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Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Have Nothing To Wear

As I was sitting in the living room , resting from thinking about all the work I had intended to do today and ended up only taking a long walk with my husband and Pup , my husband came over to me ( as you can see we make a lovely couple) and asked me what I want to do tomorrow.

"Well" , I said , sighing and looking off into the distance ... "I guess I have to go through the closet and find my winter clothes   .
I found this fan but it will do me no good at all, unless I decide to do a fan dance for extra spending money for my boutique shopping that I am planning.... after doing the closet work  and finding that I actually Have Nothing To Wear.
And of course, this old yellow rag I am wearing is not suitable to wear out anymore ".

Of course, my husband cannot understand any of this .. what man does ? ... He is suitably dressed for all occasions, although it does take a bit of prompting now and then when he is considering walking out the door in something that Just Will Not Do .. but other than that, he manages to be perfectly dressed for all occasions ... therefore , he has No Clue what I am dealing with here !

So while today was beautiful and I was so happy that we got to have a long lazy morning, then a long afternoon walk  .. not to mention an excellent pasta dinner ... I now have tomorrow and the closets to look forward to.

My hope is that while rummaging in the closets, way up there at the top of the vestidor ( dressing room ) , I will find a box of clothes that I have forgotten that I even own ! odds are , they same old things are up there, they are just hiding , they are tired of coming out every winter and sitting in the lower closets and not being worn anyway.
I just don't have the heart to throw them away... they are like old friends who came from the US with me to Argentina... I can't abandon them now, even if I won't wear them again.
But as soon as I throw them away, or give them away, they will come back into style and I will be So Mad.

I am sure you all totally understand.

See you tomorrow.
Be suitably dressed.

Thank you All Posters ..


  1. I go through this now and again. It's a great excuse to go shopping!


  2. LOL! I do not think I AM suitably dressed at this point in time, but that won't prevent me from answering your blog. I know what you are going through. I haven't taken out "all" the summer clothes yet, but I have put the heavier winter things away. I look forward to wearing many of the heavier things come fall. I do think I need to purchase some more pants hangers, especially, though. And I have a few items that require a trip to the dry-cleaner, like my "commuter coat" prior to being stored away for the season.

  3. Oh, you crack me up. :-)


  4. Yes, every year I haul them down the "I can't bear to throw them away clothes" and every year I haul them back up. Perhaps this is the year I get tough with them. You inspire me!


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