It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new.
But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Flowers

I need some flowers in my house. With views from every window of nothing but white snow, deep white snow, some color would be good.
Although a geranium started to bloom in a pot in the window .. that was cheerful.

The weekend will involve early morning house hunters .. family visit ... time spent with the little man who has not been here for a month ! I know there are changes, walking, talking ... the possibilities are endless !

Let's hope the house sells.
I am so ready to get on with the next chapter.

Minette is sleeping behind me on this desk chair  ..
I have to get off the computer and go sit somewhere else, I want her to sleep .
Yes, it is her house, her desk, her chair, I just serve the meals.

Have a Good Weekend !

Thursday, February 26, 2015


I need good news.
Something to look forward to.
Something that would make me happy.
Something to push the sadness away .
I can go days , weeks and manage fine.
Then one day I can just wake up and it is all I can do to get out of bed.
Dragging myself around the house like a ghost .. haunting the rooms .. where I once laughed and cooked for two.
Where he sat on the sofa reading while music that he chose was playing .. there was no kitten then.
We talked about the cat we would get.
He would make me laugh with the ridiculous names he thought would be good for our new cat.
Really, none of them were good, unless we just needed to laugh every time we looked at the poor cat. It would have such a complex.
I think the best name he thought of was Rufus.
We had seen an old Tom Cat in a magazine.. he said, "now that is a Rufus "..

But instead , I wake to this tiny croaky little meow and it is Minette.
She is still tiny, her eyes are still huge and her voice is still croaky ..
I consider getting a dog when we move.
I can go for walks .. I can walk without a dog but it isn't nearly as pleasant.

There are so many things I want to do in that little house that I want to buy.
I try not to set my heart on things, disappointment is worse ..
I don't need anything new to depress me.
But If I get the little house, Minette and I might get a little puppy.
We will name him Rufus.

Monday, February 23, 2015

A New York State of Mind

A New York State Of Mind ... what does that even mean ??

Right now New York State is buried in snow, more is coming, none of it is melting and everyone is either escaping to the South (the Florida population count just doubled) and those of us hardy souls  ( lol) are left to tough it out.

Between Snow storms and   Ice storms, just to keep a touch of variety in it .. we dash out to the markets and stock up and get gas and books if we need them and do whatever has to be done before the next storm.

I got out the other day .. It is marked on my Calendar ... I GOT OUT !!!

The kitten could care less, when the sun is shining in that big living room window, she lies on  the sill ( sort of a window seat) and roasts ... she is in a sunshine coma for hours afterwards.
And boy does she feel good to pick up and snuggle ... a roasty toasty little kitten... all floppy and relaxed.
It is about the only time that she doesn't think of biting me or trying to climb on my head.
She loves me.

I went to the Supermarket. I saw all my "friends"   ... you know, the people you see once a week , the employees at the Supermarket .
They are very friendly, very helpful and remember me.
(No, I don't really refer to the people at the supermarket as my friends, for those who take me too literally  )

It helps to be remembered sometimes, you don't feel quite so isolated and unknown.
Someone once referred to me as Oh yes, you live in the house with the beautiful Gardens.
That one was nice.
But the one who said, Oh yes, I heard you lost your husband quite suddenly.. ... that one made me smile politely and run away.

To think that people would know me by one of the most tragic days in my life is mindboggling. Maybe I need a few more years to adjust .

The Little House that I want .. is in one of the wonderful Historic Towns of New York State.
Actually the History of Early America.

There are homes from that time, actually on the street where the Little House is located.
The town Library is a home from the 1700s .. the churches are all right out of a New England paintings by people like Church or Hopper or Wyeth ..

I will add myself to the list of people who will take photographs of everything ..

I can take a walk and read the plaques on the homes that used to be where traitors hid from the troops who were hunting them down.
The home of the third President of the United States, the parks that are his gardens, will be a good spot for a picnic and a book to read ..

I will get a puppy and walk the neighborhood and take photos .. always taking photos.

So here I will stay .. but the whole "Snowbird" thing will require some thought, it might not be such a bad thing .. we will see.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Life Can Be Lovely

The sun is shining brightly, the sky is clear and  blue, not a cloud in sight. 
The road looks pretty clear. I would go out but there isn't really anywhere I need to go and it is still only about 30 degrees .. so cold. so very cold. Tonight it will be 7 º .

I appreciated the lack of snow and ice and terrible winter cold when we lived in Buenos Aires .. but not as much as I appreciate those Argentine winters now ! 
Sure it was dreary and cold and often damp but you didn't have to shovel it, hire someone to do the shoveling, hear horror stories about a roof collapse from all the snow ... making you run out to look at your own roof , in the snow and cold.

I still feel the loss of my husband in about a thousand ways but one of them is really coming back to me every day .. and night .. getting into a cold bed to cuddle up to a warm man on a winter night is just about priceless.

Having him get up and turn up the thermostat then scurry back to bed, under the covers, snuggling up and waiting for the room to be warm .. he was a Morning person. Priceless.
I was not and never was and never will be. 
But I did love waking up to that cup of coffee he brought in to me each morning. 
Now I wake up to a grumbling kitten , a freezing house and the sight of more snow.

Just that .. right there .. freezing house .... more snow ... calls for someone to cuddle with. 

Minette likes to cuddle .. then bite ... then run around the house like an insane little creature then she comes back to me talking and purring. 
 I have no idea what is going on in her tiny kitten brain but it is usually unexpected and cute as a .... kitten.

My house is for sale. I know this because my realtor and I decided to do it , there is an ad in the real estate website and a couple of times, people have come to look at it. 
But now, nothing. No one. Nada. Apparently no one wants to go out in the snow and sub zero temps to look at my house. Go figure.

So it is super clean and neat and there is no smell of garlic or cooking of any sort ... that is one of the things we learned during our days of house hunting .. walking into a nice house that stinks of garlic or fish really doesn't sell the house to you.  
Then there were those two guys in Grandview on Hudson , NY .. whose house smelled like a baking apple pie and I hardly remember what the house looked like but I wanted a house that smelled like that.
Later I found that there are products you buy and put in the oven or in a pot on the stove and it does the same thing, makes people think they would like to live in such a pleasant smelling house ... who knew ?

So Minette and I sit here and wait.
Look at snow. 
Listen to music .. She likes the Narco Tango CD I play, I mostly like listening to  Barber  or Sibelius .. 
What do you listen to that is soothing and beautiful ?
What do you use to make your house smell welcoming and pretty ?
What do you do when you are snowed in ?
(besides read my blog )

How is the weather where you live ? Are you happy with it ?
I have a friend who moved from Canada to Nice France. She is happy with it .
I have an old friend how moved from England to Brazil ... he is happy with it.
If you could move anywhere .. somewhere you have possibly dreamt of living , where would that be ?

Minette wants me to come play .. she found her ball. The one I hid. She is so happy. Her little tail just got bushy.
Here we go .. I throw the ball, she catches the ball, she makes me come get it .. 
I have to find a new game .. or get a new kitten. Or a puppy ?

Life is lovely when you have choices . . and a Tango loving kitten .. and friends.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

When the Going gets Tough, the Tough Take a Nap.

There has been some doubt expressed around here, that it will ever not be winter, that it will always look like that when we look out the window .. Minette and I.
Although she has her own little window obsession going now and I doubt she even cares if it is snowing .... She has BIRDS to look at.
She found out early on that the glass will not let her out, let her pass through or allow her to grab just one bird ...
Those little thumps on the glass that I could hear all the way in here, have stopped.
Well, mostly stopped.
The birds sort of ignore her ... they seem to catch on faster than she does.

I bought bird seed.
I got tired of toasting bread, sharing my cookies and looking for something that would appeal to a Sparrow.

Never mind the Blue Jays who come swooping in like Jumbo Jets next to the little Sparrows .
Today was a new member to the team .. at first I was not sure what I was seeing, just a bit of red in the shrubs .. a Cardinal !  ( the State Bird of North Carolina ... how do I know that ? Guess)

So now I am listening to music that is making me sad, Minette is napping and it is snowing again.

My new pastime is going through Decor magazines and online sites and making note of what I will do in a new home, a new bedroom, a new garden ... and boy do I have plans for the new kitchen .. wherever it might be.

But thanks to the weather, I (and every other house hunter)  ... am sitting at home, contemplating baking Chocolate Chip Cookies and wondering if a Nap is really a good idea.
I would ask Minette, but she is taking a nap.

Friday, February 20, 2015


The sun was shining this morning so I talked myself into ignoring the idea that it was actually as cold as it was and convinced myself that a little drive into town for groceries would be good for me.
I could maybe talk to a human, after a week of kitten chat, you start to look forward to hearing what another human has to say.

Unfortunately, at times, the kitten is way more interesting ... but that doesn't happen often ..
I might just have standards that are too high ..

But anyway, where was I ... Oh yes, the sun was shining.
It is so cold that I worry birds will freeze mid-flight .. the chipmunks have not been out in months.. the birds are out but they don't look happy and oh yes.. the deer. They are out.
Those nice Holly bushes in front of the house , the ones I am fond of because I want to add to them and make a prickly hedge to keep Things away from the window.
The deer have trimmed them.
They are shorter. And very flat topped.
I want the deer to live so I will go with the new shorter Flat Top Holly shrub style.

I have not been in the back garden for months. There is always deep snow and frankly, while I remember snow being fun .. now it is just a pain in the arse and I want it to go away.
A raccoon apparently has pushed open the window in the pool house and now I can just picture the destruction caused by chilled raccoons making a new home ..

The realtor has not called.
No one calls actually. I am convinced that I am not really here.

I know people are not going to be house hunting in 20 feet of snow but still ..
I was all excited about the new house and selling and starting anew .... but here I am , sitting and waiting .. like a teenage girl hoping that boy calls her.
The phone rings and I trip over the kitten dashing to answer it ... on the second ring ... no, I'm not anxious ... and it is the town reminding me of Trash pickup day when it snows. aaarrrrgghhh.

The Little House is still there , waiting for me ..

I am still here, waiting .. for ... I am not sure.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

I hope you will be here ..

Why am I   blogging ?
Why do I continue to write and post and feel that no one reads it anyway ( no comments) .
I am childishly thrilled when I get comments.

Even in my blog, I want someone to like me and talk to me .
Even if I were not all alone in the Frozen North, I like having people to talk to.
That is just Me.

But why write a blog that no one seems to read ?

Basically . I write because my husband told me to.
I enjoy telling a story but because I suddenly shockingly lost my husband last year, I now write because he told me to.

And I tried to quit caring if people leave comments or not.

His were the best .. generally not posted but whispered in my ear .

I often write things because I know he would laugh .. he would have something to say about that.
He would often say something and it would start me to thinking and I would end up blogging it.
But mostly I would blog about Life in Buenos Aires and the two of us would get all nostalgic and wish we were there ... although he was so perfectly happy to be here .

It was his idea to come back to the US.
I had not even thought of it.
I was just buzzing along one day, happy as a bee in honey, when he said something like ...
Would you like to go back home ?

Of course, we had just gotten Fabulous news from home, a tiny addition to the family was on its way .. of course I would like to be there !!

But I never considered moving back , just going back for a visit.
We never did that .. with the Pup, we were sort of stuck .. no pup sitters and too big to fly back and forth.
But instead our visitors came to us and stayed for weeks/months and we all have fantastic memories of those days .
But move back to the US ?? I dunno ....

As the day went by, small things became annoying things, little problems grew , there was talk of not such good times ahead in the country of Argentina.
And I began to grow nervous and then homesick.

Once I said yes, let's go home, things began to move so quickly.
He found movers who specialized in Expat moving .. returns.
They did everything, they cost a fortune but they did all the paperwork, packing, moving, shipping, then storage, then moving into our home.

Our job was to get moved into a new home so the furniture could  arrive   ... which was not as easy as it sounds.

But we did it ..
Minus Pup which still makes me sad to this day ..he would be such comfort on days when I miss my husband so much.
But we did it.
We came home.

We were just settling in when everything that I knew as safe and secure and real ended.
I woke one morning to the door slamming against the wall.

In minutes, I became a Widow.

So here I am .. in this big house which is For Sale.
Watching it snow. Again.
Yelling at an insane kitten ... again.
Calming her down when it is just too much for her little tiny kitten brain to see those birds outside the window and not be able to get to  them.

I have little to talk about anymore ... kittens and snow fill my world.

Hopefully there will be a buyer, a move , a new home for the 2 of us .. but until then might be kind of quiet around here for a while.

Until then, if anything pops up, I will post , I hope you will be  here when I get back.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Another First

This is another First for me ... not one I am actually responsible for ... but it is definitely the first time I ever looked at the temperature for my town and read that it was - 9 degrees.
9 degrees BELOW zero ... 9 Below !!!!

The kitten is irritating the hello out of me too.
She found a tiny piece of dried flower from a bag of potpourrie and she hunts it , kills it, loses it and searches, rooting through everything, making a mess, irritating a person who woke up at 6 am .. on a 9 degrees below zero day.

I keep thinking things will be different/ better in the other little house I want to buy.
But it will still be 9 degrees below zero there too.

Should I consider moving South ?

Should I consider getting a dog ?

Should I go back to bed now ?

It is only 9º below zero ... whimper

Image result for images of cold people

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

But then .... It is still Winter

Doesn't it seem that Time goes much faster in Summer ? Spring is short, then Summer arrives and everyone is happy and ready for holiday trips and vacation homes and suddenly it is Autumn.
Autumn is nice .. it is not so hot, the air is crisp at night and smells good. No more air conditioning !
Then, from one day to the next ...

It is Winter. Cold, icey, bleak. It snows. And then it snows some more. And then you lose track because months have gone by and you don't go out unless someone plows your driveway or there is a freak sunny day where the roads are clear and you can remember how to drive .. but then you wake up the next morning .....

and it is still Winter.

Monday, February 16, 2015


Minette and I are fine.
The neighbor cleared my driveway this morning so I can get out if I want to.
I keep reminding myself this won't last forever ...

We have at least 3 feet of snow .. more in some places. I can't even talk about it.

Send chocolate.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

Snowed in .. snowed out ... snow

I will not recognise the sun when I see it shining again.
I have no idea what the ground will look like when the snow is gone.
Is my little stone wall still there ? plows have hit it a few times.
I worry that the icicles will fall and impale a bird, there is a little porch and I put seed out for the birds.
But at the same time, I want to see just how long one of those things will get.

Every morning I see all the deer hoof prints coming from the fields behind the property, around the house , across the front yard, across the street, through the neighbors yard to the bog .. I have never seen this bog but everyone tells me there is one.
I will just take their word for it.

Minette spends a lot of time 1- on a chair in the dining room, staring at the birds. 2- sitting in the living room window, staring at the birds.
She can't figure out Snow. She wasn't impressed when I put a bit of it on her nose. heh heh heh.

She does love her little Igloo. She just went in there now to take her afternoon nap.

I miss my little family. They keep getting snowed out ..

So .. what do you think of Florida ?

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Buddhist Tiger Temple in Thailand

A Dream Come True ..

I Wish I Were There

Need I  say more ?
The sun is shining. The sky is blue. The snow is very white. Minette and I are probably not going to budge, again , today .. it is just too cold to even bother going out.
I am supposed to have company for the weekend.
I am wondering if that is a good idea.

Taking a walk in this neighborhood, not needing a coat or boots or gloves .. is todays Daydream.

This is Barrio Parque in Buenos Aires.
Winding streets, lined with one mansion after another.
Beautiful homes with breathtaking gardens.  And those are just the gardens you can see ! Not the ones that are hidden in the back, behind high walls .. with pools and fountains and flowers.

Yes... I Wish I Were There ~

Thursday, February 12, 2015

This is my world

Someone knows how to avoid being bored. If not playing with toys and the pulls on the shades,  she attacks me, runs away, then falls over and plays dead when I come after her. She knows it will make me laugh and then she just ends up getting lots of kisses. 

 There is a street there   .. those trees have much longer trunks .. there is so much snow, I cannot imagine how long it would take to melt if we had a heat wave tomorrow ! I am beginning to think this is my New World. Snow .. how people in Norway etc live with it , I cannot imagine. Do they drink a lot ? Is that the answer ? Should I start drinking ? But ... I would rather eat chocolate.
Pretty atmospheric, no ? Snowing. This is my world.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It won't last forever ... will it ??

Every window has glass bars .. massive icicles are hanging .
I have to knock off those by the sliding glass doors, where my tiny birds come to eat.
Can't have one getting killed by falling ice .

The sky is a fabulous blue, the sun is shining brightly, blinding off of all the white snow.
I have no idea how deep it is but it went past the measuring stage of Inches into the stage of many Feet of snow is out there ?

All the trees are holding large amounts of snow, branches bending under the weight .. it is beautiful, a bit dangerous and forcing me to stay in the house ... another day, trapped inside.
While my house hunters are trapped outside .. of my house.

Sometime today, my Hero will come along in his big truck and clear off the driveway.
Then maybe I will go out just to take the edge off of the cabin fever/claustrophobia .

Minette is fine. She watches the birds. She naps. She cuddles. She naps. She plays, gives me a few new scratches or as in this morning, a neat little hole in my finger... then she naps.

It is February .. we have March and then things should start getting better.
It won't last forever ..
I can make it ... I can do it  ... I really can.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Just Us Girls (the Snowbound Diaries)

Minette and I are snowed in again.
It has been snowing all night and coming down pretty hard right now.
The Blue Jays and Sparrows are vying for their spot on the one little area on the dining room porch that has no snow on it.
I go out there and sweep off the snow and throw out toast crumbs, popcorn and whatever I can find that might appeal to birds. I ran out of seed and can't get out to the store.
So they can have some exotic new tastes while we wait for the snow to end.
( I hope it ends before August)...

The house is as clean as it can be. I will dust and then I think Minette and I will curl up in a nest of blankets on the living room sofa and read. I have an excellent book that I want to finish and I am considering baking something.

I made Chocolate Chip Cookies yesterday .. thank goodness, I have no appetite, baking is just a cozy way of passing the time...otherwise, when the snow plows leave and the roads are clear and I can get out of my driveway, I will not be too big to get into the car .. full of cookies and chocolate.
(chocolate supplies are running low .. oh my)

Minette will need therapy by Spring .. she watches the birds from morning until night.
I have a small porch off the dining room, with that wall of glass, she has a complete unobstructed view of birds hopping around ... right there but out of reach. She is small, she cannot cope with such frustration. I closed the drapes and walked through the room and saw that little tail, sticking out from under the drapes, twitching .. swishing back and forth .. poor baby cat.

While snowed in I daydream about the Little House.
My house is For Sale ... I have found a house to buy.
No one is looking in this weather so I sit and try to practice being patient.
I have never been a patient person. I don't think it is going to happen now ..

So I go online and look at decorating blogs.
Magazines online ..
Travel magazines are good, you can look at the way they do things in France or Belgium or Argentina and get ideas for your home .. colors..

I like white / cream colored walls. You don't get tired of the color , it goes with everything and it keeps things Light.
I have plenty of color in fabrics , rugs and things for the walls, my drapes are natural colored linen.

For the first time I can be as foofy and feminine as I want to be.
I am leaning towards the English/French Country Cottage look.
from An Urban Cottage

Any suggestions ?
Tell me what your favorite design is .. your favorite magazine ? your favorite "look".
The little house I want has 2 rooms under the eaves ... the imagination runs wild
crush cul de sac

I will have a bedroom that will belong only to me .. no sharing .. more feminine   decor I think

Upstairs, under the eaves, a room to read and nap and daydream
 An all white bedroom is so soothing ..
Upstairs, under the eaves ...

Sunday, February 8, 2015



This is where I got Minette.
Now and then I look through the cats and kittens for adoption and see if there is one that pops out, telling me that this is a good brother/sister for Minette.

Hopefully, we will be moving to a new house within a few months and while I love the idea of a dog to walk .. I also like the idea of Minette having a sister or brother and company when I am not home.

While I still play with the idea of a dog, to walk and bark if someone comes around .. I know a cat would suit us fine. Maybe I can find a guard cat .. yeah ..

So even though I have made no decision on this, I like to look at who is up for adoption.

So here ... you can look too. Just click on the name and look at the babies and the cats waiting for a loving home.
All a cat wants is a warm dry place to nap and some food and a loving touch.
And like humans, they get lonesome ..  no one, cat or human should be all alone. It is too sad.

So if you are in the area .. go there. If not, you can still enjoy looking.

Her name is Gigi !! beautiful girl.

 a big sweet lovebug Zeus
 Serena Not only is she the long haired version of Minette, but she was found nursing a litter of kittens.. in this frigid snowy place. The kittens are all fine.
This is an example of why people should remember when they die, be sure to know who is going to take your pet in. This is Bootsie .. her owner passed away and now she is not only grieving but has no home.
You know ... I will probably add to my tiny family here  ... sooner than later.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

I Wish I Were There Right Now

It is dark and snowy and bitter cold outside. Much more snow is forecast.
Every one is tucking themselves in and preparing for  a few days stuck inside .. most will be with loved ones .. I will be with the kitten.
At times like this , I especially miss Buenos Aires.
This is what it looks like there , now , at this time of year ..
Makes you wish you were there too, doesn't it ?

Free Mali

Mali is 40 years old. That is how long she has lived in that concrete enclosure. 40 years . 

Boon Lotts Animal Sanctuary

The Animal Sanctuary will take her in and love her and tend to her and she can live out what is left of her life in what will be a Heavenly place for her, food, people, animals, freedom, love and care.

The Animal Sanctuary has even offered money for her to take her and let her live a good life .. but the Filipino Officials always say no.
Her legs and feet are  bad from walking and standing for years on that hard concrete. She might not live that long, from the lack of care and horrible life she has.

These people should be shamed .
They should be shamed and only when they let her go to the Sanctuary should they be spoken to or have any tourists or be a friend of the US or any country that would never condone something like this.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cats and Dogs and Birds .. Oh My

I woke up yesterday and wandered into the kitchen for my coffee ... noticing as I walked past all the big windows that we had a sort of blizzard.
No wonder I slept so well, it is like being wrapped in cotton, a cocoon of silence. No cars, no birds, no nothing ... silence.
Makes you pop your ears and be sure you still have your hearing.

I wandered into the kitchen with the fussy kitten .. feed me feed me I'm hungry why aren't you feeding me !!!!
As I poured my coffee ( I send thanks to the unknown person who invented the automatic coffee pot that brews  and has it ready for you when you stagger into the kitchen half unconscious and in severe need of caffeine )

The kitten wraps herself around my ankles, goes to her dish, back to the ankles, it is this whole kitten drama every morning .. like I ever forgot to feed her ??
God forbid, I would forget to feed me before I would forget her.
Plus, she would never let me forget ... maamamamamamama feeeed meeee.

So she has her little head buried in the bowl, I stand at the windows and sip my coffee, waiting for my brain to wake up and I stare at the snow. Several feet of it on the ground. Weighing down shrubs, tree limbs , fresh deer tracks each morning, empty bird feeders .. poor things, I can't get out there to fill them and the deer would eat them before the birds.
My best idea this week , much to the delight of Minette was putting popcorn, crackers and toast , all crushed up , out on the dining room porch .. Blue Jays as big as the kitten squabble over the crumbs, little sparrows sit in the shrubs, patiently waiting .. now and then a flash of red .. a huge cardinal waits his turn ..
No sign of the chipmunks since it got really cold. I put a lot ( a L O T ) of pistachios out by their home and they disappeared so I am encouraged that they are all snug in their little homes, fat and warm and making crafts things out of empty cashew shells.

When I am stuck inside for too long, I think of what a good idea it was to get a kitten and not a dog.
But then ... I want a dog.
I have good reasons, if I need to give them to someone who asks, what do you want a dog for ?
Watch Dog. That explains itself.
A companion when I go for walks.
Walking ... I can't sit around and increase my dress size when I am walking a dog every day.
Company .. Minette is great, she is my tiny baby and snuggles and makes me laugh and I know she thinks I am Mama.
But a dog is different.. you can still be mom and you can still have company but they are more needy than cats .. they want company too.

When I sell the house and hopefully move into the Little House .. a dog will join us eventually.
We will decide later what kind .. it varies from day to day .. who I talk to ..

I just looked at the weather for my area .. on line ... how did we live without computers ?
I have to ask Minette.

Be sure to pay attention to the temps tonight ... deargodsendmetoArgentina !

Increasing Clouds
Low: -6 °F
Slight Chance Snow Chance for Measurable Precipitation 20%
Slight Chc
High: 18 °F
Mostly Cloudy
Low: 10 °F
Snow Likely Chance for Measurable Precipitation 70%
High: 29 °F
Chance Snow Chance for Measurable Precipitation 50%
Low: 19 °F
Snow Likely Chance for Measurable Precipitation 60%
High: 22 °F
Snow Likely Chance for Measurable Precipitation 60%
Low: 16 °F
Snow Likely Chance for Measurable Precipitation 60%
High: 22 °F
Chance Snow Chance for Measurable Precipitation 40%
Low: 16 °F

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