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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Another First

This is another First for me ... not one I am actually responsible for ... but it is definitely the first time I ever looked at the temperature for my town and read that it was - 9 degrees.
9 degrees BELOW zero ... 9 Below !!!!

The kitten is irritating the hello out of me too.
She found a tiny piece of dried flower from a bag of potpourrie and she hunts it , kills it, loses it and searches, rooting through everything, making a mess, irritating a person who woke up at 6 am .. on a 9 degrees below zero day.

I keep thinking things will be different/ better in the other little house I want to buy.
But it will still be 9 degrees below zero there too.

Should I consider moving South ?

Should I consider getting a dog ?

Should I go back to bed now ?

It is only 9º below zero ... whimper

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  1. Don't feel badly. This is what my door was like and the snow fell in,

  2. I found your blog via My French Country Home. Your comment was humorous. Where do you live now, surely all that snow is not in Buenos Ares. I'm in central Indiana and I have had my fill of winter too. I have stopped judging the snow birds and now I am eager to join them!! If you're interested I have a blog too. Feel free to check it out while you sit and dream of spring.

  3. I think I would move but I have lived in So Cal almost all of my life. Since people can't get out and about that easily I would think it might feel a bit isolating.

    Love your blog. You are a great story teller. Hope it warms up for you soon and that your house sells and whatever move you make is one that makes you happy!

  4. Stay in bed and put the electric blanket on♡ I just cannot imagine 9º below zero

  5. Rosemary, I didn't go back to bed but I am campd on the sofa with blankets, laptop and kitten. it is ridiculous .. the birds will freeze mid-flight !

  6. Cold here even in Florida today. Brrrr. Stay safe and warm. I just can't imagine. My friend has chickens and she is making them warm oatmeal for dinner.

  7. I love this photo!! Wherever did you find it? This morning, it was -23.5°F when I woke up. That doesn't factor in the windchill! I can't ever, ever, ever remember it being that cold at any point in my life, anywhere I ever lived. Is spring coming? If you hear or see it, would you let me know?

  8. Kathleen, Spring will never let me know, one day I will wake up and it will just be here ... then I will write and tell you .. I promise.
    I don't remember where I found the bunny sweater but it is so dear I had to use it. Maybe on
    I have a photo blog too :)

  9. debbiespence, I live in NY State , "Upstate" ..

    Anony, I lived in San Francisco and in LA before moving to NY. I still remember how perfect the weather was. Thanks :)

    Rosemary, that isn't a bad idea. I will run it by the Kitten and see if she likes that idea. Lately she has been complaining about me hogging the blankets. sheesh.

    flpab.. my daughter lives in Fl .. she told me it was cold. I laughed.


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