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Monday, February 23, 2015

A New York State of Mind

A New York State Of Mind ... what does that even mean ??

Right now New York State is buried in snow, more is coming, none of it is melting and everyone is either escaping to the South (the Florida population count just doubled) and those of us hardy souls  ( lol) are left to tough it out.

Between Snow storms and   Ice storms, just to keep a touch of variety in it .. we dash out to the markets and stock up and get gas and books if we need them and do whatever has to be done before the next storm.

I got out the other day .. It is marked on my Calendar ... I GOT OUT !!!

The kitten could care less, when the sun is shining in that big living room window, she lies on  the sill ( sort of a window seat) and roasts ... she is in a sunshine coma for hours afterwards.
And boy does she feel good to pick up and snuggle ... a roasty toasty little kitten... all floppy and relaxed.
It is about the only time that she doesn't think of biting me or trying to climb on my head.
She loves me.

I went to the Supermarket. I saw all my "friends"   ... you know, the people you see once a week , the employees at the Supermarket .
They are very friendly, very helpful and remember me.
(No, I don't really refer to the people at the supermarket as my friends, for those who take me too literally  )

It helps to be remembered sometimes, you don't feel quite so isolated and unknown.
Someone once referred to me as Oh yes, you live in the house with the beautiful Gardens.
That one was nice.
But the one who said, Oh yes, I heard you lost your husband quite suddenly.. ... that one made me smile politely and run away.

To think that people would know me by one of the most tragic days in my life is mindboggling. Maybe I need a few more years to adjust .

The Little House that I want .. is in one of the wonderful Historic Towns of New York State.
Actually the History of Early America.

There are homes from that time, actually on the street where the Little House is located.
The town Library is a home from the 1700s .. the churches are all right out of a New England paintings by people like Church or Hopper or Wyeth ..

I will add myself to the list of people who will take photographs of everything ..

I can take a walk and read the plaques on the homes that used to be where traitors hid from the troops who were hunting them down.
The home of the third President of the United States, the parks that are his gardens, will be a good spot for a picnic and a book to read ..

I will get a puppy and walk the neighborhood and take photos .. always taking photos.

So here I will stay .. but the whole "Snowbird" thing will require some thought, it might not be such a bad thing .. we will see.


  1. Can I live in the second house please?
    I love the front porch and the colour of the first one, but that second one has my name written all over it.
    If I could find something like that here I would be a very happy bunny.

  2. Hetismij ..
    Go to
    put in Kinderhook NY
    Have fun :)
    that house is circa 1728

  3. What a gorgeous town Kinderhook seems to be, with a variety of architectural styles.

    Nice part of NY state, too.

  4. Yes, We hadn't planned on being this far North but we ended up with my husband falling in love with this house and here I am ... I like Kinderhook better for its "town" atmosphere and I can walk there more.
    Where I am now is a little too isolated .. I want to be in a village ! :)

  5. Your photos are lovely. I am having a taste of snowbirding. Try it!

  6. AnnaS If I didn't love you, I would hate you.
    If you come home with a suntan I won't speak to you :)

  7. Oh I love the little blue house! And blue is my favorite color. Blue is soothing to me. I do hope there is a garage around the back.

  8. Now look what you have done! I have fallen in love with the Children's Corner. It looks such a lovely area. I have added it to my ever increasing wish list of places to see in the USA.
    But not in winter.
    I hope your little house waits for you.
    Hetismij (again!)

  9. Hetismij, this area is breathtaking in Summer and Fall. Everywhere there are Apple Orchards and corn fields and they do wonderful Harvest festivals and Wine festivals. Summer time there is a county fair and weekends are farmers markets. It is really a beautiful place .. The farm up the road from my house is one of those where the owner just liked the animals .. so he raises them .. Highland Cattle, sheep, a goat and a horse. When the weather isn't so horrible, I go up there and chat with the horse ..he is a rescue, God bless him, covered in scars .. but calm and quiet.
    I want to groom him when warm weather comes.. they told me I can but I want someone there when I do it .. Now just to get this house sold ! My little bitty house is waiting for me.

  10. Kinderhook is a lovely town. It's nice that the people at the market recognize you. Even if they're not going to be your besties and even if there are seemingly tactless comments, it means you're part of the community now and in their thoughts.
    Bon courage, spring will come.

  11. Emm.. exactly .. you feel like you live there , you are a part of the town when the shopkeepers recognise you :) I had that in BA .. I miss it here. Although there is one market that I love in summer and they treat me like a long lost friend every time I go in .. it works, I shop there often :)

  12. You live in a lovely area. But being a snowbird sounds like a good idea. Best of both worlds.

  13. This is the first time I have read your blog and oh boy, am I impressed! You certainly write well, conveying your lives (past and present) in ways that are both poignant and hopeful.

    I wish only the best for you now and for the future.

  14. muskoka ! thank you so much, what a lovely thing to write.

  15. I am in NC and we are getting a little snow, so I know how you feel about rethinking the snowbird thing. I am from upstate NY so I really do know how you feel. The little town sounds lovely. Did you watch Sons of Liberty on the history channel? From the sound of your post, I think you might like it.

  16. Merle, I wouldn't mind being in NC right now .. my friend lives there , in the mountains and she sent me photos .. so nice .. here it will be on the ground until July 4th I think lol.
    I have not seen Sons of LIberty, I will look for it.
    Thank you .

  17. Kinderhook! I owned a house there for a number of years, and still have family there. Thank you for the lovely photos of some of my favorite spots.


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