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Monday, May 24, 2010

200 Years Old ... and she looks great !

In May, 1810, Argentina started  the May Revolution and on July 9, 1816, Argentina became Independent from Spain  ! 
Therefore, tomorrow is the Bicentennial .. 

There have been parties and celebrations and marches and music events and dance and all sorts of Good Things going on to celebrate.

But tonight and tomorrow, things will really be Happy and Celebratory and Noisy.

At the Obelisk there are concerts..

Which is also on the Avenue  known as 9 de Julio ( July 9 ) ... big , isn't it ? Down there at the end ( top of the photo) to the left, is the French Embassy, which is said to be an "architectural masterpiece " . They stopped it from being the longest street in the world , so it is , The Widest ... Avenue.

Here it is at night .. thank you Wikipedia..

So tonight if it does not rain and tomorrow, there will be much celebrating and eating with friends and families and more celebrating and music  all over town, all over the country.

¡La Argentina Centenaria  Feliz!



  1. Just got back from four hours of concerts (two hours late starting, surprise, surprise), Henry stayed for more. The crowd estimate on 9 de Julio and the main side streets - Corrientes, Rivadavia, Av. de Mayo, is 2 million. It was... hellish.

  2. Beautiful photos! Again, certain elements SO remind me of Rome, I hope you don't mind me saying that, as you know I love Rome. One of the huge "concert venue piazzas" there is Piazza de Popolo, translates as "People's Plaza". That piazza also has an obelisk!

  3. Well, that makes sense when you think that a huge number of the populace are originally from Italy :)

    The architecture in Buenos Aires is just wonderful, from Art Nouveau to Art Deco and everything else too .


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