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Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's Raining , It's Pouring

.... and Pup is snoring !

Today is one of those lazy Saturdays that I am not sure if a lot will get done, if we will even leave the house. 
Of course my more than wonderful husband ( especially at times like this) will walk Pup and I will wait at home with the towels.
This is one of the only drawbacks in having a Standard Poodle. They have hair, not fur. 
They are also water dogs. 
The water stays until he shakes it off and or it is dried off with a big fluffy towel by Mama.
You can guess which option works at our house.

I have lately been obsessed with Design and Decor magazines and I am nagging my husband until we get some "power tools" ... I want to do things ourselves instead of waiting a few more years for someone to come along and do it for us.

I am brimming over with ideas, garnered from online sites such as Greig  Design and  Little Green Notebook  and Shabby chic  and Nice and Easy  among others ...too many others.. every day I discover a new one. It is an addiction I tell you !

So today I am going to start with the little details, getting my collections together , getting my ideas together and present them to the other person who lives here and does have good taste and ideas of his own and would appreciate at least being told before everything is changed...

While listening to music that will maybe inspire me or at the very least, keep me moving ...

More later...  but until then ...

Rodrigo & Gabriela 

or Shakira 

or  a little Bollywood... I admit I love this ..

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  1. Don't do everything yet, some decorating for the next year when I get there so I can go shopping with you!


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