It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new.
But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

My Hair

All my life, I have straight blonde hair.
When I was very small, it was white hair ... now as time has rolled along ... it is white again.
I don't mind at all, it is the same natural color as I always have had !

I used to wish I had curls. I even went through the torture of having a perm .. once when my mom did it ... oh man was I sad for so many months .. and then when I was older I used rollers .. it never lasted.
My hair is stubbornly straight and I finally gave in to it.
I wear it in styles that are compatible with straight hair. It is long now .. longer than I can remember ever having it .. long white hair, I feel like an old hippy, an old artistic type in New Mexico or a woman with cats living alone on the edge of the woods.
You can pick which one is me.

I had it up in a pony tail and went to the grocery store.
A lady asked me who my colorist was, she wanted my shade of white blonde.
When told it was natural, she made me blush with so many compliments.

It was perhaps my best day at the grocery store.

I used to model for advertising .. shampoo .. salons ... jewelry ... my legs were used on the packaging of depilatory creams ... bits and pieces of me are everywhere !!

Doing the Wella ad was a thrill ... I saw my hair on bottles of shampoo ... lol
I have it long because I don't trust anyone to cut it (here) .
I tested that  - had a trim. That was thankfully a trim so it grew out but it was crooked FGS !
If you can get a job cutting hair in a salon, the least you can be up to is cutting in a straight line !!

I can now relate to the ladies I see with really long grey or white hair .. I am now one of them.
And I Like It !
This is my hair and I with Tate, my best loved dog .. in Argentina .


Weather changes are on the way. It is quite warm and humid out already and not even 9 am.
The cats are napping inside , they have started to appreciate Air Conditioning .. I am so thankful for air conditioning that I am at a loss for words.
A good storm will be nice. For a change of pace.
You know when Life is a Bore when you look forward to a good Thunderstorm.
During the day I will talk to the cats and we will start our lists and make our plans.
Time for a Change along with the weather .. Wishing you an excellent day ~ whatever your plans are.

I was looking through the comments and found some that had gotten through or were being held by Blogger until I accepted them or not.
 I deleted them. They were all from "Anonymous."
 From now on, thanks to this hateful and nasty person, who reeks of anger and jealousy and envy ...

I will have to see comments before publishing them. And if needed, I will stop accepting any comments from anyone name Anonymous. It isn't that hard to comment with your own name ..
thanks for being there, those of you who are genuine and have been along with me for this time.
I do appreciate it and you ~ C

Monday, August 13, 2018

Lazy Days

Company is coming.
They will stay in a hotel, and be here for only a few days but it will be such a treat to see the little man and my son and his wife too.  I am not sure what we will do besides sit and talk. And go to a Fish Camp for dinner one night.

We are having Florida weather. Hot and Humid... storms on the way.

I remember the house in NY only needed air conditioning at night when I was falling asleep, otherwise, it was almost always cool and comfortable. Something to be said for living in the Northern parts of NY State ..
I miss those hills and woods ... I have a forest behind me but it is all pine trees.

Where little raccoons live and visit me every night now ... they discovered cats ! And my cats have discovered them. I look out the glass doors and see my cats and know if there is something out there, my cats are frozen in place, not a muscle moving, not even a twitch and eyes are huge ....Minette is on guard duty, Honey daydreams and watches Merlin, Merlin sleeps..

And on occasion, Mama runs out onto the deck, bangs a pan and the raccoons run back into the woods and quit picking at the door or screens to get in.

Storms are coming. I don't really mind. As long as words like floods and hurricanes are not used I am okay ... sort of.
I never had anxiety attacks when the man on the weather channel said it was going to Snow....

So this is the last of my Lazy Day posts. I and you can also call it the Last of the Bored to Tears posts. I have gotten both  .. bored and boring..
I am working on that. I hope you stick with me. Things will change .... they always do ~

I have changed the comments to being read before published because some people/a person, thinks because they read my blog they have the right to say personal and insulting things to me.
IF I ever need advice , I will be sure to make it clear to one and all that I want them to post a comment or send me a note and tell me how I should Live, Think, Feel.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Blogger has become a Pain In The A$$

I found some comments that I never knew I had gotten.
Blogger has changed, my computer changed and everything is messed up and harder to deal with.

LOL ( I say to myself .....)

LIFE is harder to deal with ... Get Over It !!

But I might possibly, hopefully have gotten it figured out.
Of course, I have to post anything using Safari but I use Chrome so it is still very annoying to blog.
Hopefully things will straighten out .. and hopefully I will have something to talk about.

Enjoy your day !!!


Sunday, August 5, 2018

I Know I Am Boring

I guess knowing you are boring is better than being a bore and thinking your are fascinating.

I blame it all on living alone with cats who refuse to speak English .. plus ... I am alone 24 hours a day and rarely speak to people on the phone it kind of cuts down the opportunities to have a Life here.

I am in the midst of making plans to change things though .. I can't depend on other people .. they have their own lives and I think I am finally beyond the need for a babysitter. for myself.

So now we can move on to the fun stuff...
Where to go, house ? apartment ?  rent or buy ?
I really want a rental. House.

Sometimes I daydream about a house with a dog but then I remember the not so fun dog stuff ... walking them before bed ... barking ...
Our last dog, Tate ... would go to the door and just stare at it ... then the doorbell would ring.
At first he gave me the creeps ... but after a while it was great, we went to the door before they rang the bell.
He rarely barked. Only when he was having fun in the park did he get crazy sometimes, but at home, never. He did growl once or twice .. the scariest was when he went to the door and growled.
We looked out and no one was there ... did they run when they heard the growl ?

Now if someone came into my home, they would immediately be covered in cat hair and trip several times as they tried to walk into the living room or up the stairs.
If they had allergies, well, they should bring their own oxygen.
God forbid anyone tried to sneak up the stairs in the dark ... 3 cats winding around your legs then lying on the step in front of you puts an end to any hope of making it to the top without falling once or twice.

And then there is Minettes new hobby... she dashes halfway up the stairs - then waits .. but when you get to her step, she will wrap herself around your ankles.
Is she encouraging me to Keep going mama, you can do it !! or is she saying I'm scared mama, hold me !!
I often start at the bottom of the staircase empty handed but then end up at the top of the stairs with a little blue cat in my arms ... or a large, ridiculously soft pile of hair named Merlin who just gets tired and waits for a ride the rest of the way up.
And then there is Honey. Honey who hates to be picked up. Honey who weighs almost  as much as I do.
For such a young huge cat, she is silent .. a pleasure. Sweet as she can be.
I hope my mom knows how dear that cat is to me.

She is behind me know, on a file box .. sort of spilling over the edges, having her pre-nap wash ..
I am posting photos of them so you can put faces to names  ..
Have a good Sunday .. a peaceful quiet day or a fun exciting day .. which is it ?




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