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Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's in the Mail

"It's  in the mail"  ..."Remember when that meant that someone had taken an envelope , put  a stamp on it and had put it in a mailbox and in , oh, say, 5 days, you got the envelope with something in it ?

Yeah, I sorta remember those days.

Now .... If you take a Post Card to the Post Office ( here ) , they will put a stamp on it, charge you and then when you leave, they throw it in the garbage... well, this is what we think .. we have no proof .. other than, every single post card that has been sent by anyone here, that I know.. family and friends... never reaches the destination.

And worse .... someone bought a Lottery Ticket in another country, came here to visit, found out that they had won ... sent the ticket in the mail to the family to get money ... and it never arrived. 
Yes, kinda makes you feel ill, doesn't it ?

Random House sent me a book.
They tracked it when I asked about how long would it take .. they said it should be there, we will check. Yep, it arrived in Argentina.. it arrived at that Post Office... but I didn't get my book.
Someone is enjoying a very nice book about Italy .. but it isn't me.

So ... I want to send postcards to my children. I know they will go to the Argentine Postal Garbage Can .. so I put them in an envelope and pretend they are Real Mail.
Today.. 3 postcards and a Lot of love went into an envelope to the US.
It cost over  10 pesos ... around $3.00 USD .. we will see if we just made a donation or if the postcards arrive.

We have Important Papers that had to be notarized.
Egads, you can imagine the tension .. they had to be notarized then sent to the US !! In the Mail !! in an envelope !! 

The envelope arrived today ... huge sigh of relief ... some slight lessening of tension .... but but ... now the things in that envelope have to be made Special then have to be sent back to us ... In an envelope, in the Mail .. before July. 

Will it happen ? A lot is depending on those papers in that envelope ... a lot of people are depending on the Argentine Postal system .. will it happen ?

Yes... I did consider the option of flying to the US and just Doing It Myself ... but then, I don't have a Pup sitter and then all the other considerations started to pour in .. who goes, who stays behind.. what if this and what if that ... so here we are ... counting on the Postal System.. here and there. sheesh.

Meanwhile... 2 people sent me birthday cards ( March ... next year you will remember) and I got them .. so the Good Mail Fairy was on duty at that time.

Let's hope she stays on duty for the rest of this year. I need that mail to get through ... she mutters through gritted teeth.

Today was gloomy and sort of warm , we were busy doing Nothing and then went to the park with Pup.
Then we came home and did some more Nothing and I made a fabulous dinner.
See... if I do Nothing all day, I make up for it with good food.

If I do Something all day, then you have to feed me. I am not cooking too. That's just the way it works.

Tomorrow we will be doing a few Things .. possibly worthy of telling you about .. or maybe not.

stay tuned ... 


  1. I can understand The High Anxiety---Mel Brooks has nuthin' on you. Is there a way you could use Fed-Ex or UPS (not sure if either has offices in BA, but BA being a major city, I think it's possible)to get the papers back to where they need to go? I know both Fed-Ex and UPS have offices in Rome. While I haven't used them, I've certainly thought about it. Just a suggestion---while it's more expensive to "mail" a document envelope using either of the services of these two companies, it may be worth it for the peace of mind.

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