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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day ... Winter is here

It was (still) only slightly confusing to be listening to the news and hearing about Memorial Day and be talking/emailing with friends and family and hearing about Memorial Day plans and manage not to think everything was closed today ( here) and think that I would have to wait until tomorrow to get some things done.

So we went to the grocery store and ran errands and spent quite a bit of time with Pup in the parks.. they were empty.. buncha sissies were afraid to play in the park ? in the cold ?
Which only made it much better for us because, there are just some days that I would rather relax and watch the world go by from a nice park bench, than be trying to separate some horny hound from trying to make it with my Pup.

He will be frisky and jump around and get out of the way, but then it reaches a point where he has to put his foot down or all 4 of them, and say ... Hey, cut that out !! Those are mine, don't you touch 'em ! Get off of my back or else!! and then .. the "or else"  happens if I don't intervene. Pup becomes a Rottweiler with 2 sets of teeth and they are  all sharp and big and white and his voice gets deep ( the better to prove he is telling the truth) and he goes for the dogs throat .. My fear is that the dog will be some macho thing that will say, yeah, bring it on and my beautiful boy might get a mark on him.

So to avoid marks on the Pup, Mama wades into the fight .. most days lately, Mama has been wearing her boots so she is fearless... stepping on dog toes ( best way to keep a dog from jumping on you or another dog) and wacking anyone who gets too close to me too.
I am whatever you call the opposite of the Dog Whisperer at these moments.

After our lolling and frolicking in the park , just the 3 of us .. although my husband isn't big on frolicking in the park when it is 50 degrees and  windy ... we came home and had gallons of hot tea and I climbed that freaking ladder and went to work on the closets.

I now have a backache, sore arms, sore legs and still...... Nothing To Wear.

And I couldn't find the little bag I kept my nice leather gloves in .. I need them now .. I needed ear muffs today too  ... brrr.. windy ... 
I must take the camera tomorrow and see if  I can get photos of my favorite trees in my favorite area nearby, where the red brick building has black wrought iron balconies with boxes of red geraniums all blooming and the trees below are all golden and red .. 

To my Grandfather who served in the Army for 4 years , got out and went into the Marines and served through the Korean War, to my Uncle who served in the Navy, to my Dad who served in the Navy, to my cousin who served in the Army  .. and to all those boys that I grew up with who served in Vietnam and to those beautiful boys now who are in Iraq ..
God Bless You.

(When I was little, we lived in San Diego, close to Camp Pendleton.  We used to go watch the Dress Parades ..)


  1. I can see you now, wading into to do battle with errant "horny hounds".............

  2. Oh you know me , there always seems to be one of those hounds around to fight off .

  3. My little town and a couple of others near my town had a parade. It was nice. My father served in the Canadian Navy.

    I commiserate, as I always have errant scarves, hats and gloves I can't seem to keep together...until now. I now put everything in a Space Bag (don't mean to sound like a commercial) and keep the bag on the shelf of my coat closet. When the weather cools off (which I hope won't be until October or so) I will be able to retrieve it for scarves, hats, gloves...It's only taken me to this point in my life to think of doing this, but I am tired of "chasing" things (that don't move) around the house! BTW, love the poster depiction of you and your DH in the earlier blog entry!

  4. I thought all my things were contained and had no way of Going Missing .. I think I have a closet thief ;(

    Re: the poster of H and I ... we look exactly like that, don't we ?


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