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Monday, February 9, 2015

Just Us Girls (the Snowbound Diaries)

Minette and I are snowed in again.
It has been snowing all night and coming down pretty hard right now.
The Blue Jays and Sparrows are vying for their spot on the one little area on the dining room porch that has no snow on it.
I go out there and sweep off the snow and throw out toast crumbs, popcorn and whatever I can find that might appeal to birds. I ran out of seed and can't get out to the store.
So they can have some exotic new tastes while we wait for the snow to end.
( I hope it ends before August)...

The house is as clean as it can be. I will dust and then I think Minette and I will curl up in a nest of blankets on the living room sofa and read. I have an excellent book that I want to finish and I am considering baking something.

I made Chocolate Chip Cookies yesterday .. thank goodness, I have no appetite, baking is just a cozy way of passing the time...otherwise, when the snow plows leave and the roads are clear and I can get out of my driveway, I will not be too big to get into the car .. full of cookies and chocolate.
(chocolate supplies are running low .. oh my)

Minette will need therapy by Spring .. she watches the birds from morning until night.
I have a small porch off the dining room, with that wall of glass, she has a complete unobstructed view of birds hopping around ... right there but out of reach. She is small, she cannot cope with such frustration. I closed the drapes and walked through the room and saw that little tail, sticking out from under the drapes, twitching .. swishing back and forth .. poor baby cat.

While snowed in I daydream about the Little House.
My house is For Sale ... I have found a house to buy.
No one is looking in this weather so I sit and try to practice being patient.
I have never been a patient person. I don't think it is going to happen now ..

So I go online and look at decorating blogs.
Magazines online ..
Travel magazines are good, you can look at the way they do things in France or Belgium or Argentina and get ideas for your home .. colors..

I like white / cream colored walls. You don't get tired of the color , it goes with everything and it keeps things Light.
I have plenty of color in fabrics , rugs and things for the walls, my drapes are natural colored linen.

For the first time I can be as foofy and feminine as I want to be.
I am leaning towards the English/French Country Cottage look.
from An Urban Cottage

Any suggestions ?
Tell me what your favorite design is .. your favorite magazine ? your favorite "look".
The little house I want has 2 rooms under the eaves ... the imagination runs wild
crush cul de sac

I will have a bedroom that will belong only to me .. no sharing .. more feminine   decor I think

Upstairs, under the eaves, a room to read and nap and daydream
 An all white bedroom is so soothing ..
Upstairs, under the eaves ...


Anonymous said...

/the absolutely best thing in the world to do when it's horrible winter, your house is for sale and no one is looking, is to overdose on Shelter Mags. I went through it last winter here in Ontario, in the country when the phone didn't ring and I thought my real estate agent had gone to South Africa for the duration. So get Architectural Digest, Veranda, Traditional Home, I think there's a really neat New England Home. If you haven't already discovered it, the website Houzz has all the real estate "porn" you might need! It's a great way to wile away the hours. Have fun and regards to you little partner Minette. It's been a joy to read about her, too.

NotesFromAbroad said...

LOL, overdosing in a big way here ! :)
Oh you went through it too ! and lived !! yay !
I don't get that many magazines in the mail anymore because I have baskets of them .. I started looking at them online, saves space !
Houzz drives me crazy .. I have to slap myself and say Snap Out Of It !!
I am glad you like hearing about Minette. It is like having a baby that you brag about, I worry I bore people to death going on about her. But I do anyway :)
Thanks again .. C

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