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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Quiet ... so quiet ...

The party is over.
The party goers have gone home.
The fireworks are over.

We have to wait another 100 years for a good party again.

It was really nice not hearing traffic for the past few days. I didn't even mind hearing more fireworks  at 1:30 am ... lasting until after 2:00 am .. 
Hey , it would have been nice if I could have seen them also, but I imagined people standing on the balconies at Casa Rosada, even Evita's ghost on her balcony, all holding champagne glasses and toasting another 100 even better years for Argentina.

Now it is back to business as usual.

The painter is coming tomorrow .. maybe.. he stood us up Saturday.
We will try to get together with our friend Rafael who is a realtor and is busy busy busy ...

We will do some things on my (mental) list of Things I want to do :
Go to the Flea Market  ( which will lead to Buy something , Restore it, etc)
Go to Chinatown ... I am getting a serious hankering for pollo y hongo sopa ( chicken and mushroom soup)
and maybe some of their spicy calamari .. so spicy, makes your eyes water and your nose runs.. perfect for a winter day - the temperatures are supposed to start dropping .. 
Go to the Japanese Gardens while there are still fall colors and the Koi are awake.
Go to Puerto Madero and take a super long walk ( easy to do there) and have lunch at Central Market and buy pretty things for the kitchen and apartment.. plus expensive imported things like chocolates .

So this list will keep us busy .. not counting the time we will end up spending , waiting for painters and being here while they make a mess- and paint- and make a mess.

It is so quiet in here  that ..............



  1. Ha! You weren't kidding!

    Who do they think they are?!


  2. Would I kid you? lol ... They Know who they are !
    He is too comfortable... I think I hear him snoring.

  3. Do you really think we will need to wait another 100 years to have a good ol' party?? I hope not!! Argentina might win the Soccer Championship this year and that will be a great party!!!! In the meantime, your to do list sounds fun!!!

  4. For some reason, I think if they win the World Cup, it will be even noisier than the Bicentennial .. :-)

  5. We really only have to wait 6 years. After all, this was just the bicentennial of the May Revolution, the bicentennial of Independence Day will be July 9, 2016...


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