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Thursday, October 11, 2018

The War Path

My grandmother used to say that when someone in the family was in a temper, that they were on the warpath. I never thought about it other than it meant to stay out of that person's way ! :)

Today, everyone had better stay out of my way.

I was looking at the cats out on the lanai, sunning themselves, warming themselves, Merlin catching his morning nap .. Minette on the chair in the shade, snoozing ... Honey in the living room, snoozing.

As I looked more closely at Merlin, I thought his ears looked bad .. scratched up ... then I looked at Minette to compare ... her's look a little ...scabby? raw ? like maybe some M*F*r let their cat covered in MANGE out to wander around the condos and spread his disease ...

So now I have zinc oxide on one cats ears to be sure it is nothing  ... the vet here, that I used once .. was totally inept, stupid and I often wonder if he actually has a vet license.
So he will never be the one I would ask, Is this mange ?

But to be sure, the cats have been checked, one has white stuff all over her ears and I will go to the Drug Store to get more oils and things that heal and kill the mites .. although it seems that olive oil is sufficient.
IF ONLY I was back home where the vets had a clue.
I have never lived anywhere that finding a vet was not easy. until now.
Make that ... finding a Good vet.

I am so p*ssed.

Have a good day .. You know how I will be spending mine and also add to that list of things I need to do today .. start making plans to Get The Hell Outta Here !!


  1. Thanks to my very dear friend in New York, I am waiting for the delivery of medicine for mites and mange.
    Until delivery, olive oil or zinc oxide are slathered on both ears keeping it controlled.
    I am so p*ssed.

  2. Having just driven through parts of the Hudson Valley the other day, I can assure you that is still pretty darned gorgeous! Apples, winter squash, pumpkins at every farm stand.

  3. This makes me happy Mundi, thank you.
    I hope it won’t be too long until I am there and picking apples at the farm stand.

  4. I ordered medicine for the cats and expect it soon
    Meanwhile everyone is relaxed and napping and not looking bad at all.
    Cats ...we are not talking about me lol


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