It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new.
But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day ... Winter is here

It was (still) only slightly confusing to be listening to the news and hearing about Memorial Day and be talking/emailing with friends and family and hearing about Memorial Day plans and manage not to think everything was closed today ( here) and think that I would have to wait until tomorrow to get some things done.

So we went to the grocery store and ran errands and spent quite a bit of time with Pup in the parks.. they were empty.. buncha sissies were afraid to play in the park ? in the cold ?
Which only made it much better for us because, there are just some days that I would rather relax and watch the world go by from a nice park bench, than be trying to separate some horny hound from trying to make it with my Pup.

He will be frisky and jump around and get out of the way, but then it reaches a point where he has to put his foot down or all 4 of them, and say ... Hey, cut that out !! Those are mine, don't you touch 'em ! Get off of my back or else!! and then .. the "or else"  happens if I don't intervene. Pup becomes a Rottweiler with 2 sets of teeth and they are  all sharp and big and white and his voice gets deep ( the better to prove he is telling the truth) and he goes for the dogs throat .. My fear is that the dog will be some macho thing that will say, yeah, bring it on and my beautiful boy might get a mark on him.

So to avoid marks on the Pup, Mama wades into the fight .. most days lately, Mama has been wearing her boots so she is fearless... stepping on dog toes ( best way to keep a dog from jumping on you or another dog) and wacking anyone who gets too close to me too.
I am whatever you call the opposite of the Dog Whisperer at these moments.

After our lolling and frolicking in the park , just the 3 of us .. although my husband isn't big on frolicking in the park when it is 50 degrees and  windy ... we came home and had gallons of hot tea and I climbed that freaking ladder and went to work on the closets.

I now have a backache, sore arms, sore legs and still...... Nothing To Wear.

And I couldn't find the little bag I kept my nice leather gloves in .. I need them now .. I needed ear muffs today too  ... brrr.. windy ... 
I must take the camera tomorrow and see if  I can get photos of my favorite trees in my favorite area nearby, where the red brick building has black wrought iron balconies with boxes of red geraniums all blooming and the trees below are all golden and red .. 

To my Grandfather who served in the Army for 4 years , got out and went into the Marines and served through the Korean War, to my Uncle who served in the Navy, to my Dad who served in the Navy, to my cousin who served in the Army  .. and to all those boys that I grew up with who served in Vietnam and to those beautiful boys now who are in Iraq ..
God Bless You.

(When I was little, we lived in San Diego, close to Camp Pendleton.  We used to go watch the Dress Parades ..)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Have Nothing To Wear

As I was sitting in the living room , resting from thinking about all the work I had intended to do today and ended up only taking a long walk with my husband and Pup , my husband came over to me ( as you can see we make a lovely couple) and asked me what I want to do tomorrow.

"Well" , I said , sighing and looking off into the distance ... "I guess I have to go through the closet and find my winter clothes   .
I found this fan but it will do me no good at all, unless I decide to do a fan dance for extra spending money for my boutique shopping that I am planning.... after doing the closet work  and finding that I actually Have Nothing To Wear.
And of course, this old yellow rag I am wearing is not suitable to wear out anymore ".

Of course, my husband cannot understand any of this .. what man does ? ... He is suitably dressed for all occasions, although it does take a bit of prompting now and then when he is considering walking out the door in something that Just Will Not Do .. but other than that, he manages to be perfectly dressed for all occasions ... therefore , he has No Clue what I am dealing with here !

So while today was beautiful and I was so happy that we got to have a long lazy morning, then a long afternoon walk  .. not to mention an excellent pasta dinner ... I now have tomorrow and the closets to look forward to.

My hope is that while rummaging in the closets, way up there at the top of the vestidor ( dressing room ) , I will find a box of clothes that I have forgotten that I even own ! odds are , they same old things are up there, they are just hiding , they are tired of coming out every winter and sitting in the lower closets and not being worn anyway.
I just don't have the heart to throw them away... they are like old friends who came from the US with me to Argentina... I can't abandon them now, even if I won't wear them again.
But as soon as I throw them away, or give them away, they will come back into style and I will be So Mad.

I am sure you all totally understand.

See you tomorrow.
Be suitably dressed.

Thank you All Posters ..

Yes, it is after Noon

and I am sitting here talking to you ... still in my pajamas ... Pup is lying on the bed behind me .... waiting for me to come back and give him another back rub ... my husband has been up for hours, walked the dog, bought scones for breakfast... he is amazing. I am a slug.

Listening to music is a nice way to start the day and after I am dressed, I will climb the  ladder into yon high cupboards and search out the buried treasure that is my Winter Clothing !

If I am able to move later , I might be back to share the day ... I am sure it will be full of Thrills and Chills and Laughter ... or not.

This is Martha Argerich .. she is from Buenos Aires .. she is fabulous .. 

This is Tango Music in Buenos Aires

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - Matador 
( I love em so you have to listen to them too)

Here, you want Matador ? you got matador ...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's Raining , It's Pouring

.... and Pup is snoring !

Today is one of those lazy Saturdays that I am not sure if a lot will get done, if we will even leave the house. 
Of course my more than wonderful husband ( especially at times like this) will walk Pup and I will wait at home with the towels.
This is one of the only drawbacks in having a Standard Poodle. They have hair, not fur. 
They are also water dogs. 
The water stays until he shakes it off and or it is dried off with a big fluffy towel by Mama.
You can guess which option works at our house.

I have lately been obsessed with Design and Decor magazines and I am nagging my husband until we get some "power tools" ... I want to do things ourselves instead of waiting a few more years for someone to come along and do it for us.

I am brimming over with ideas, garnered from online sites such as Greig  Design and  Little Green Notebook  and Shabby chic  and Nice and Easy  among others ...too many others.. every day I discover a new one. It is an addiction I tell you !

So today I am going to start with the little details, getting my collections together , getting my ideas together and present them to the other person who lives here and does have good taste and ideas of his own and would appreciate at least being told before everything is changed...

While listening to music that will maybe inspire me or at the very least, keep me moving ...

More later...  but until then ...

Rodrigo & Gabriela 

or Shakira 

or  a little Bollywood... I admit I love this ..

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Love Letter and a Thank you

To the People of Buenos Aires,
 I want to thank you for being so kind, so good humored and so helpful. 
I want to thank you for not laughing in my face, brushing me off or walking away when I try to ask a question.  For not rolling your eyes and making me feel like a moron when you have to speak to me s l o w l y and probably repeat it 3 times.
I love the way you see humor in everything. 
I love the way you are open to strangers and their dogs. 
I love the way you love children and animals... especially those dogs.
Who would not love a populace of a huge city, who might shake your hand when they meet you but they Always kiss your cheek. Both cheeks ! 
They kiss you Hello and they kiss you Good-by. And some, like the man that sells flowers on the corner in summer, will kiss us every time we cross the street. Prompting my husband to suggest we take a different route when we are out running errands .. he is still adjusting to the guys kissing him. 
I adjusted, oh, I think ... the second day we were here.

I want to thank every single person who has stood there and listened to me trying to speak Spanish and for their little quiet prompts and corrections and Muy bien ! when I get it right ! 
I want to thank the people in my building who accepted the Norte Americanos and their Perro with open arms and kisses and offers of advice and help and invitations to family gatherings... we feel like we live in a huge house with distant relatives. I fear it will make it impossible to ever move ..  how can we leave home, they will miss us ! Better, we will miss them.

I want to thank the Porters who stand outside their apartment buildings , always saying hello, some patting the dog, all giving me a wave . The valet at the hospital who always gives Pup a pat and wishes us a Buen dia .. Pup recognizes him, Pup knows them all !
I never feel like I am walking down to the park alone... I know someone is watching.

I want to thank the "boys" at the produce market who teach us the words in Spanish in exchange for the word in English.
Orange-Naranja, etc.
We speak Spanish, we have many teachers.

I want to thank the welcoming people that I have met and consider friends ... a lot of people don't know how difficult it can be to not only move to another city , but to another country, where you not only know no one, but you can't talk to them.
So it makes everything a little harder, takes a little longer , but with these lovely people here, I have no bad memories, only good ones.

So Thank you, Te quiero ~
Andy Warhol

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Quiet ... so quiet ...

The party is over.
The party goers have gone home.
The fireworks are over.

We have to wait another 100 years for a good party again.

It was really nice not hearing traffic for the past few days. I didn't even mind hearing more fireworks  at 1:30 am ... lasting until after 2:00 am .. 
Hey , it would have been nice if I could have seen them also, but I imagined people standing on the balconies at Casa Rosada, even Evita's ghost on her balcony, all holding champagne glasses and toasting another 100 even better years for Argentina.

Now it is back to business as usual.

The painter is coming tomorrow .. maybe.. he stood us up Saturday.
We will try to get together with our friend Rafael who is a realtor and is busy busy busy ...

We will do some things on my (mental) list of Things I want to do :
Go to the Flea Market  ( which will lead to Buy something , Restore it, etc)
Go to Chinatown ... I am getting a serious hankering for pollo y hongo sopa ( chicken and mushroom soup)
and maybe some of their spicy calamari .. so spicy, makes your eyes water and your nose runs.. perfect for a winter day - the temperatures are supposed to start dropping .. 
Go to the Japanese Gardens while there are still fall colors and the Koi are awake.
Go to Puerto Madero and take a super long walk ( easy to do there) and have lunch at Central Market and buy pretty things for the kitchen and apartment.. plus expensive imported things like chocolates .

So this list will keep us busy .. not counting the time we will end up spending , waiting for painters and being here while they make a mess- and paint- and make a mess.

It is so quiet in here  that ..............


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let's Party , Argentina !

It was a perfect beautiful day to celebrate a Bicentennial .. blue skies, a few puffs of white clouds and bright sunshine.
The temperatures were cool and it was comfortable to walk the many blocks we walked from our home to the block in front of the Colon Theatre.
Which looks wonderful and I can't wait until we get to go there to watch a ballet this year !

There were an estimated 2 million people there today.
Half of them petted Pup or at least talked to him and took his photo.

There were huge tour buses lined along the streets, taking up lanes on Ave 9 de Julio. 
All of those people with their families, singing, watching. 
It just ended about an hour ago, with the President and her friends going back to Casa Rosada where they had a nice meal and some (probably) very good wine and champagne.

So there was the President of Argentina, sitting next to Hugo Chavez .. the paper has a list of people who were invited and who were not.. The Vice President was not invited .. ahhh Argentine politics. 

Jets did a fly-over which thrilled me .. they did it twice ! and there were bands and music all day until around midnight tonight. I think it was a pretty good party for a 200th birthday.

Here are a couple of photos ( thanks to my husband)

From the Buenos Aires Herald - tonight

Monday, May 24, 2010

200 Years Old ... and she looks great !

In May, 1810, Argentina started  the May Revolution and on July 9, 1816, Argentina became Independent from Spain  ! 
Therefore, tomorrow is the Bicentennial .. 

There have been parties and celebrations and marches and music events and dance and all sorts of Good Things going on to celebrate.

But tonight and tomorrow, things will really be Happy and Celebratory and Noisy.

At the Obelisk there are concerts..

Which is also on the Avenue  known as 9 de Julio ( July 9 ) ... big , isn't it ? Down there at the end ( top of the photo) to the left, is the French Embassy, which is said to be an "architectural masterpiece " . They stopped it from being the longest street in the world , so it is , The Widest ... Avenue.

Here it is at night .. thank you Wikipedia..

So tonight if it does not rain and tomorrow, there will be much celebrating and eating with friends and families and more celebrating and music  all over town, all over the country.

¡La Argentina Centenaria  Feliz!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stormy weather

It has been a little warmer and more humid lately than I think it should be ... for autumn. 
I keep expecting to wake up to a cold day when a jacket and warm clothes will be needed and instead,
it is sunny and warm.
Not that I am complaining, it just doesn't seem like it should be so warm.

Today was grey and humid and warm. I told my husband, I bet we get some 
stormy weather. Tomorrow we will wake up to cold weather, betcha.

So we walked through Recoleta with Pup and admired this and that and
sat for a while in the little park by the French Embassy and 
Pup got to run around like a lunatic then we walked home. 
Feeling that any minute, the rain would begin.

We had things to do at home and then watched a French movie, 
had some popcorn and relaxed.
Then the Thunder came along ...  
Pup made sure he was close to me and nothing could get him 
when that big noise came along.
And then the Rain began

There are now small lakes where the curbs used to be. 
There are waves when cars go by .. 
will I see ducks and swans tomorrow? 
Will the man that owns the bakery on the corner arrive by rowboat? 
What? it could happen !

Rain on Monday? .. we won't be down ... we will have lunch 
with our friend Rafael,
we will go to the Market and pick up treats to enjoy on Tuesday when 
Buenos Aires celebrates it's Bicentennial .. 
I want to find a little flag for the balcony.
I just hope the sun is out by then .. a little rain is fine, 
but we don't want to spoil the celebrations now, do we ?

The Colon Opera

Lights ! Music !
When we arrived in Buenos Aires for our visit, our holiday, the Colon Opera House was open. We decided to buy tickets , but found that they were closing for renovations.

When we moved here, we had great hopes of being able to go to the ballet, operas and events just as we did back in New York at the Metropolitan Opera House in Lincoln Center, the Garnier in Paris ...

There were problems after problems, we worried that this immensee Opera House would not be able to open, would be just a memory of those who had been there and a wish for those who missed the chance to be there.

Tomorrow, May 24, 2010, the Colon will once again open it's doors.
Not right away, but not to worry, my husband and I will be there too.
Enjoy the photos.. and the sounds    The Colon Opera House

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Time flies ......

Moments ago, I said to someone... Time flies. 
I was speaking of her baby growing so fast .. but then that led me to think of how Time, really does fly.
We have lived here for 3 years. 
In a couple of months, we will have lived in this apartment, our home in Buenos Aires, for 3 years.
Pup is going to be 11 years old. He looks great for his age, you would never think he was more than, oh, 7.
He hops around, he runs and plays and still is the first one to invite another dog to play .. but he is not a kid anymore.

It seems like just yesterday that we were bringing him home in the car, towel in my lap, stopping a few times on the way so he could be car sick. Now he rides in cars and flies in airplanes!

Before we arrived here, we agreed that it was Not Forever, we could come "home" if ever, whenever we wanted to , we would stay as long as we liked. 
We stepped off the airplane and it seems that for months, we never sat down again. All the Visa paperwork continued here, the hunt for a new home, the renovating and furnishing of the new home and trying to learn Spanish from a lovely teacher who must have gone home after each class, had a stiff drink and asked herself, Why do I do this?

Time flew. The apartment is ready for a re-decoration .. don't tell my husband.
The painter will come soon ( he was supposed to be here already... is anyone ever on time?) and we will do a little sprucing up , repairing damaged walls where upstairs leaks ruined downstairs walls.
I want to do some decorating with antiques, mirrors, find a rug ... meanwhile I still look at the real estate sections online.

And then something catches my eye and I find myself sitting up late looking through real estate in NY again.
My imagination is caught by a color or a style or a lake in front of the house ... I wonder what it would be like to live there . At least they speak English.

My husband likes the idea of visiting Spain. I still want to go back to Paris and London.
But then I worry, what if we see something affordable and want to move ?

We have been here only 3 years ! Yet it seems like it has been a long time, so much was done, but then it seems like it was only yesterday. 
Time flew ... 

Photo by JDanko

Friday, May 21, 2010

Who you gonna call?

I would like one of those flat fancy cell phones that it seems everyone else has but me. 
I like the way they look, I like that it is a flat little thing that can text easier than mine... mine is not cheap but it is basic. I want something fancy .. it doesn't make any difference if I have no one to call, that no one calls me and if they did, we would have a hard time understanding each other .. 
But I like those phones and feel that it is a nice accessory. . I mean, my plumber has one .. OK?

We had a lot of trouble with our old ( 2 1/2 years ) house phone. 
It crackled so loudly that we could never have a conversation with anyone, even if we could understand them. So we finally went out and bought a beautiful little phone .. for the house but it looks like a cell phone. What I like best about it is the ring .. it sounds like , oh, wind chimes? bells ringing ? nothing like a phone. Of course, no one calls so I rarely get to listen to it ringing... and when I pick it up to speak, there is that crackling sound.

The Phone Company lady said it is not in the Line. So it must be in the little thingee in the wall. They will have to come fix it. But that means one of us has to make a phone call to the phone company and tell them. We can't hear them with the crackling and we can't understand them anyway, I fear I will never get any phone calls again.

A nice Blackberry would suit .. an iPhone of course, but then I would probably always worry that some thief will see me checking the time ..  (yes, my cell phone is my watch .. no one calls me but I can use it to see the time ) .. and I will get mugged. 

So I carry this basic little grey phone and figure that I am safe from muggers, no one calls me anyway and it keeps good time.

I am missing out on all the flashy phone stuff though.

It was rainy today then just gloomy and cool. I liked it. I enjoy fall and winter here is so great.
Lunch at a cafe, Pup and the waitress became best friends forever and as usual, someone asked if they could take a photo of him.
Then we came home and got all domestic .. which really just means saying goodbye to the housekeeper and figuring out what to do for dinner.

For some reason, instead of going out on the night that the housekeeper is here, and keeping the kitchen in it's pristine condition for just one day and night, I end up cooking some grease spitting sloppy meal.
Tonight was soup and gnocchi roasted in the oven with cherry tomatoes, greek olives and Proven├žal spices. Two people eating a meal made for 10. 
I either have to start inviting people over to help eat all the food I cook or I have to have more children.
I would love that . . but I worry that by the time the child is old enough to eat my cooking, I will be too senile to remember the recipe .. or I will finally have gotten into the Porte├▒o habit of cooking before the housekeeper comes and going out the rest of the week.
This is really not a hard lesson to learn, I just need more practice.

A big holiday is coming up. 25 de Mayo ... the Bicentennial. 
2oo years since the Revolution. 

I have to learn more about it before I talk about it. I don't want to totally embarrass myself with my Argentine history .. which is colorful and action packed ... resulting in a beautiful country with beautiful people who are very nice.

Now .. for dessert ... M&Ms .. with peanuts.

Rain ..

What to do on a Rainy Day ....

Get up late
Have too much coffee
Take your time deciding what to do with the day
Stop for  husbandly kisses and give some snuggles to sleepy pups
Make a plan for the day ... museum ? mall ? ignore the rain and walk and take photos?

More later .. buen dia 
I love Annie Lennox

Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's in the Mail

"It's  in the mail"  ..."Remember when that meant that someone had taken an envelope , put  a stamp on it and had put it in a mailbox and in , oh, say, 5 days, you got the envelope with something in it ?

Yeah, I sorta remember those days.

Now .... If you take a Post Card to the Post Office ( here ) , they will put a stamp on it, charge you and then when you leave, they throw it in the garbage... well, this is what we think .. we have no proof .. other than, every single post card that has been sent by anyone here, that I know.. family and friends... never reaches the destination.

And worse .... someone bought a Lottery Ticket in another country, came here to visit, found out that they had won ... sent the ticket in the mail to the family to get money ... and it never arrived. 
Yes, kinda makes you feel ill, doesn't it ?

Random House sent me a book.
They tracked it when I asked about how long would it take .. they said it should be there, we will check. Yep, it arrived in Argentina.. it arrived at that Post Office... but I didn't get my book.
Someone is enjoying a very nice book about Italy .. but it isn't me.

So ... I want to send postcards to my children. I know they will go to the Argentine Postal Garbage Can .. so I put them in an envelope and pretend they are Real Mail.
Today.. 3 postcards and a Lot of love went into an envelope to the US.
It cost over  10 pesos ... around $3.00 USD .. we will see if we just made a donation or if the postcards arrive.

We have Important Papers that had to be notarized.
Egads, you can imagine the tension .. they had to be notarized then sent to the US !! In the Mail !! in an envelope !! 

The envelope arrived today ... huge sigh of relief ... some slight lessening of tension .... but but ... now the things in that envelope have to be made Special then have to be sent back to us ... In an envelope, in the Mail .. before July. 

Will it happen ? A lot is depending on those papers in that envelope ... a lot of people are depending on the Argentine Postal system .. will it happen ?

Yes... I did consider the option of flying to the US and just Doing It Myself ... but then, I don't have a Pup sitter and then all the other considerations started to pour in .. who goes, who stays behind.. what if this and what if that ... so here we are ... counting on the Postal System.. here and there. sheesh.

Meanwhile... 2 people sent me birthday cards ( March ... next year you will remember) and I got them .. so the Good Mail Fairy was on duty at that time.

Let's hope she stays on duty for the rest of this year. I need that mail to get through ... she mutters through gritted teeth.

Today was gloomy and sort of warm , we were busy doing Nothing and then went to the park with Pup.
Then we came home and did some more Nothing and I made a fabulous dinner.
See... if I do Nothing all day, I make up for it with good food.

If I do Something all day, then you have to feed me. I am not cooking too. That's just the way it works.

Tomorrow we will be doing a few Things .. possibly worthy of telling you about .. or maybe not.

stay tuned ... 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Todays photos ...

Yes, the dog ... who's the pretty boy ?  

I think Pup feels quite frisky and very much a Pretty Boy with the new haircut .. he is all frisky and ready for a game of chase at a moments notice..

We walked through the parks and being the two oldies that we  are ... or at least we are practicing to be .. we sat on a bench .. next to my favorite statue .. the one of General Mitre on his horse. This statue has everything you need , a man on a horse , huge, made of metal and the base is sculptures of angels and bare breasted women and angels  with the glint of battle in their eyes ... pretty cool statue if you ask me .

This is the view from our bench

This is the close - up 

Impressive, no?

From our bench we could look out over the park that stretched below , on across the street where the Reservoir , boat basin is and off toward Uruguay .. the Canal 7 studios are there then more parks then the river ..

Parrots were having a good squawk in the tree, most of the trees will loose their leaves pretty soon, but right now, they are full of berries and leaves and parrots.

Then we went to the bakery for scones for tomorrow morning and came home ...  Yes, the life of an ex-pat is just one crazy day after another  ... exhausting .. just exhausting ...

Ghost Writer

Today we went to see the film Ghost Writer.
It was written by Robert Harris who writes mystery/suspense novels and directed by Roman Polanski.. who makes some pretty good mystery/suspense movies.

Pierce Brosnan is the ex Prime Minister, and Ewan McGregor is the writer who has been hired to "ghost write" his memoirs.
The settings are in London and on an island that is supposed to be Martha's Vineyard .. but was really an island in Denmark .. the settings are all wonderful, every person in the film did a great job and we were completely interested and entertained by the film.

That is all I ask for   these days, just entertain me, you don't have to teach me anything, preach to me or show me something that will just give me nightmares for weeks.. I just want to be entertained.

We arrived at the cinema wearing sweaters and scarves and content to sit indoors on a gloomy chilly day.
We walked out of the cinema into a warm sunny afternoon where no one was wearing sweaters or scarves and  we knew we had to scurry home, change clothes, grab the pup and get ourselves to the park.

Which we did.
Where we sat on a bench and like the old foggies that we are learning to be, we just soaked in the warm air, sunshine and scent of freshly mown grass.
Pup sat on the bench with us ... god forbid anyone tells him he is a Dog and should sit on the ground.

I took photos... they will be added later, when the person in the house that knows how to do this, does it.

So that is the day so far ... and I did not have a ghost write this .. it was all me.

Thank you to filmofilia for the photo of the movie poster.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday - it came and went and ......

It's Tuesday, there are things that need to be done.
I made lists Monday.
Where are the lists?
Pup needs to see the groomer. No putting it off any longer, he smells like a dog and has started to look like a wild creature from the forest. 

I had to buy groceries.. we did that .. after we dropped off poor pitiful, begging me not to leave him in this hell-hole with that sadist groomer Pup ..
House is clean, dinner was ravioli, easy and tasty. 
Lists should have something that Needs to be remembered on them ... hmmmm..

Go to the Cinema .
The cinema has a couple of new films, maybe we will see the Polanski film or Robin Hood. I am not that interested in Robin Hood though, I have decided that whatshisname.. Russell Crowe is not that interesting anymore... he behaves like a lout and I think he has fallen into the catagory of Over-Actors

( yes, I am extremely opinionated regarding the folks who work in cinema ... for example :)

* I think Jennifer Aniston is a figment of her PR peoples imagination. 
She has a good haircut and keeps herself in shape. 
But can she   act? What has she done outside of acting ( besides keeping  her hair perfect and a nice tan..) ? And if we are asking can she act, the next thing I will ask is  .. .can she think? I see no signs of it.

* I think Emma Thompson should make a film every year . . and so should   Cate Blanchett !  
And where is Clive Owen ?? I have gone months without seeing him in a film, is that right ?  No , it is not, he should be more readily available for viewing .

* I think that all those people who make and star in Vampire movies .... should quit. 
Not quit working, but stop with the vampire movies already. 
I mean really .. are there no new Scary things to make a movie about ? 

I can think of 3 right this minute .. can you?

1- Volunteer in a mental hospital for the night shift.
2- Drive a car load of  children to school in the morning.
3- Fly with your dog .


  Tuesday came and went with just a clean sweet smelling dog to show for it. ( photos tomorrow, he is a shadow of his former self)
My husbands cold might be better. . we will try again to see a movie.. maybe we will get Chinese food for dinner.. or Indian .. some curry to burn out the remnants of that cold.

Let's see what Wednesday brings ...

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