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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let's Party , Argentina !

It was a perfect beautiful day to celebrate a Bicentennial .. blue skies, a few puffs of white clouds and bright sunshine.
The temperatures were cool and it was comfortable to walk the many blocks we walked from our home to the block in front of the Colon Theatre.
Which looks wonderful and I can't wait until we get to go there to watch a ballet this year !

There were an estimated 2 million people there today.
Half of them petted Pup or at least talked to him and took his photo.

There were huge tour buses lined along the streets, taking up lanes on Ave 9 de Julio. 
All of those people with their families, singing, watching. 
It just ended about an hour ago, with the President and her friends going back to Casa Rosada where they had a nice meal and some (probably) very good wine and champagne.

So there was the President of Argentina, sitting next to Hugo Chavez .. the paper has a list of people who were invited and who were not.. The Vice President was not invited .. ahhh Argentine politics. 

Jets did a fly-over which thrilled me .. they did it twice ! and there were bands and music all day until around midnight tonight. I think it was a pretty good party for a 200th birthday.

Here are a couple of photos ( thanks to my husband)

From the Buenos Aires Herald - tonight


  1. In few words and a few photos you've captured a wonderfully festive atmosphere! (And it's late fall there??? Doesn't look like late fall!)

    Thank you, I enjoyed this entry to your blog very much.

  2. Has the Vice been a bad boy???? jajajajaja
    Solo en Argentina!!!
    Viva la Patria!!!

  3. Yes, he didn't vote with her on something important to her... he is being given the Silent Treatment :)

  4. What an exciting place to be in the world - how lucky you are!

    Have you seen the photos from The Big Picture:

  5. Yes, we saw most of that on TV last night .. the Madres made me cry.
    And those Tall Ships ... aren't they wonderful !?
    It was some big party .. at around 1 am , there were more fireworks... went on for at least 45 minutes ..


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