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Friday, February 13, 2015

I Wish I Were There

Need I  say more ?
The sun is shining. The sky is blue. The snow is very white. Minette and I are probably not going to budge, again , today .. it is just too cold to even bother going out.
I am supposed to have company for the weekend.
I am wondering if that is a good idea.

Taking a walk in this neighborhood, not needing a coat or boots or gloves .. is todays Daydream.

This is Barrio Parque in Buenos Aires.
Winding streets, lined with one mansion after another.
Beautiful homes with breathtaking gardens.  And those are just the gardens you can see ! Not the ones that are hidden in the back, behind high walls .. with pools and fountains and flowers.

Yes... I Wish I Were There ~

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  1. Isn't the grass always greener at the other side? I still remember your posts about how unbearably hot it could be in Buenos Aires ...
    Also this cold and snow shall pass. And you can count the days until you will have a cosy little house and maybe another kitty to spoil or a little doggie that doesn't need long walks when it's cold or rainy. You will survive winter!!!


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