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Thursday, February 12, 2015

This is my world

Someone knows how to avoid being bored. If not playing with toys and the pulls on the shades,  she attacks me, runs away, then falls over and plays dead when I come after her. She knows it will make me laugh and then she just ends up getting lots of kisses. 

 There is a street there   .. those trees have much longer trunks .. there is so much snow, I cannot imagine how long it would take to melt if we had a heat wave tomorrow ! I am beginning to think this is my New World. Snow .. how people in Norway etc live with it , I cannot imagine. Do they drink a lot ? Is that the answer ? Should I start drinking ? But ... I would rather eat chocolate.
Pretty atmospheric, no ? Snowing. This is my world.


  1. Hang in there. Only 36 days until Spring.

  2. When you count the days , sometimes it sounds like longer but 36 days doesn't sound so bad at all, does it ? thank you :)

  3. My son and his family lived in Norway for 5 years. The Norwegians successfully embrace the snow - they have very warm houses and clothes, the roads are swiftly cleared - their cars have special winter tyres, they ski, and they always have lots of candles burning all day long, which reflect and dance around the wooden interiors of their homes.
    February is always a disappointing month for many of us. We imagine that Spring is around the corner, and it isn't, but the good news is that the days are getting lighter and the sun higher in the sky.

  4. Today we worked a bit in the garden and I picked my first two daffodils - I put them into a tall vase with rosemary stems just breaking into bloom also. I was so excited I just had to whip up a new header with a Spring theme. Tonight it's freezing, blowing an Arctic gale and we may get snow! Wow, what crazy weather.

    Norway, no way, I couldn't live like that for such a long Winter - but it's so lovely in Summer.

    Hang in there - I think you should have a nice glass of red wine, rich ruby port, or a good dash of brandy in hot milk, along with the chocolate, to stay warm.

    Hugs - Mary


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