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My husband and I , with our dog, Tate, moved to Buenos Aires, 8 years ago. Life has never been the same since ~ Back in the USA ... life is still not the same !
It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new.
But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Alone with my memories

No, I am not being sad or forlorn ... there is no one visiting this weekend .
Seems no one is  house hunting  either.
The sun is shining and all I need to be comfortable outdoors is a cotton sweater .. yay !

My daughter in law had her birthday yesterday  .
My daughters  birthday is today ... she is older than I am.
Two birthdays and would you believe it ? not one bite of cake for me. Hmmmm.

Minette is laying on a cushion in the sun in the garden room and in a semi-coma induced by warm sunshine and bird song.
If a chipmunk hiccups, she will know it and be on alert. I am glad she is getting her rest.

I went to the market to get some things that I forgot yesterday.
Everyone who works at the market knows me .. by sight.. they might think I live there.
I always forget something or run out of something, I was a better grocery shopper in Buenos Aires with my husband ... the one with the memory.

Plus, we had a market on the corner from our home where we could pick up small things ..

I was daydreaming about moving to Florida. I will eventually get a dog. I miss having a dog.
I will have to be sure to get one that is not too much like Pup ... that would not be fair to either of us.

The nice thing about having a dog is that they need to go for walks .. Pup walked with us everywhere .. he was allowed in outdoor cafes so he became a regular at a few places .
Quite the Pup Around Town if you were to ask anyone ..
He liked to go up the park staircase ahead of me ... but he always stopped at the top and waited, watching .. he was a Good Boy.
My husband loved going to the Track. We rarely even bothered to bet on the horses but it was such a nice day .
You can go to one part of the track viewing area that has both an inside area and outside.
There is a small grass area with tables with umbrellas. you can walk over and touch the horses as they walk to the Start line .. the men that came on certain days knew the jockeys, they would shake hands as they walked past on these magnificent race horses.
I wasn't interested in shaking hands with any jockey but I would love a moment stroking and kissing a horse ...
I know .. sometimes I say strange things.
The racetrack was nice though ..

It's funny, some people miss a place for its food or the beach or how easy it was to live there ..
I miss everything about Buenos Aires ..
Soon I will be moving South and will be making new memories ..
It will be fun to see what they are.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Waiting ......

Happy Birthday to my Daughter in Law today.
Happy Birthday to my Daughter tomorrow.

How neat is that ?

The sun is out, the birds are going wild.
The chipmunks and a squirrel are having a rousing good time in my back garden.
Minette is almost suffering chipmunk overload.. I found her asleep in the basket on the kitchen counter ... facing the window...where little bitty chipmunks had been running back and forth.
Seems it was more than she could take ... Chipmunk Overload ... it can be serious.

I am living in a house that is so clean, even I don't want to touch anything or make a mess.
Minette is being careful not to shed a hair .
I am being careful not to shed a hair.

The place looks great, the gardens are going crazy with blooms and birds and butterflies.
I expect the Seven Dwarves to show up any minute.

Now if someone would just come look at it, fall in love and buy it .. I would be ever so happy.

There is a new adventure waiting ...

Sunday, April 26, 2015

We Lived At The Bottom Of The World ~

The Guest Bedroom

The view from the Guest Bedroom

Our Park .. at the end of our street, 2 blocks away.. 
The Sky over Buenos Aires
The skies constantly changed, sunsets were ridiculously beautiful all the time, the air is so clear, the blue was very blue, the clouds were huge and seemed so close .. Even when a storm was coming, the clouds and sky color would make you stop and stare .. marveling at how intense and close they look.
My husband would always smile and say, Well, we live at the bottom of the world ~

Could be fattening

It is cold and grey and gloomy out.
The kitten took a  look around, muttered something under her breath  and went back to bed.
Mind you, this is after she woke me at 6 am .. she takes naps... I don't.
Pretty soon I will be going to bed at 8 pm .. or I will curl up in the crate and she can just run amok, I think I don't care anymore.

During the winter, the town salted the roads .. if you will recall, it started snowing sometime in November, I think it was and it just stopped a month or so ago. Not non-stop but just when it was all gone, a fresh new layer appeared the next morning.

And you know what ? I didn't care.

I had nowhere to go and no one to see.
Nothing I had to do.
And if I forgot something, I can do it tomorrow.

The snow is gone, the neighbor is having work done on her property where it meets the road, where all those chemicals ate up her grass and she has this rich green yard and a brown stripe at the road.
So do I .
Same grass, same snow, same chemicals.
But I don't know anybody who works for the town and fixes things for free. bummer.

So the realtor put a sign out and cars go by, veerrry sloowly .. I hope they aren't just slow drivers.
Let's hope this makes things happen very fast !
I want to get going ..
I was thinking this morning  of all the things that have to be done when a person moves, especially when it is out of State.
Not quite as complicated as out of the country but this is the first time I will be doing it all by myself.
My husband loved planning these things, he did it so well, I sat back and enjoyed it .. times changed.
I want those old times back !!

I figured I will get estimates from three big moving companies.
Allied Van Lines
If they can take the car, that would be so great, I could fly down with the kitten and wait ..
As it is now, I am driving down with the kitten and my daughter who is flying up here in order to drive back down .... she absolutely won the Best Daughter Award for this one.

I am boggled by the logistics of everything so I kind of blank out and go eat a cookie when I start getting too anxious. This might be a fattening move.


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