo : Crush Cul de Sac

This has been me that past few days and I expect it to continue.
Florida is pretty, it doesn't snow, (although I actually miss the sight of snow) and while it has hurricanes that scare the pants off me, it is mostly calm and extremely boring ..

I like it here, but I would not say no to moving back to New York in a flash.

I see now why there are some people who become hermits ... partly because there is nowhere to meet people unless you strike a conversation up with a poor unsuspecting shopper at Publix.
Or have a creepy neighbor who must have gotten to the point where he has to pop out and startle his neighbors and then walk beside them talking the whole time about how much he likes living in Florida.
And then there is the condo that is too luxurious to complain about and the cats that are happy and if I can't be where I want to be, then I can be bored to tears in a very posh condo with bored cats.

But then yesterday I made the mistake of walking in the back of the condo, in the grass, and I woke up this morning with bites all over my ankles.
I take that back ... I hate it here.
I am bored, isolated and itching.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Sometimes I Am Just A Cat

No she didn't drink too much.
She didn't faint.
She is taking a nap.
One of the many naps she / cats take during the day.
One reason is because she is bored.  I took a nap yesterday. I was bored.
It is grey and rainy and boring here ..but at least it is warm. I can drive to the supermarket without chains on the tires.

I have been harboring a fugitive.
A beautiful young cat comes to my house every day, just to hang out on the lanai with my cats and I.
I don't feed it .. I pet it and eventually ask it to go home so the owner won't throw a fit.
Not that I really care, ( about the owners feelings) but I don't want any ugliness in my days .
I have met the owner .. there is good reason behind my comment.
I don't want to read the news or hear the news on tv or even listen to people discussing the latest atrocities or disasters ..

I am being an ostrich ... sometimes I am just a cat  .
The little neighbor cat has scars from being attacked by something bigger and vicious.
If that were my cat, it would not go outside ever again. Last night the little sweetie slept on my lanai, warm and fed and safe from the creatures in the forest.
This morning, after breakfast, she left. A perfect guest.

Minette and Merlin pay no attention. Honey was unaware that any new visitors were here or left.
She is here beside me, taking one of her many baths. Then she will take one of her many naps.

I love her.
Merlin, my love, is asleep in the living room, on the dog bed ... a medium sized, cat shaped pile of hair.

I am in my pajamas and might stay in them.
I will nap and eat a bite and nap some more. And not go out in the rain and get wet !
I will be a cat today ..

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Bare Footed

We are going to get storms today.
I wanted to keep busy so decided to do some laundry ... not much to do but it is Something to do.
I ran into the living room to be sure the doors are locked before running to the drug store for detergent.
I stepped into a pile of cold cat sh*t... barefooted.
No .. I did not kill the cat but he has been threatened.
So now he sits behind me and watches me.

Friday, May 25, 2018


This made me laugh out loud.
Cats never love getting dressed up and wearing a hat and they show it.
Dogs on the other hand, love it if you like it and will smile and bounce around like they just won the lottery ...
I need to get a dog and some hats.

I need to stop emailing people and trying to be funny or sarcastic.
No one "gets it " ... some people  actually think I take the time to think up something snarky to email them. 
The truth is .. I don't usually write to people when I have had enough .. they get nothing, nada, no emails from me.
So these people who get all ruffled feathers from a silly email need to lighten up and I have made a vow to myself .. this morning ...
Less emails. Only particular people. Be more picky about who I think of as a Friend .. don't feel bad if there are no people on my Friends list.
None is better than snarky people who enjoy emailing cruel or hateful things.

So this is my Friday laugh and enlightenment ... I am the one enlightened, you all already are .. I am the slow one.

So have a great weekend, wear a silly hat and dance ... kiss your loved ones ... hugs and kisses from me. 

The Cat & The Raccoon

                  Oh yeah, it's busy around my house .. visitors coming and going all the time.

Autumn ? Summer ?

Once in a while, I miss Oregon. It is an amazing place, full of natural beauty, awe inspiring views and fresh clean air. No wonder the people of that state are so concerned with the laws and what goes on with the Environment, and the Government.

We enjoyed putting the dog in the car and just taking off to explore.
The only thing I remember that was unpleasant was the lack of rest stops/bathrooms on the long roads to the ocean or mountains. I mean, we all know ... riding in the car .. eventually results in the need for a loo ... not an outhouse with spider webs and possibilities of a snake taking a nap, stores that want you to stop and shop and eat but they don't provide facilities ... 

There are so many waterfalls in Oregon !!
And as green as it is wherever you look, there is still more green .. our building had gardens with grass on the roof. The balconies had plants and small potted trees ..
Living in Florida, at the edge of a forest, makes me appreciate those people who thought of the green aspect of the environment as well as how much they could sell their buildings for ..

I am missing New York ... big time.
Speaking of Green. I miss the mountains. I miss Autumn. Summer in NY is pretty fantastic.

Where do you like Summer ? the ocean, home, the mountains ? Autumn ?

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Whatever the Weather

Due to the beauty of our surroundings, the proximity of huge and beautiful parks and  day after day of clear blue skies ... not to mention a certain young Pup who loved his playtime in "his" park ..
I have a large amount of photos of skies, trees, parks  and the City of Buenos Aires ... not to mention a particular Pup.
If you have seen them before, that's ok .... nothing wrong with looking at something pretty, more than once.

I am living in a place now that has pine trees and an occasional huge old tree.. Southern trees ..
The skies are blue 99 % of the time.
I don't care if we get forecasts for rain, just no hurricanes please.
But I do appreciate Buenos Aires weather more than ever.
It got raw and chilly and rained in Winter.... It was sunny and dry every day in Summer.

As my husband once said ... It's Weather. That is what it does.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A Sunny Day

It is a beautiful sunny day, a bit chilly this morning but sparkling sunshine and blue skies, no clouds.
This is the weather report from Florida ...
ABOVE you will see that in Buenos Aires, the skies are almost always an amazing blue and winter looks like this .. Sure there are rainy days but mostly blue skies and sunshine.
If I had a choice between Florida and Buenos Aires ....

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Just Married

                                                  May they live a long and happy life .

I would have loved to have gone to that wedding. As boring and sometimes uncomfortable as it is to sit through a long ceremony, it would have been a memorable experience.
I loved her dress. I loved they way they looked together . I love the village and those streets and the high walls around the castle. Being an Anglophile, you could just say, I loved it all. It was right up my alley, as my husband would say.

Have a Happy Weekend .. 

Friday, May 18, 2018

Adventures of a Cat Rescuer

This place I live in, in Florida is quite nice ... a "gated community" meaning we are supposed to think we are safer with gates and fences around us.
All of the homes are lovely, large and modern and in good condition. The front looks like a house, the back is almost completely windows and a wall of sliding glass doors.
Mine faces the forest ... my window walls ... so the view is fabulous and ever changing.
The front is windows in my bedroom upstairs where the view is skies and the neighbors across the street.
Mostly I see clouds, sunsets , moons and the occasional raccoon, deer, wolf ??, one green snake and lost/roaming house cats.

The "House Cats" I use loosely since the morons who chose to live with a forest full of wild creatures that would eat a cat for lunch, let their cats out all the time to wander.
I know of one little cat that  was killed in the visitors parking lot ... napping under a car is never a good idea.. poor sweet thing, bad choice of humans.
And now we come to my situation. .. I have cats. I had my own cats upon arrival, then my Mom died and my daughter told me take her cat or she would take it to a shelter.
You Know I was not going to do that to that poor cat whose life just changed like mine did ! We lost our mom and then ...... ?
So I took her ... she is enormous .. one of those Believe it Or Not cats ... but as huge and impossible to pick up as she is , she has this little girl cat meow and she is affectionate and funny and I love her.

So I have seen the wolves/wild animals in the forest lately, coming out onto the grass where the town homes are... like my back yard.
They are beautiful but dangerous. I will not tell anyone, I am minding my own business, especially after last night .

A cat came to the door crying. There had been something in the woods earlier that was large and worried me enough that I made the cats come into the house instead of out on the lanai that is only screens ..
and now here is this cat , crying to come in and I have no idea what to do ... so I let it in.

I fed it then opened the door so it could go home. It didn't want to go.

I took a walk down the street and knocked on a door and asked the man if he had a cat missing.
And I was insulted, yelled at and threatened for asking ... what a good neighbor, how lucky am I ?

So I went home planning on my trip back to NY where crazy people are much nicer and  an old woman with a dozen cats won't be noticed at all.

The little cat from somewhere else, slept in a nest that I made for her, on the lanai .
I opened the door for her this morning so she could scurry home.
She yawned , purred and went back to sleep.

Today will be tough, my cats have to stay in and be safe, they want out.
She has to stay on the lanai or go home, right now she wants in.

I am having coffee and staying upstairs with the computer and I want to go back home.
Not once in the time we lived in NY, did a neighbor ever speak to me in any way but kindly or with good manners.
Here, in a matter of months, I have had a total stranger / neighbor, yell at me in a threatening way.

The cats and I are weighing our options.
Honey is napping ..

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

I have no answer

I have been told that we have wolves in the forest behind my home. Wolves that I have seen in the past were  thin and rough and sad things .. now this one .. I would like it to be my pet.
Have you ever seen such a gorgeous creature ...

For now, the gorgeous creatures that surround me are cats. There is Honey who is here with me at this moment, she will keep me company, the other two will take naps or go to bed .. it is late for them.
We all get up too early here. But then, I don't take cat naps and I am up later than usual.

Tomorrow I might do some shopping or I might be rained in with the dregs of a recent hurricane.
I am getting so lazy, I don't care. I will stay in and read or shop nearby ..
I was thinking of makeup and lingerie ... kind of girly, no ?
Or perhaps finding a pair of jeans that fit ... painlessly.
My last jeans were perfect in all ways.
They didn't just get old, they began to come apart...
So now I have to go through the ordeal of jeans shopping.
Then jeans breaking in.
Then jeans wearing while sure they don't look as good as the old pair that were much loved.

I am alone too much.
I will be speaking Cat soon.
Merlin is going to speak Human soon.
He meows to me with it ending in a question sound .. It drives me crazy that I have no answer for him.

The Story

Where I live now, the homes are almost all single story except for the monster homes that look more like a new mini-mall than a house. Then there are the townhouses and those you can see and some you can not see. You cannot see mine. We are off a boulevard but gated so where my home is located, there are woods and a curve in the street . I can walk to a supermarket and a small strip mall of shops and yet , all I see when I look out the windows are forest and ridiculously blue skies. 
Those skies often have US Navy Jets zooming across them, which just thrills me. 
( I was born on an Air Force base ..  )

Today is warm and sunny and the blue skies have a few clouds, there were storms south of here, we might end up getting them also. The cats and I have plenty of groceries and books to read and excellent nap spots. Even the little wandering cat has her own spot if she chooses to visit , since whoever she belongs to is so careless with her.
Last night I had to rescue her. I had seen her earlier in the evening but hoped that she had gone home to be safe for the night. Then I heard noises and turned on the light and looked out to see her standing up to but definitely out gunned by 2 full sized raccoons. Those raccoons are tough and they have babies so that little cat was definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time ...  but maybe not.
I opened the lanai door and she dashed in and started wrapping herself around my ankles and purring her thanks to me. She ended up getting  a light dinner and a snug safe bed for the night.
She is so sweet.
Today might be a day of frivolous shopping and possible future planning.
My future needs some plans.
What are your Future plans ? short term or long ? Where ? When ?
You sort of know what ours were, if you have followed me husband owned businesses, sold them, quit working.. we sold our home and moved South.
 He was bored witless so we went on trips .
One trip to Portland, Oregon, made him want to live there.
So we moved to Portland. I loved it.. the husband , the dog and I in a posh all glass condo in what had been a brewery building ! A year was all it took for my husband to get antsy, luckily we had a neighbor that was crazy about our dog, so he offered to pup-sit .. 
We went to Buenos Aires, Argentina for 2 weeks.
To be continued .........

Monday, May 14, 2018

Azul y Blanco

                                  The National colors for Argentina are .... Blue and White.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Summer Kitty Syndrome

They sleep .. usually on my bed, upstairs in my bedroom .. there is also water and a bite to eat for them. Mostly for Merlin who I try to keep comfortable and not have to go up and down a serious staircase too often in a day.

They love the lanai. It is Their Room.
There are pillows on every object, a wicker trunk with pillows and an easy hop up or down.
The crate that they can all live inside if they wanted to, has pillows inside and on top .. you could say, my cats have a cushy life ...
I hope so .. I hope they do .. I want them to have a soft and happy life.
They make me happy, they are so dear to me, the least they can have is a comfortable happy life.

There is only one drawback to the cats and I sharing the lanai lately.
They make me sleepy.
It might be impossible for me to sit down there with them and not fall asleep.
They started to do it to me this morning, but I caught them at it , I went into the house .. which is about 2 steps from where Minette is in the photo .. and I sat on the sofa and almost fell asleep.
So I am upstairs now .. trying to think of something to do to keep awake.
It's a tough life, going through this Summer Kitty Syndrome  .... I have to go lie down.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Sorry, Wrong Number

I was sitting on the sofa, petting an ancient old cat ... appreciating the breeze coming in through the open sliding doors entire wall is sliding glass doors, open those and you are a step away from outdoors !

My cell phone sat beside me, used as a clock/email  way more than as a telephone ... when it rang.
Yes, I jumped.
Then I said hello and this man with a lovely accent spoke to me and with such familiarity that I was confused, did I know him ? did he know me ? My number is unlisted ... I don't give anyone my number .. Then he said something else and I said, You dialed the wrong number.
He was surprised and said, But you sound exactly like my daughter ! and I laughed and said I will take that as a compliment and because he had this accent, I asked where he was calling from.
Montreal !

For the next 15 minutes, Monsieur So and So and I had the nicest conversation ! LOL ~~
I told him I loved Montreal and we used to go there every year, that I considered living there at one time, but South America was more appealing weather wise and then we just chatted .

This total stranger who dialed a  wrong number and I, had the most pleasant little chat about the weather in Florida and how much I like Montreal especially shopping there !
He really cheered me up .. talking about places I have been to and enjoyed, just talking to a person instead of a cat ! lol

So  I told him I enjoyed talking to him and it was the best wrong number I have ever answered !
And then we said Goodby ~

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Must Have

He / She would not be that much bigger than the cats, fully grown. I see no reason why I should not have this puppy. Well, maybe not this same exact puppy but one just like it. Exactly like it.

It will give the cats something to do.
Minette will play ball with it.
Merlin will watch over it and guard it.
Honey will share her food ... somehow that might be doubtful ... but she will definitely keep that puppy warm in winter.

I am content with my cat family.
I just like having a dog .. to play with and to walk .. I have had dogs all my life .. mostly large dogs.
But these days, I was advised, never get a dog that you cannot pick up.
In Buenos Aires I learned that lesson. When Tate collapsed in the street ... well, on the sidewalk .. I sat on the sidewalk and held his head in my lap and talked to him, he came around and got up and was "fine" ... but that was the lesson, I cannot cope with a large dog on my own anymore.

My daughter has a baby - Shitzu . a tiny bug eyed little bundle of love. She is sooo adorable.
Great thing about puppies .. when they grow up into dogs, they still love you and think you are the best thing that ever happened.

It is another gorgeous day in Florida.
Sunshine, blue skies and a breeze to keep things comfy.
I am waiting for the other shoe to drop - there must be a storm out there .
I have to go talk to the cats now. .

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Remembering New York

Taking a Sunday Drive , memory-wise, through the area where we lived in New York State.
 There were many farms, sheep, goats and Highland Cattle were everywhere as well as a few fabulous horse farms. There were times that I would drive aimlessly and happen upon a sight that made me stop and get out of the car and just look ... soak it in ... and of course, take photos !
 There is a large Shaker community so there were farms and buildings that reminded me of them.
 Then there was the very nice family up the hill from our house, who owned a farm of sheep and Highland Cattle. After my husband died, I was alone all the time, I would walk up the hill and pet the cattle ( be careful of those massive horns, they are not aggressive but one turn of the head and a horn can at the least, knock you down. ) The sheep just acted sheepish .. baaaa, munch munch, baaa.

My husband and I liked the Country Store in Old Chatham. You never knew who you would see, the big wood burning stove kept everything warm and it was situated on a corner where 3 roads met, so  it had some interest to what was going on outside .. Quite a few movie and Broadway stars have homes in the Chatham's. . we did run into a few, here and there , just doing what all the rest of the locals do .. but in such a nice setting. 
Today is hot and sunny in Florida.
I miss a crisp chilly fall day, walking through piles of leaves on a country road.
Driving (a little too fast) on the winding lanes from the Chathams into town or if you feel like going farther, to Great Baarrington Ma... which is not that far and there is good shopping and eating there.
That is where we "landed" , when we moved up into that area. We heard about a house that was for rent by the month .. we could stay there and do our househunt. Great Barrington is fabulous.
Another day for that story ~

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Places I Want To Go Back To - 1

photo : notesfromabroad
Paris and her Museums .. the D'Orsay .. my favorite .. although spending a week in the Louvre is not punishment ... then I would want to spend a day or two in the Marais at the Picasso Museum .. his home converted into a museum. I remember standing in the room upstairs, looking out the window at the garden and other homes, a modest small home where a huge gift to the world lived ..
It is a rainy grey day- perfect for a Museum visit ... if there was such a thing nearby ...

Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Wasp

There was a day, not that long ago, when I would have immediately killed a wasp before it even knew what hit it .
But I looked at it and knew it was not going to do much except fly away or die.
I was sorry for it.
But I was  not going to kill it.

You see, I am one of those people who is seriously allergic to bee stings ... like swell up and die kind of allergic.

But for some reason, I was not afraid of it and I didn't  want it to die.
I sat still and he went on to more interesting things .. all was well.

I live on the edge of a State forest.
You can't hunt here and all sorts of creatures live there and now and then I have my morning coffee with my cats and all kinds of noisy bullfrogs and crickets and creatures that I hear but don't see.
Like a snake.

The snake was  very green and young and probably totally freaked out when he came into the lanai and there were the cats and I.
We were all curious about each other but none of us wanted to hang around and get acquainted.
I corralled the cats and locked them in the house, little faces pressed to the glass doors, tails whipping around, boy, were they mad  at me!
That they were unable to hunt and kill a snake. I know they blame me for ruining their lives.

So I opened the door wide and went to stand as far way as I could and I watched it slither out and into the grass and freedom.
Last night a possum came to the lanai door ... snooping around, getting into the water dishes I had outside for the stray cats, mooching around like possums do ...there was a noise in the trees and shrubs and the little possum toddled away ... in time for a nice big raccoon to come out and sniff around ... hmmm smells like cat food ..... and then off back into the woods.

It was so great. I sat there, safe in my screened lanai, watching these creatures coming out of the forest and doing what they do .. while I sat there silent and happy to see it all.
It would have been nice 1- if I could have been able to take photos... but that would have complicated everything 2- if someone had been there with me ... but it was great anyway..
I am glad I did not kill that wasp.

Thursday, May 3, 2018


Today is the Birthday of my Beautiful Baby Girl.

I can't even begin to describe her ... but I will try ...

Great Sense of Humor
A Good Mother
A Wonderful Daughter
A Good Person

There is more, but while I am trying not to gush, I am failing ... so I will just say

Happy Birthday !!!

 I love you,

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Rocky and I

This is Rocky.
He figured out how to open my screen door to the lanai. The door lock has been fixed and Rocky is no longer allowed to just pop in whenever he feels like it ..
The cats are very disgruntled,..
Merlin keeps muttering under his breath .. something about damned raccoons ..
Minette got all breathless and hoped Mama would let her play with the new kid..
Honey looked around and said Raccoon ? Where ? Mama, what's a raccoon ?

I am happy to say that Rocky is not very large, looks well fed and healthy. 
He came out of the forest ( a few feet from my backdoor) , a State Forest so I think he is pretty much clueless about humans and cats.
I have made sure the door can not be opened easily ...  I can't get out the door but a raccoon has no problem getting in  .. sigh ~

I have done some online shopping .. I love online shopping. I can shop for makeup and buy it and it will appear at my door in a couple of days ..
I can shop in my nightgown ! before I take a shower !!
Yes, I am getting lazier by the minute.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Frosted Faces

Frosted Faces

You know that while I am unable to do anything now, eventually I will be living in a home where I can have a dog again.

Saturday, April 28, 2018


                    This is the way I felt all day today. And there is absolutely no excuse ...

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hit in the Face

Ambulance Chaser- A lawyer who specializes in bringing cases seeking damages for personal injury.

Today is a gorgeous day .. blue blue skies , no clouds , sunshine but not too hot and a light breeze stirring things up.
Flowers are blooming everywhere, going down my favorite road in Jacksonville, all the massive old trees are dripping moss and flowers are like a carpet underneath. . I always want to live there,when I go to the supermarket and go down that road.

I was in a good mood, still am .. mostly.
Shopping is easy, I mostly needed things I just like to have around, cinnamon rolls, chocolates, etc.
Then it happened, in the middle of my pretty quiet and pleasant day ... in the supermarket .. a box on the top shelf, way over my head ... fell on me.

As I was looking ... up. It hit me on my cheek , cheekbone and below.
I was shocked at first .. I mean, really, I was standing there not touching anything and a box fell off the top shelf and slammed into my face !
And it hurt dammit ! I touched it and felt around and I am thankful that there was no blood. just a blue knot .. on my face !
I decided to leave the store then, but I had to go through the check out line .. the lady at the register asked me what happened, you can't not notice the red mark on my face .. and I said a box fell and hit me. I made light of it because it was embarrassing and it felt awful and I just wanted to leave.
She told me to go get something cold to put on it ..
I checked out as quickly as possible and went to the car.
Where I put my groceries away and got behind the wheel and had a little cry.
I was suddenly feeling so alone, I missed my husband, someone to make me laugh about being hit in the face by a box of pasta  in a grocery store ..
then it all passed, I got myself together and drove home .. a little over the speed limit ... it was a lucky policeman who did not stop me .
In the store, a shopper asked me if I had a lawyer .. I said I am fine ( my daughter works in a law firm)
But I am just grateful .. I wasn't really hurt, it could have been so much worse, a can instead of a box, my eye instead of my cheek .. I will look at the good side , not the worst case ..

So that is the story for today. I am home, the cats are fine, napping in their sun spots and I am going to go drink a soda and relax with them ..thankful that this is the worst thing I have to talk about.

The End

Monday, April 23, 2018

Today In Florida

I am in a Southern state where it is not snowy or icy .. it is not that warm today but it is a soft sort of misty winter day down South ...
I want to be Way Down South .. like Argentina.
I want to see Bougainvillea climbing the walls, see hummingbirds darting back and forth , hear Argentine music coming out of open windows, stop at a cafe and have a coffee and medialuna and people watch .. I guess I could just say, I want to go back in time ...go back Home.

Today in Florida  .. chilly, damp, dark cloudy sky ... the total opposite of this photo  above.

The cats are all curled up having their morning naps ..

I am taking a break from having stepped barefooted into something a cat left on the floor ..yes ...this was the morning for me ...
 Scrubbing my foot , then scrubbing the floor, then yelling at the cat who was already hiding.
He knew before he even did it that he was being a Bad Boy !!!
So I do not fall for the pitiful sad me face.
Minette is fascinated ... "wow .. Mom is Yelling "!!!
Merlin .. the old half deaf thing ...  Mama's yelling ? What did she say ?"
Honey, " Well, she isn't yelling at me ."

I have taken a break and looked at various websites online .. shopping, make up, clothes, real estate,
Now time to do something productive ... what ?
I have absolutely no idea.

It wasn't me 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Those Were The Days

I need to see this sign again, in person.
Today is a very quiet day with sleeping cats and no cars and or dogs barking ( there never are) and just the sound of the wind in the pine trees.
I am comfortable and enjoy the views all the time and forest, what is there not to enjoy ?!

And yet ........ I am so very homesick for New York.

Friends are having babies and building homes and little boys are growing up and big boys are getting older and I am not there to see any of it !!

I am going to do Busy Work today.
Nothing big or very important but the sort that keeps you busy .. well, duh ! .. and when you are finished, you stand back and look proudly at how good it looks or what a good job you have done.

I will call my sister in law, I miss her so much, and we will chat .. for as long as we want ..
She is one of the very few people I know or have ever met that holds no malice, no anger, no grudges against anyone ... she is just kind . And so sweet, she makes you feel relaxed and happier just sitting and chatting with her.
I need to call her.

April in NY ... I remember it snowing once .. I remember the thrill of seeing flowers blooming - finally ! and  planning birthday parties for a little girl whose birthday was in May ..always hoping the weather would cooperate so the party could be held outdoors and not in the house, rooms echoing with the shrill screeches of excited little girls lol
These days ( says the old lady) I would enjoy hearing a few little girls screeching and laughing.
I live in a very sound proof home in a very quiet community .. there are children ... you just never see them or hear them. Some might love that , I notice it .. the missing of children laughing.

I have a grandson .. I want to hear him laugh. I want him to talk to me and tell me about going to school like a Big Boy ..

So what are you doing on this Sunday in April ? How is your weather ? Plans being made for Spring Breaks ? Summer vacation ?

We would go to the Hamptons/ Montauk and rent a house for the summer. One year when my children were small, we rented a house from a NY Radio disc jockey .. he was exceptionally tall so things in the house were different from average homes .. some things were higher, like door knobs etc.
The house was on the Bay so we had our own beach. Much more gentle than the ocean beach which was a couple of minutes walk from the house ..
There is nothing like falling asleep to the sound of the ocean .. surf sounds..
Your skin always feels sandy/salty and your hair never looked so good .... lol
And we will not discuss the freckles.
I saw a photo of myself in those days ... I had a beautiful tan ... ( I shoulda known betta)
and my hair was all sun bleached ..  those were the days ~

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Always Try To Be KIND

I was still living in the New York house .. a large ranch house on an acre of land, backed by corn fields and forests .. houses on large lots next door and across the street.
My husband had just died and I was totally alone. The neighbors came to check on me, brought me something to eat and just generally behaved like Guardian Angels.
I will never forget them and their kindness.

It is a kindness that went a long way in making me able to get up and go about a day .. instead of lying in bed and just weeping ..

A little short drive from my house , was a State Rt that had gas stations, a great hardware store with wonderful kind and helpful people working there .. and there were a couple of wonderful Gingerbread style homes that had been converted into shops ..

One I went to a few times and loved everything they had ... Bath Products, baby gifts and clothing and music, you name it, they probably had it.
The lady that owned it sat behind the counter and chatted with everyone.
The sales ladies were generally housewives looking for a part time job and they were pleasant enough.

I would go there just to be out of the house. To try to distract myself from the sadness and feeling of loss ... not just the loss a person feels when they have a loved one who dies but lost ... I didn't know my way around, I didn't know anyone but the 2 closest neighbors and I lost myself for a while there.
I wasn't Me ... Harold's Wife .. the Good Cook, the One Who Could Always Make Him Laugh .. I was this shadow floating around  ..

I went to the little shop to buy something for a gift for someone. A new baby was on the way, that was the best sort of shopping a grieving person can do ... it is soothing and bound to make you smile.
I bought lotions for the mama and blankets and toys for the baby .. it was all comforting to me.
The sales people/ owner were pleasant and chatty, full of questions and sympathy and made me feel welcome when I would just look and not always buy, although I generally did, always buy ..

Then one day, I hadn't been there in a few weeks, I walked in and thought I would say hello and pick up a bunch of nice smelling bath products. I ended up buying baby presents too ... they asked me how I was and how I was managing, I talked a little while then I left.

I decided a few days later to go back and get some new bath products for the guest bath.
I walked in the door and the owner was behind the counter.
She put down what she was doing and dashed out the back door where the employee parking was located.
But she didn't go anywhere ..
The other two women who were there, started giggling and they ran and hid ..

I was stunned. Confused. Wondering what ? why ?
Then I turned around and said loudly for the 2 hiding nearby, I am leaving now, you can quit trying to hide.

I was hurt, sad , angry and confused .. there was nothing I could do or say. I went home and cried.

I am telling this story because I think I am much stronger than I was then.
I think I was not careful enough when trusting these people to be kind and not just looking for a sale.
Grief makes you behave differently .. I know even now I have to be careful, I lost that little thing that makes you Not Say That ! Sometimes you don't need to Say What You Think !!!
I am working on that .. but this story is one that lingers .. in my mind .. How little it takes to be Kind and how little it takes to be horribly Unkind.
                                           Great Finds .... not so great afterall .

Friday, April 20, 2018

Until I get back later and have something to blog about .... Merlin

Yeah, he really did say " There is never anything to eat around here .."

Nasty Little Buggar

I deleted the post because I was giving too much attention to some low life that I don't even know.

Later  ... a new post about something more pleasant 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

There Is Someone At The Door

                  Have I mentioned how much I dislike people who don't keep their cats inside  ?

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Cats & I

 The cats I have decided that life at the moment has nothing about it that would interest anybody else.
So we are taking a blog break. I am making plans , sketchy at best right now but hopefully things will work out and life will get more interesting .. 
It is beautiful here and I am very comfortable but there is more to life ....
I will probably drop by now and then with updates or just a photo ... you can email me if you wish..
Take care, enjoy your Spring weather and make lots of plans for your Summer Fun.
C & the Cats

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