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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ghost Writer

Today we went to see the film Ghost Writer.
It was written by Robert Harris who writes mystery/suspense novels and directed by Roman Polanski.. who makes some pretty good mystery/suspense movies.

Pierce Brosnan is the ex Prime Minister, and Ewan McGregor is the writer who has been hired to "ghost write" his memoirs.
The settings are in London and on an island that is supposed to be Martha's Vineyard .. but was really an island in Denmark .. the settings are all wonderful, every person in the film did a great job and we were completely interested and entertained by the film.

That is all I ask for   these days, just entertain me, you don't have to teach me anything, preach to me or show me something that will just give me nightmares for weeks.. I just want to be entertained.

We arrived at the cinema wearing sweaters and scarves and content to sit indoors on a gloomy chilly day.
We walked out of the cinema into a warm sunny afternoon where no one was wearing sweaters or scarves and  we knew we had to scurry home, change clothes, grab the pup and get ourselves to the park.

Which we did.
Where we sat on a bench and like the old foggies that we are learning to be, we just soaked in the warm air, sunshine and scent of freshly mown grass.
Pup sat on the bench with us ... god forbid anyone tells him he is a Dog and should sit on the ground.

I took photos... they will be added later, when the person in the house that knows how to do this, does it.

So that is the day so far ... and I did not have a ghost write this .. it was all me.

Thank you to filmofilia for the photo of the movie poster.

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