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Alan Cohen
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stormy weather

It has been a little warmer and more humid lately than I think it should be ... for autumn. 
I keep expecting to wake up to a cold day when a jacket and warm clothes will be needed and instead,
it is sunny and warm.
Not that I am complaining, it just doesn't seem like it should be so warm.

Today was grey and humid and warm. I told my husband, I bet we get some 
stormy weather. Tomorrow we will wake up to cold weather, betcha.

So we walked through Recoleta with Pup and admired this and that and
sat for a while in the little park by the French Embassy and 
Pup got to run around like a lunatic then we walked home. 
Feeling that any minute, the rain would begin.

We had things to do at home and then watched a French movie, 
had some popcorn and relaxed.
Then the Thunder came along ...  
Pup made sure he was close to me and nothing could get him 
when that big noise came along.
And then the Rain began

There are now small lakes where the curbs used to be. 
There are waves when cars go by .. 
will I see ducks and swans tomorrow? 
Will the man that owns the bakery on the corner arrive by rowboat? 
What? it could happen !

Rain on Monday? .. we won't be down ... we will have lunch 
with our friend Rafael,
we will go to the Market and pick up treats to enjoy on Tuesday when 
Buenos Aires celebrates it's Bicentennial .. 
I want to find a little flag for the balcony.
I just hope the sun is out by then .. a little rain is fine, 
but we don't want to spoil the celebrations now, do we ?


  1. I read the celebrations at the Obelisco were fantastic this weekend to celebrate the Patria's Birthday! How I wish we were there!!!
    Display a second flag in my name!!!

  2. I admire people who can move around the world at will!



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