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Groucho Marx
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Todays photos ...

Yes, the dog ... who's the pretty boy ?  

I think Pup feels quite frisky and very much a Pretty Boy with the new haircut .. he is all frisky and ready for a game of chase at a moments notice..

We walked through the parks and being the two oldies that we  are ... or at least we are practicing to be .. we sat on a bench .. next to my favorite statue .. the one of General Mitre on his horse. This statue has everything you need , a man on a horse , huge, made of metal and the base is sculptures of angels and bare breasted women and angels  with the glint of battle in their eyes ... pretty cool statue if you ask me .

This is the view from our bench

This is the close - up 

Impressive, no?

From our bench we could look out over the park that stretched below , on across the street where the Reservoir , boat basin is and off toward Uruguay .. the Canal 7 studios are there then more parks then the river ..

Parrots were having a good squawk in the tree, most of the trees will loose their leaves pretty soon, but right now, they are full of berries and leaves and parrots.

Then we went to the bakery for scones for tomorrow morning and came home ...  Yes, the life of an ex-pat is just one crazy day after another  ... exhausting .. just exhausting ...

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  1. Poor Pup, he looks "dog-tired", LOL! Nice close-ups of the statues, thank you. And parrots in the trees? Really? Living where I do, I've always thought of parrots as pets, they may fly around an apartment or house, but mostly reside in a bird cage; the notion they're just in the trees in BA is a different one for me, but very freeing. Thank you!


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