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Friday, May 21, 2010

Who you gonna call?

I would like one of those flat fancy cell phones that it seems everyone else has but me. 
I like the way they look, I like that it is a flat little thing that can text easier than mine... mine is not cheap but it is basic. I want something fancy .. it doesn't make any difference if I have no one to call, that no one calls me and if they did, we would have a hard time understanding each other .. 
But I like those phones and feel that it is a nice accessory. . I mean, my plumber has one .. OK?

We had a lot of trouble with our old ( 2 1/2 years ) house phone. 
It crackled so loudly that we could never have a conversation with anyone, even if we could understand them. So we finally went out and bought a beautiful little phone .. for the house but it looks like a cell phone. What I like best about it is the ring .. it sounds like , oh, wind chimes? bells ringing ? nothing like a phone. Of course, no one calls so I rarely get to listen to it ringing... and when I pick it up to speak, there is that crackling sound.

The Phone Company lady said it is not in the Line. So it must be in the little thingee in the wall. They will have to come fix it. But that means one of us has to make a phone call to the phone company and tell them. We can't hear them with the crackling and we can't understand them anyway, I fear I will never get any phone calls again.

A nice Blackberry would suit .. an iPhone of course, but then I would probably always worry that some thief will see me checking the time ..  (yes, my cell phone is my watch .. no one calls me but I can use it to see the time ) .. and I will get mugged. 

So I carry this basic little grey phone and figure that I am safe from muggers, no one calls me anyway and it keeps good time.

I am missing out on all the flashy phone stuff though.

It was rainy today then just gloomy and cool. I liked it. I enjoy fall and winter here is so great.
Lunch at a cafe, Pup and the waitress became best friends forever and as usual, someone asked if they could take a photo of him.
Then we came home and got all domestic .. which really just means saying goodbye to the housekeeper and figuring out what to do for dinner.

For some reason, instead of going out on the night that the housekeeper is here, and keeping the kitchen in it's pristine condition for just one day and night, I end up cooking some grease spitting sloppy meal.
Tonight was soup and gnocchi roasted in the oven with cherry tomatoes, greek olives and Proven├žal spices. Two people eating a meal made for 10. 
I either have to start inviting people over to help eat all the food I cook or I have to have more children.
I would love that . . but I worry that by the time the child is old enough to eat my cooking, I will be too senile to remember the recipe .. or I will finally have gotten into the Porte├▒o habit of cooking before the housekeeper comes and going out the rest of the week.
This is really not a hard lesson to learn, I just need more practice.

A big holiday is coming up. 25 de Mayo ... the Bicentennial. 
2oo years since the Revolution. 

I have to learn more about it before I talk about it. I don't want to totally embarrass myself with my Argentine history .. which is colorful and action packed ... resulting in a beautiful country with beautiful people who are very nice.

Now .. for dessert ... M&Ms .. with peanuts.


  1. I too am missing out on all the flashy phone stuff. My mobile is very basic and it's fine because I only use it to text people anyways. But since getting more into twitter I feel this ridiculous urge to tweet on the move. Despite knowing what a stupid thing that would be to spend money on. But I will probably use my little phone until it dies. Then maybe I'll get something a little fancier. Happy shopping!

    ps that meal sounds fab.

  2. My phone is fairly flat. I rarely text. I like that I only pay ~ $45per month. My carrier keeps sending me e-mails and snail mails to tell me they want me to sign up for a new plan. I am sure it will be one that means more $$, so I am keeping my cell. My BFF did send me a photo on it once, I was amazed because I didn't know it even had that capability! So that is what a Luddite I am! I like that I can change the ring, and actually most of the time I have it on either "silent" or vibrate. When it's on vibrate, it kind of "hums" and one day my brother said to me "I think there's a noise coming from your purse!", LOL, he was right! While I do like the way some of the Blackberries look, I do not like the monthly fees for them. I am sticking with my little flat phone. My cousin's daughter saw it and liked it!


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