It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new.
But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Merlin & This 'n that

This morning Merlin went to the hospital.
Merlin is eating like a good boy but then he goes straight to the litter box.
Like he drank the water in Mexico or something !!

So he is too old and frail as it is, he doesn't need this problem .. Mama zipped over to the very close, thank goodness, Vet who made us wait a shorter amount of time than usual because it wasn't the jerk that we usually get. The jerk is arrogant and rude and not even animals like him.

So this lady took him somewhere and weighed him and checked him and gave him back to me to comfort him and she gave him a shot.
He has meds to take for about a week.

Merlin is so very old and fragile, this sort of thing makes me nervous and worried and feel very weepy. That old grumpy faced cat is so very dear to me.

So I am not sure if I will be posting .. for the week anyway- I have nothing to talk about these days.
My life - I live in a condo on the edge of a forest in Florida.
I am isolated, alone and rely on the cats and my daughter for someone to talk to.

Today I am also worrying about my daughter who is unwell and staying home waiting to hear word from her doctor.

None of this is interesting to my readers. I love you all for even bothering to look in .. stop by and see if I have anything interesting to say ... I apologize, I don't.

So maybe for a little while, I will blog when there is something .. an event .. a real reason to blog ..In the meantime, I will not promise to blog least not every day.

Thank you for being there. Please do check and see if things return to some kind of normal.
I enjoy blogging when I have something to talk about but here and now ? meh ~ there is nothing but the weather and the cats.
The cats mean the world to me so I will be hanging out with them and working on Our Future.

Love you, Thank you, See you ~

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Storm's Comin '

       Really loud  thunder and dark clouds ...  Talk to you tomorrow ~

So Here We Are ~

Computers ! Bah humbug !!!

Mine has been acting up. I  have all kinds of protection and blockers of spam etc but  something still happened and made things wonky.
I think I am fine now .. I hope so. Being alone so much , it is nice to be able to go online and read the news or blogs or Travel sites and watch a movie if I want ..

Actually I rarely watch shows on the computer  , but I can watch Father Brown or videos of Adele singing and I do love my online magazines like UK and shopping at or
There are more .. I like to look ~

So with all my wandering all over the internet I figured it was a good time to empty the junk drawer and delete the oldest mail etc.

I have no idea what happened, this is something I have done many times for years.
So my guess is that there was some sort of virus in there ... I use Symantec for full computer protection .. they should have stopped this one .. maybe they did and I screwed things up but I have been correcting and deleting and hoping that the computer is going to stay ok.

And all those things I am  connected to online  .. you know, bank accounts etc .... I shudder to think.

So here we are ... A Hot Sunny Tuesday in Florida.
Cats are napping .. They have been up for 2 whole hours since getting up .. they need to rest ..

I am thinking of shopping or cleaning or laundry or shopping ... hmmmm...

I prefer to shop online these days.
I will go to the supermarket probably, I always run out of things. I am not a good grocery list maker.

I just want my computer to continue to work well.
And a big slice of watermelon. Yes, I definitely need to go  to the store.

Plans are being formed and perfected and there may be changes ahead but I won't spoil anything by talking about what I wish for  ... I will wait until I am actually Doing something !

Have a good and happy and safe week.
We all got through Monday .. the rest should be a piece of cake ~

Friday, September 14, 2018

Stay Safe

There hasn't been much to talk / blog about ..
I live in Florida.
I live alone with 3 cats in a beautiful townhouse on the edge of a forest .. No one walks here and no one visits each other ... the neighbors are quiet/silent and super nice when they do speak to me  ..
I did get one note, left at my door ... from No Name on the note .. telling me that I should stop leaving my garbage cans outside and that my dog bothers her.


There is one in every neighborhood ... usually more than one but so far, she is the first nutter that I have come across.

So now I make a point of leaving the garbage cans out  the night before  and I told the cats to learn to bark.

I have this fear. Not quite sure where it came from and or why but at the same time, I imagine most sane people have this fear ... Hurricanes.
I am terrified at the thought of a hurricane.

So you can imagine how calm and serene I have been feeling the past couple of days and I see no reason to change that yet.
I talk to myself, trying to convince myself that it is not close but the thought terrifies me.
Then of course, it is on the news 24/7 plus special programs talking about the devastating hurricanes in the past .... like someone needs fresh images in their head as they prepare to run for their lives.

We are not (so far) in any danger of this storm ..I had a friend  a long time ago who bought or built a beach house in NC .. she lived in the mountains but loved the beach .. so she left  her husband in the mountains and went to live at the beach. With a pack of dogs. I wonder how much she likes living there now that this sort of thing is a yearly occurrence ..

The worst thing that happened to me living in Upstate NY was so much snow at a bad time in my life but it was shoveled and cleared and the house remained standing .
I am a weather wimp.

I bought Lotto and Powerball tickets.
If I win something, I will buy something .... big.

So all of you , stay inside and away from oceans and hurricanes and let me know how you are and where you are if you wish ...
Stay Safe ... Stay Dry !!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2018


We are having stormy weather with sunshine .. go figure ... cats and I are enjoying being stuck inside.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Anonymous - About Your Comment

I am all too happy to get comments and I am not expecting everyone who reads my blog to love it and praise it and tell me how brilliant  I am.
If you like something or agree or just feel like popping off a comment  , do it ! I love it.

But .......
Nowhere in my blog does it say that by reading my blog, the Reader has the right to email me and lecture me or criticize me.
While opinions matter, some absolutely do not.

If I have never met you and don't know your real name, I don't care that much to get advice from you.
About my life, my family or my  cats.

So the best thing you can do is , Do not read my blog.
I am sure there will be something that will twist your knickers and make you feel like emailing me  again with your thoughts.
I don't care what your thoughts are. I don't care if you stop reading my blog.
Thank you.

There is a particular Anonymous who will know this was meant for her.
Any other Anonymous, ignore this and keep sending me your comments and smiles .. I love them.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

About Living At The Edge Of That Forest and Other Stories

I went to the supermarket today then stopped outside on the drive instead of pulling into the garage.
I have forgotten why ... something distracted me.
On the walk to the front door, there was a long snake laying there ... enjoying the warm sidewalk.
To my Front Door !!!!!

I am not one of those people that freaks out at the sight of a snake.
My mom was that person. God bless her, she would shudder and shake and couldn't even look at photos of them.
Something about living in the desert when she was young.
They had a Pit Bull named Spike ... yes, I think it might have been original then but now, Spike ?

Spike was a Good Boy ... they only had Good Boys ..

My mom was helping her mother hang the clothes on the clothes line.
I was in the basket out in the garden, with them .. close by and safe ... Spike was napping near the house, in the shade.

All of a sudden, mom heard Spike growl .. and go running at my bassinet snarling ..she screamed and ran after the dog ... not knowing what he meant to do  ..

He picked up the snake that was coiled up by my basket and shook it to death.
He was stricken twice.
Grandfather took him to the vet, Vet said, the "snake bite shots" work, he will just sleep it off.
And that he did.
Spike saved me and lived to see another day ... lots of days.

I lived in an Apartment on the 3rd floor in an old house in San Francisco.
One day I came home from work .. opened the door and there was a rather large/long snake in the living room.
I closed the door and sat and waited for my room mate, we called the police.
What else does a girl do when she finds a very big snake in her living room ??
The police came, then the person who did Snake Removal ... and all was well.
We were told how lucky we were that I found it that way .. not while sleeping .
Apparently the former tenant owned him, the snake  went behind the wall/radiator to shed his skin .. we were there for his coming out party.

So far here at the edge of the forest, I have seen a wolf, deer, plenty of racoons and one armadillo and now ... a snake.

While I am not upset or frightened .. I am thinking that I am kind of done with this ...
Throw a hurricane into the mix and you will find me, calling the movers..

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

I Like Living on the Edge of the Forest

Why my house and none other that I know of ?
I don't know, just lucky I guess.

They come out of the woods which is a few steps from my door and play and tumble and then they go between my screened lanai and the privacy wall between my lanai  and the one next door.

There is a Mama and a whole bunch of babies .. they tumble and play in the grass in front of my lanai. They are adorable and comical.
We have no issues with them here ... the garbage cans are kept inside an  area in each garage.
The forest is just feet from the lanai door.
The Forest is protected from hunting etc.
Anyone who wants to live on the edge of a forest, can't whine if the creatures from the forest come out to play.
Anyone who wants to live on the edge of a forest, can sit and be entertained for hours when the creatures from the forest come out to play .. or show their new babies the big world .. or instead of raccoons, deer come around .. or as in a scary thrilling moment ... a very large wolf strolled along the grass then back into the forest.

I like living on the edge of the forest.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Monday Monday

My daughter drove South and gave her old cat away. He is ancient, she has a new puppy and another cat.. I am feeling now like I should have taken him .. He would have probably been happy here, no dogs, just peace and quiet and good food ... Although my daughter is a much better cook than I am.

I am actually feeling bad that that old cat is no longer in the family. I guess because I have my ancient old Merlin who is still here and eating and grumbling ๐Ÿ’•
I think I might have a slight "thing" about Loss.
Too suddenly and too close together, I lost people that meant the world to me ... I still feel the absence .. every day. Odd times, not just upon waking or going to sleep and every hour in between ..
When I hear something that would have made someone smile, I want to share it .. when I see something that would have made someone laugh , I want to share it .. when I want a hug ..

The sky was blue this morning .. I was happy that I had nothing I had to do but be lazy .. I am perfecting my skills at being lazy.
I should go to the store but I will test my powers of invention, dinners with hardly any ingredients, that sort of thing.

I wish I could call and order something .. this is when I fondly remember Buenos Aires .. call any cafe or restaurant and order whatever you want and it will arrive at your door..
City Living has a lot to say for itself.

The sky is solid clouds now.
I don't care if we have storms and rain.
Just no floods or high winds.
I think that is reasonable, don't you ?

 Nosey  Neighbors ......

Thursday, August 30, 2018


It's funny how I remember getting up and looking out the windows hoping it was not going to be grey, wet, chilly ...
Now I wake up to sunshine slipping through the blinds and the quiet sound of the air conditioner clicking on .. little cats sleeping and one very old cat curled next to me for warmth.
No matter how warm it is outside, he is always ready to be warmer ..

There have been storms and hurricanes farther away, down South ... I think we might finally be getting some rain as a result. Not terrible storms, thank goodness .. not now at least.

We had visitors and it was a bright spot in my year so far.
I have a friend who has 2 little boys and just found out another baby is on the way.
A girl. I don't know why but that news makes me really wish to be back up North in NY.

Family visited and it was great ... but you know how it is ... the quiet and solitude is much more profound when they leave.

 I have plans though ... I have plans ~

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

All is well

Hello there !
I have been enjoying visitors from out of town and a little man who is growing way too fast and keeping the cats corralled and making sure Merlin feels like getting up and going each morning and hoping the rain holds off until the little family goes back to NY ...
I have been reminded of how fast Time Flies.
I have not cooked, my mom genes must have retired.
I just want to sit and visit and watch that little boy .. and admire my son and his beautiful wife.

So here I am .. a little post, a little hello, All is Well.

See you later ... C

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Morning Merlin Report

I won't say he is fit as a fiddle or fine or feels great. He doesn't talk to me much about things in the morning. But he slept all night, no noises or signs of distress and he ate breakfast ... confused that I started clapping my hands and telling him how wonderful he was ... and then he went out to the lanai as is his habit and jumped !!! into his favorite chair where he went to sleep ...
It is Morning nap time ... which is after waking up time and breakfast time and before lunch time and afternoon nap time etc.
He purrs when I kiss him or snuggle him. Minette is a good barometer of how Merlin is.
She was not hovering over him this morning.
She is out on the lanai with him, napping also.
Honey is here with me. She and I don't need naps. Not until after lunch anyway.
Guests will be coming in a matter of days !!
I am not prepared, mentally or any other way.
I hate my vacuum and have to figure out a way to clean a flight of stairs that are carpeted.. without falling down and breaking my neck.

So this is the Morning Merlin Report

Monday, August 20, 2018

My Old Man

Merlin is his old self again. He is not embarrassed to be seen lolling around in a pink bed.
He is eating and walking, and going up and down the stairs and generally back to his old, very old self.
My heart is definitely a Lot Lighter .. Minette and Honey stayed close to him .. they are all so sweet .. so extremely different from each other but at the same time, they are very attached to each other.
As I am attached to them.
So calm and smiles are back in the house ... my old boy is doing well again.

Thank you to those who sent me notes and showed your concern and good wishes .

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Say A Little Prayer

This is Merlin.  I just call him Merlin My Love. He purrs when I call him that.
I saw him online , an animal shelter website. They told me he was old. I said I would come get him.
It was total love at first sight. He purrs when I speak to him. He likes to lie on a pillow on the lanai and get all warm and toasty .. those little old man bones soak up the warmth .. and he naps.
He is a Champion Napper.

Minette is years younger than he is .. they bonded right away. Even Honey, the young and huge cat loves him ..

This morning Merlin is acting a little differently. Minette and I are watching over him. She is in there now, under the bed, just keeping an eye on him.
I got him to eat some dry kibble, I wanted to do a happy dance when he was crunching away .. but then he stopped and seems to be sleeping again.
I am praying that he is just tired and bored. I am praying he will stay with me a bit longer .. a lot longer.
Minette and Honey and I need our 3rd Musketeer .. or should that be Mouseketeer ?

Say a little prayer .. for Merlin ..

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Weather changes are on the way. It is quite warm and humid out already and not even 9 am.
The cats are napping inside , they have started to appreciate Air Conditioning .. I am so thankful for air conditioning that I am at a loss for words.
A good storm will be nice. For a change of pace.
You know when Life is a Bore when you look forward to a good Thunderstorm.
During the day I will talk to the cats and we will start our lists and make our plans.
Time for a Change along with the weather .. Wishing you an excellent day ~ whatever your plans are.

I was looking through the comments and found some that had gotten through or were being held by Blogger until I accepted them or not.
 I deleted them. They were all from "Anonymous."
 From now on, thanks to this hateful and nasty person, who reeks of anger and jealousy and envy ...

I will have to see comments before publishing them. And if needed, I will stop accepting any comments from anyone name Anonymous. It isn't that hard to comment with your own name ..
thanks for being there, those of you who are genuine and have been along with me for this time.
I do appreciate it and you ~ C

Monday, August 13, 2018

Lazy Days

Company is coming.
They will stay in a hotel, and be here for only a few days but it will be such a treat to see the little man and my son and his wife too.  I am not sure what we will do besides sit and talk. And go to a Fish Camp for dinner one night.

We are having Florida weather. Hot and Humid... storms on the way.

I remember the house in NY only needed air conditioning at night when I was falling asleep, otherwise, it was almost always cool and comfortable. Something to be said for living in the Northern parts of NY State ..
I miss those hills and woods ... I have a forest behind me but it is all pine trees.

Where little raccoons live and visit me every night now ... they discovered cats ! And my cats have discovered them. I look out the glass doors and see my cats and know if there is something out there, my cats are frozen in place, not a muscle moving, not even a twitch and eyes are huge ....Minette is on guard duty, Honey daydreams and watches Merlin, Merlin sleeps..

And on occasion, Mama runs out onto the deck, bangs a pan and the raccoons run back into the woods and quit picking at the door or screens to get in.

Storms are coming. I don't really mind. As long as words like floods and hurricanes are not used I am okay ... sort of.
I never had anxiety attacks when the man on the weather channel said it was going to Snow....

So this is the last of my Lazy Day posts. I and you can also call it the Last of the Bored to Tears posts. I have gotten both  .. bored and boring..
I am working on that. I hope you stick with me. Things will change .... they always do ~

I have changed the comments to being read before published because some people/a person, thinks because they read my blog they have the right to say personal and insulting things to me.
IF I ever need advice , I will be sure to make it clear to one and all that I want them to post a comment or send me a note and tell me how I should Live, Think, Feel.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Blogger has become a Pain In The A$$

I found some comments that I never knew I had gotten.
Blogger has changed, my computer changed and everything is messed up and harder to deal with.

LOL ( I say to myself .....)

LIFE is harder to deal with ... Get Over It !!

But I might possibly, hopefully have gotten it figured out.
Of course, I have to post anything using Safari but I use Chrome so it is still very annoying to blog.
Hopefully things will straighten out .. and hopefully I will have something to talk about.

Enjoy your day !!!


Sunday, August 5, 2018

I Know I Am Boring

I guess knowing you are boring is better than being a bore and thinking your are fascinating.

I blame it all on living alone with cats who refuse to speak English .. plus ... I am alone 24 hours a day and rarely speak to people on the phone it kind of cuts down the opportunities to have a Life here.

I am in the midst of making plans to change things though .. I can't depend on other people .. they have their own lives and I think I am finally beyond the need for a babysitter. for myself.

So now we can move on to the fun stuff...
Where to go, house ? apartment ?  rent or buy ?
I really want a rental. House.

Sometimes I daydream about a house with a dog but then I remember the not so fun dog stuff ... walking them before bed ... barking ...
Our last dog, Tate ... would go to the door and just stare at it ... then the doorbell would ring.
At first he gave me the creeps ... but after a while it was great, we went to the door before they rang the bell.
He rarely barked. Only when he was having fun in the park did he get crazy sometimes, but at home, never. He did growl once or twice .. the scariest was when he went to the door and growled.
We looked out and no one was there ... did they run when they heard the growl ?

Now if someone came into my home, they would immediately be covered in cat hair and trip several times as they tried to walk into the living room or up the stairs.
If they had allergies, well, they should bring their own oxygen.
God forbid anyone tried to sneak up the stairs in the dark ... 3 cats winding around your legs then lying on the step in front of you puts an end to any hope of making it to the top without falling once or twice.

And then there is Minettes new hobby... she dashes halfway up the stairs - then waits .. but when you get to her step, she will wrap herself around your ankles.
Is she encouraging me to Keep going mama, you can do it !! or is she saying I'm scared mama, hold me !!
I often start at the bottom of the staircase empty handed but then end up at the top of the stairs with a little blue cat in my arms ... or a large, ridiculously soft pile of hair named Merlin who just gets tired and waits for a ride the rest of the way up.
And then there is Honey. Honey who hates to be picked up. Honey who weighs almost  as much as I do.
For such a young huge cat, she is silent .. a pleasure. Sweet as she can be.
I hope my mom knows how dear that cat is to me.

She is behind me know, on a file box .. sort of spilling over the edges, having her pre-nap wash ..
I am posting photos of them so you can put faces to names  ..
Have a good Sunday .. a peaceful quiet day or a fun exciting day .. which is it ?




Friday, August 3, 2018

My Day So Far

This will be short.
My days are long. Full of not much. I hate daytime TV. The cats refuse to speak. Oh yes, they meow and purr but I need someone to talk to ... and to talk to me.
Not about the office or the traffic but something perhaps, a wee bit interesting !

This is my day so far ... you will understand my discontent.

It is really really warm outside.
Big black clouds are building up.
So the worry begins ... winds ? the tall trees behind my house ? flooding ?
I was not worried but they don't s t f u about it on tv so I am getting anxious.
Thus I am online at 1:20 in the afternoon ... I will go read a book soon. After turning down the a/c some more ... it is hot and humid !!
Inside !

So ... Twice a week the garbage people come by ... glass etc one day ... garbage another day.

Today is Garbage day.
My cans were  rolled out last night and left in the correct position at the curb.
By my driveway.
You know, in case I feel like jumping in the car and taking off somewhere in the middle of the night, I won't hit the garbage cans.

The garbage men are usually here earlier  .. I walked out to the cans and opened the garbage can do see if it was empty.
It was . . empty of garbage.
But the bottom of the can was crawling with maggots.

Did that get your attention ?

I don't have a hose. No need.
Until I want to wash out a garbage can...crawling with maggots.
So next best thing, in the heat and humidity, shuddering with revulsion, I carried a sauce pan back and forth from the house to the garbage can and emptied the water into it ... where I had already poured half a container of Bleach.

Now the clouds are really rolling in. And I will leave the garbage can outside the garage door , open.
Let the rain finish washing it for me.
How much do I love living in Florida ??

Monday, July 30, 2018

Ethel , Jackie , John

What would the World have been like if Things had been different ....

Online Weirdness

I cannot post comments anyones blog unless I use Safari and not Chrome / which is what I always use.
So if anyone else is having problems commenting, that might be the problem.
I just don't know why ...or how to fix it , other than to go back and forth from Safari to Chrome.

Nothing can just be easy .. there always has to be some kind of irritating glitch !

Friday, July 27, 2018

The Living Room

                                     Where the light was always golden .         

Thursday, July 26, 2018

You Plan and You Plan and Life Happens

I was just looking at photos on tumblr.
Greece and Italy and all these wonderful homes and gardens and views .. and then I thought, hey! As an adult, I lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Buenos Aires ........ and now I am in a condo in Florida.
What happened ?

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Thursday, July 19, 2018


She should have been a model. Every move she makes is graceful, and when she sits, she always looks like she is posing for the camera.
The white mark under her chin, is shaped like a heart .
Today is I Love My Cats Day ~


The cats and I , including the little "lost" cat and the raccoons, are all battened down and hoping the storm we are being warned about, will be not as bad as they say, a quickie that dumps rain and leaves.

I have little lost/homeless cats on the lanai with shelter for them and food and water.
Inside I have Merlin (asleep) Honey (asleep) and Minette, who isn't able to settle down. She keeps looking outside and getting fussy ... why ? because the sweet little "lost" cat is on the lanai with shelter that she will need ..
I put another curse on the man that owns her and doesn't take care of her.
She is napping now .. after a little brunch and going through the humiliation of being wrapped up in a towel and dried off.
From now until evening , I will stay offline.

Wishing you all a warm dry sunny day.. dry.

I love to hear from you, go ahead ! Leave a comment !

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Stormy Weather

Well, we all know what the cats and I are doing today.
And it isn't taking a walk, driving to a mall, walking over to the lake and looking for alligators.
I will have company for a few days .. they will stay in a hotel (very thoughtful) and hopefully we will get to have   a happy visit with no stormy weather .

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Friday, July 6, 2018


Today is beautiful.
Sunshine and not too hot. Clear blue skies. 
And yet they are warning us about Hurricanes.
Just in case I was relaxed.
 I am also covered in bites.
I picked up  a stray cat. Yes, I know better. No, I did have to pick it up.
Nice clouds, no ?

Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Day After The Night Before

How would you like to see that face at your door ?
He is gorgeous, huge and not that friendly. He is a cat, he is curious. But that is pretty much where it ends, although I know that a bit of some kitty goodies will make him more friendly. My cats and I stayed inside last night, there was no way to see fireworks, ( there is a forest behind my home) and it seemed that every single neighbor was gone .. no lights in any of the houses, making me feel small and a bit vulnerable , so I stayed snug in the condo with the kitties.
Which was a good thing, the short time I was out, I was bitten several times by mosquitoes.
Today is hot and sunny.
The cats and I will stay home and scratch.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Online Shopping -Avoid This One

 Butterflies, huge orange and black butterflies and  Hummingbirds ... flying around my windows and the lanai.
I will try to get photos but that is like photographing fairies ... I might catch sight of a wing ..

I am on a rampage. I ordered some not expensive ( thank goodness) things on a new (to me ) website and got them today.
Then I get the old runaround, use the packing label .. there is none, it is printed on the rubberized mailer .. but however it works, I will mail the crap back to them and pay for it.

I shoulda known betta.

And you can't get through to them on any "contact lines " ..
So avoid shopping online with SHEIN .... total cheap crap.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Sweet Memories

Our front door.
This is early in the day, the doors are open so the Portero can mop the floors and they will dry quickly.
Across the street was a bakery and an ice cream shop. My husband got to know those people right away... they would see him on the street and give him a big hello. I would ask him who they were, we knew no one yet ! and then he would tell me and we would laugh. His ice cream addiction came in handy when making friends and my need for a hot out of the oven croissant helped.
Such Sweet Memories.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Summer Pastimes

I have a large amount of warm weather clothing. Some I don't wear because they are too big, too worn, too out of style and mostly because I am in Florida, USA.... because my summer things are not casual enough.
I don't wear shorts, jeans/capris etc are too warm so I wear dresses and skirts mostly.

I am grateful for the shopping sprees I went on in Buenos Aires, those clothes lasted nicely but most are a little too dressed up looking to wear flopping around a condo in Florida.

I have been wearing a couple of favorite summer dresses ... the cats like them.

So I had a shopping spree yesterday.
Since I hate shopping alone, I get lost too easily in this vast wasteland of gated communities and highways .. I order online.

My new favorite is

Today I think a delivery is due .. from  Anthropologie

 I might have even bought a present .. for someone ..
I love buying clothes but I am getting hooked on the fun of shopping for things for the Home.

Like  this   THIS ..

We might have bad weather ... I will be stuck inside with cats and a computer and boring
TV ..
I will read. And maybe look at Real Estate ...

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Portland, Oregon

 On a hot summer day in Florida .. this waterfall in Oregon reminds me of why we fell in love with Portland  so easily.
We were living in Florida and my husband was bored to death and hating the heat and humidity.
We went to Oregon for a visit, I had friends back then, that  lived there most of their lives and always spoke so highly of the place ..
For me, it exceeded expectations.
The city was small and charming and aside from rampant crime :(  it was everything we liked.
I enjoyed walking out the door, strolling across the street to the most fabulous bookstore .. Powells.
We would walk to the Cinema.
Whole Foods was across the street, Powells book store was across the street and a park for the Pup was about 2 blocks away.
It was from Portland, that we took a trip to Buenos Aires ...  and  decided to move there and the rest is history.
It would be nice to visit Portland again.

Monday, June 25, 2018


I have a friend who never fails to crack me up with laughter. Her gift is to say something ridiculous at the perfect moment, generally the last moment you would consider saying something silly or comical.
But as I have learned, those are the moments when it means the most ...

When your heart is breaking. When you are sure you will not be able to even breath if the news is bad. When you had your heart set on something and you just saw it all crumble and go away ...
There are times we don't even want to remember, to think of ever again.
And if I am talking to or emailing this friend, she is the arm around me, the hug when I need it and guaranteed to somehow , make me giggle like a 10 year old.

When I first moved to Florida and upon arrival, my mom died, my friend was there for me.
Pretty much the only person there for me, besides my heartbroken daughter, even  if it was through emails and phone calls... my friend was there .

I had just left the home my husband and I had bought in NY State, after returning from Argentina.
I knew no one. But each night, after he had died, the police car would cruise past my house, sometimes using a light to check the back of the property .. never bothering me, always comforting me.
I had total strangers who heard about us .. coming to the door and leaving me  gifts, like the old days , food, phone numbers that might be useful for repairs etc ..
I had a man who owned his own company, stop by one winter day and clear the snow off my roof so there would be no Big problems .. he would not give me a bill or accept money.

There were people in the family that were not so solicitous as strangers were that winter. Which leaves  all kinds of lessons to be learned.
And then I moved to Florida.
My mom died.
My daughter did everything, we were close , we were heartbroken. I am glad I was here, I am glad my daughter was here, I wish my mom was here.
My friend was there too .. not in person but she was there in every  other way .

I can't imagine how people in big families cope. With loss.
My family was never that large but the 2 most important people died within a year .. then , recently, my favorite aunt .. it makes a person slightly nervous .. please ... don't anyone else go .. stay .. stay .. just a little longer.

This is a sad day, I apologize for my sad post .. tomorrow will be a better day.

Good Things

Monday, 9 am , June 25 ....

81ยบ        going up to         95ยบ

Someone rescue me .... please !!  

Thanks to    air conditioning the cats and I will manage.. The sky is really pretty, very blue with big fat white clouds here and there ... I will enjoy the thunder storms that are next .. although they are forecast to go on all week.

The cats and I have food and drink and books ..  we will pretend we are in NY with a snowstorm.
yeah ...that's the ticket !

Meanwhile on the lost / thrown out/ignored cat story - there were no cats outside the lanai this morning. The one little guy that I allowed to spend the night, safely sleeping on the lanai, was happy to see me, had breakfast and left ...
I hope the owner worried all night and will not leave that poor cat out again.
I saw one of the wolves/coyotes that live in those woods.
As a human, I was horrified and I know any cat out there is doomed.
I sort of hate the people here that are so stupid they think letting the cat out at night is a good thing.

Meanwhile, plans as always are being cooked up ... nothing to talk about yet but hopes and plotting and planning are swirling around ..
I will be having company from New York.
2 adults and one little boy.
This is a Good Thing.

The Falls

                     A Reason To Visit Portland Oregon, if for no other reason. The Falls 

Saturday, June 23, 2018


It’s a hot day but the humidity is tolerable and there is a little breeze
I decided to get my kindle and come out onto the lanai where sleeping cars litter the place but I got a chair after Minette went inside to cool off, followed by Old Man Merlin.
I returned to my murder mystery.
I kept hearing little chirpy squeaky sounds that I ignored then looked up to see what was going on.

The last thing I expected to see.

A Hummingbird Fight
Well-not exactly a “fight” but a little air warfare going on.
I have seen all kinds of birds fighting or bickering over something but this was a First.

The tiny birds
The tiny beautiful birds.
Darting here and there so fast.
A duel between magical beings in plain sight of ordinary humans

It was a gift.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

And Thats The Story of Honey

I have written about her before ....  My mom adopted a tiny kitten. The two of them lived in an apartment and kept each other company. The kitten had a sweet gentle mama and my mother had a sweet little baby .
I am not sure if it was hereditary or if mom just over fed the kitten but when mom died and I inherited Honey, I got this Extra Large pussycat .... with this tiny cat meow.
She is playful, affectionate and comical. It is a pleasure to be able to give her love and a home because that is what my mother wanted and I get to enjoy Honey.
So thats the story of Honey ...


I have had a bit of trouble ... well actually .. it has been a pain in the a$$ trying to get the comments section etc to work again or to even show up easily.

I think/hope it is fixed now. If not, let me know. So I can throw the computer with its crap "Blogger" out the window.

If you use Safari, you probably will be having no problems.
If you use  Chrome, there you might have a problem. Blogger it seems, only wants comments to come from Safari .. so I switch back and forth when that happens but no one is going to want to do that for long.
While I figure it all out, please hang in there with me.

During the day, something will happen, I will see or hear something and say to myself, I have to Blog that ! So stay there, things are bound to get more interesting.
I have company coming and I am considering running away ...

Thank you.
It is 8:21.
I have fed 3 fussy kitties and one desperate for love young kitty who slept on my lanai rather than go home or be out with the raccoons.

If it isn't one thing it's another.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A Beautiful Day

I am going to have out of state company.
They will stay in a nearby hotel.
This is always a good thing.
Especially when they have a small child and I have 3 cats.
I am mulling over the pros and cons of moving.
To another state.
I wish it was to another country.
Although there are times, here in Florida, that I feel like I am in another country.
Today I will see if I can find some flowers to put in the house, that cats won't want to eat 
or knock over.
Wishing you a Beautiful Day ~

Monday, June 18, 2018

So I Went to a Party

When I was 5 I looked like this without the mermaid tail. or curls. lol
Wishing everyone a Happy Monday.
Mine will be good or else !!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Martine Franke Photographer

          Photo by Martine Franke - Magnum Photos Portfolio .

My son gave me this book for Christmas last year. Google her name and look at the photos.
I had never heard of her before but I love every photo ..
Makes me consider using more black and white when taking my own photos !

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