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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Free Mali

Mali is 40 years old. That is how long she has lived in that concrete enclosure. 40 years . 

Boon Lotts Animal Sanctuary

The Animal Sanctuary will take her in and love her and tend to her and she can live out what is left of her life in what will be a Heavenly place for her, food, people, animals, freedom, love and care.

The Animal Sanctuary has even offered money for her to take her and let her live a good life .. but the Filipino Officials always say no.
Her legs and feet are  bad from walking and standing for years on that hard concrete. She might not live that long, from the lack of care and horrible life she has.

These people should be shamed .
They should be shamed and only when they let her go to the Sanctuary should they be spoken to or have any tourists or be a friend of the US or any country that would never condone something like this.

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  1. Horrible - even in good UK zoos/animal parks I still look at apes and elephants etc. and feel so much for them being held in a climate not ideal for them in an artificial enclosure that is too small etc. etc. But this... this is barbaric


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