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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Snowed in .. snowed out ... snow

I will not recognise the sun when I see it shining again.
I have no idea what the ground will look like when the snow is gone.
Is my little stone wall still there ? plows have hit it a few times.
I worry that the icicles will fall and impale a bird, there is a little porch and I put seed out for the birds.
But at the same time, I want to see just how long one of those things will get.

Every morning I see all the deer hoof prints coming from the fields behind the property, around the house , across the front yard, across the street, through the neighbors yard to the bog .. I have never seen this bog but everyone tells me there is one.
I will just take their word for it.

Minette spends a lot of time 1- on a chair in the dining room, staring at the birds. 2- sitting in the living room window, staring at the birds.
She can't figure out Snow. She wasn't impressed when I put a bit of it on her nose. heh heh heh.

She does love her little Igloo. She just went in there now to take her afternoon nap.

I miss my little family. They keep getting snowed out ..

So .. what do you think of Florida ?


Rosemary said...

Wonderful just now, but far too hot during the summer months

Mary said...

Blech. Snow is pretty to look at for awhile, but as you know, it can be very oppressive. I hope it stops soon and what there is melts quickly! Here's hoping!

Pam said...

I think a lot of people are reading Scarlett. I love your photos and am looking forward to spring to see what you may post.

I know YOU are looking forward to spring, yes it will come.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Rosemary, I always thought the weather in San Francisco was perfect as was the weather in LA and San Diego.
It was close to perfect in Buenos Aires too.
Here .. not so much. Summer and Fall are gorgeous but you can have the winter.
I am thinking of becoming a snow bird but not to Florida. Pondering ...

NotesFromAbroad said...

Merci, Pam ! I always thought San Francisco was perfect too. Buenos Aires is perfect although the winter gets a bit boring with the drizzle and damp and chill. But I will take that over the 10 feet of snow we have here..
They say nothing is perfect.
I say, why not ??

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