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Friday, February 20, 2015


The sun was shining this morning so I talked myself into ignoring the idea that it was actually as cold as it was and convinced myself that a little drive into town for groceries would be good for me.
I could maybe talk to a human, after a week of kitten chat, you start to look forward to hearing what another human has to say.

Unfortunately, at times, the kitten is way more interesting ... but that doesn't happen often ..
I might just have standards that are too high ..

But anyway, where was I ... Oh yes, the sun was shining.
It is so cold that I worry birds will freeze mid-flight .. the chipmunks have not been out in months.. the birds are out but they don't look happy and oh yes.. the deer. They are out.
Those nice Holly bushes in front of the house , the ones I am fond of because I want to add to them and make a prickly hedge to keep Things away from the window.
The deer have trimmed them.
They are shorter. And very flat topped.
I want the deer to live so I will go with the new shorter Flat Top Holly shrub style.

I have not been in the back garden for months. There is always deep snow and frankly, while I remember snow being fun .. now it is just a pain in the arse and I want it to go away.
A raccoon apparently has pushed open the window in the pool house and now I can just picture the destruction caused by chilled raccoons making a new home ..

The realtor has not called.
No one calls actually. I am convinced that I am not really here.

I know people are not going to be house hunting in 20 feet of snow but still ..
I was all excited about the new house and selling and starting anew .... but here I am , sitting and waiting .. like a teenage girl hoping that boy calls her.
The phone rings and I trip over the kitten dashing to answer it ... on the second ring ... no, I'm not anxious ... and it is the town reminding me of Trash pickup day when it snows. aaarrrrgghhh.

The Little House is still there , waiting for me ..

I am still here, waiting .. for ... I am not sure.


  1. Oh yes, deer make excellent hedge trimmers! I have been wondering when it's going to stop snowing back east! I've forgotten what it's like and how confining cabin fever feels. I hope the snow abates for you soon, and the realtor calls with good news! I'm so glad you have Minette for company, and I'm sure she's glad she has you! :)

  2. On a positive note, no one is looking at houses in the weather you have now, so no one is likely to snap up your little house.
    If it is meant to be it will happen. Just hang in there.
    I hope you managed to stock up on groceries and see some other humans.
    I think Minette knows you are thinking of a dog, hence the ball playing. See Mom I can play ball too, you don't need a dog.

  3. Yes, I am officially the cat lady. I talk to her, she talks to me ..
    It is "dangerously cold" out .. Minette and I will play games. Her favorite is Watch The Birds.
    We have exciting times around here.

    Heti, you are right.. a dog would force me to go out of the house .. I don't want to go out of the house ... ever.

  4. I haven't had deer in the yard but my raspberries did receive a heavy rabbit-pruning one winter and they came back more vigorous than ever! See what happens when spring comes...and it must...the sun IS growing stronger...

  5. Good morning, Scarlett. It will be in the 70s today, here in Cave Creek AZ.

    I hope you're able to get out of the house and maybe talk to humans. Don't tell Minette I said that

  6. Minette is officially out of her tiny kitten mind.
    She didn't come running when I called her .. I walked around looking, she is hiding behind the dining room drapes, watching the birds, twitching her tail .. I think she is just twitching. Therapy .. lots of therapy for her.

    No getting out today, no humans... that's ok .. I am sort of adjusting to being the only human around .. although I am not sure how I will act when I am back out among them again.

    Yes, if they aren't looking at my house, no one is looking at that house. Thank you ...

    Georgia, what is this "sun" ? we don't have one of those I think.

  7. Hi, Scarlett. I'm glad your link was posted on Fodor's. I will enjoy reading your adventures. Thanks and take care, "Tabernash2".

  8. Ha ha the sun...a ball of fire which sometimes appears in the sky as a compensation for extreme cold temperatures and winds so strong that exposed skin will freeze in less than 10 minutes. lol

  9. Oh Georgia, I do remember that ... vaguely.
    Since I am looking at another snow fall right now, the street has disappeared again .. I will just try to remember what Sun means and keep baking cookies. sigh ..

  10. More snow where I am today, simply no more room to put it when shovelling the sidewalk. We aren't allowed to put it on the street itself.

    One of my cats plays 'watch the birds' as well. She has a strange chirpy noise she makes from all the excitement I guess.

    The only encouraging thing I can think of to say is thank goodness it's late February not November!

  11. canada, Yes, thank goodness it is the end of Feb. I might just walk out of here semi-sane when Spring arrives .. What is that chirpy noise ? it is the cutest thing !! I just look at her and laugh ..


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