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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Colon Opera

Lights ! Music !
When we arrived in Buenos Aires for our visit, our holiday, the Colon Opera House was open. We decided to buy tickets , but found that they were closing for renovations.

When we moved here, we had great hopes of being able to go to the ballet, operas and events just as we did back in New York at the Metropolitan Opera House in Lincoln Center, the Garnier in Paris ...

There were problems after problems, we worried that this immensee Opera House would not be able to open, would be just a memory of those who had been there and a wish for those who missed the chance to be there.

Tomorrow, May 24, 2010, the Colon will once again open it's doors.
Not right away, but not to worry, my husband and I will be there too.
Enjoy the photos.. and the sounds    The Colon Opera House


  1. Hi Candice
    I recommend that you go as soon as possible to theater and get your tickets. At the moment they are selling tickets for all the year's performances, so they will get sold out soon. I got my tickets for El Corsario with Paloma Herrera for October, I can't wait!

  2. We were trying to do it online .. we are taking your advice ( as always ) and going to the theatre ..
    Thank you ! Can't wait also !

  3. It closed the night before I arrived in BsAs. My travel companion went down a day early so she could attend the last event. I am dying to see the photos of the renovations. Will you do a tour soon?

  4. We definitely will be going to the ballet, not sure about any tours.


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