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Saturday, February 21, 2015

When the Going gets Tough, the Tough Take a Nap.

There has been some doubt expressed around here, that it will ever not be winter, that it will always look like that when we look out the window .. Minette and I.
Although she has her own little window obsession going now and I doubt she even cares if it is snowing .... She has BIRDS to look at.
She found out early on that the glass will not let her out, let her pass through or allow her to grab just one bird ...
Those little thumps on the glass that I could hear all the way in here, have stopped.
Well, mostly stopped.
The birds sort of ignore her ... they seem to catch on faster than she does.

I bought bird seed.
I got tired of toasting bread, sharing my cookies and looking for something that would appeal to a Sparrow.

Never mind the Blue Jays who come swooping in like Jumbo Jets next to the little Sparrows .
Today was a new member to the team .. at first I was not sure what I was seeing, just a bit of red in the shrubs .. a Cardinal !  ( the State Bird of North Carolina ... how do I know that ? Guess)

So now I am listening to music that is making me sad, Minette is napping and it is snowing again.

My new pastime is going through Decor magazines and online sites and making note of what I will do in a new home, a new bedroom, a new garden ... and boy do I have plans for the new kitchen .. wherever it might be.

But thanks to the weather, I (and every other house hunter)  ... am sitting at home, contemplating baking Chocolate Chip Cookies and wondering if a Nap is really a good idea.
I would ask Minette, but she is taking a nap.


  1. -stay safe and warm. Have you tried "the way of cats blog" or something similar for the baby kitty? I don't know how you deal with the cold. my mom is finally considering moving to south fl--thats where I am--she has had enough of being cold and alone. I wish yall the best! my first time commenting-love your blog.
    I've been reading it for years.

  2. House and garden magazines are my one weakness. You would not think it to look at our home, but I can dream. used to love a website with international house photos but it's gone now. Can we look forward to photos of the new little house, before and hopefully after?

  3. Thank you anony ! We lived in Florida for a year and that was enough for me. I also had skin cancer from all my years as a beach girl so Florida won't work.
    I totally understand how your mom felt. I am glad she will try the move .. I know so many people love it there.
    Carolyn, It is ridiculous.. I mean .. really. I have a gazillion online magazines plus I still get a few House & Garden and such magazines. You would think my house would be a showcase lol .. yes .. I will show off the new little house or whatever house I end up in .
    That little house is just so perfect for the kitten and I. I will bore everyone to death with photos, never fear :)


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