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Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Flowers

I need some flowers in my house. With views from every window of nothing but white snow, deep white snow, some color would be good.
Although a geranium started to bloom in a pot in the window .. that was cheerful.

The weekend will involve early morning house hunters .. family visit ... time spent with the little man who has not been here for a month ! I know there are changes, walking, talking ... the possibilities are endless !

Let's hope the house sells.
I am so ready to get on with the next chapter.

Minette is sleeping behind me on this desk chair  ..
I have to get off the computer and go sit somewhere else, I want her to sleep .
Yes, it is her house, her desk, her chair, I just serve the meals.

Have a Good Weekend !


  1. fingers crossed for the sale of the house.

  2. Are you at the point where all the white just hurts your eyes? I am!

    I hope all goes well with the house...the buyer is out there somewhere!

  3. Candace I just came over to visit from Tish's. Best of wishes with the sale of your home! The flowers brightened my day with more snow coming down!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. I just discovered your blog as I am sitting on a porch at a small hotel in Pichlemu, Chile. Having lived in Buenos Aires (twice) and being on my third stint in Santiago, Chile, I understand the nostalgia of living in Latin America, missing parts of life in the US and then missing Latin America when you are back in the US. Our lives are spread across the countries where we have lived and the people we have connected with. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate the effort you make in posting in spite of the press of winter snow and non-ringing telephones. I've bookmarked this page and look forward to checking in regularly. Best, Laurie

  5. Hope your house hunter liked your house! I know you and Minette are eager to move into a little cottage in town.

  6. Georgia, even the kitten is squinting from all that white .. everywhere you look ... aaaggghhhh.

    Thank you Karena , yes, I wish there were real flowers in my house but at least we have photos, right ?
    I daydream about gardening , in warm sunshine .. then I look out the window and get snowblind.

    L Fitz. Thank you and thank you for coming by all the way from Chile ! :)
    where you are warm .. I am not sure if I love you or hate you. Tell me more about Chile.
    At least here I speak the language fluently. sorta.

    Orangetravelcat ... they asked for photos of the pool in summer. I have none. lol .. they will just have to trust me. I sent photos of the pool before the snow .. we can prove there is a pool.
    Please .. let this be the One .. I want to move into my little old lady house. With Minette .

  7. I just happened upon your blog. We have some things in common, both good things and bad things. I have never lived in south America, although I have lived in North Africa. I too have a cat, Miss Twiggley that I adore, and a few years ago, I too lost my husband very suddenly. I also starting blogging after, and I often think what he would think of my blog.

    I wish you the best in selling your house, things will probably pick up at springtime when people are more out and about.

    Miss Twiggley sends a hello to Minette.

    Take care.

  8. Thank you for your good wishes, Minette sends love to Miss Twiggley .. you have to tell me how you chose that name :)
    besitos. C

  9. Chile is indeed warm right now although we are heading into fall and the promise of colder weather (read as "more interesting fashion options") awaits. Since you have lived in BsAs, I would also say that the two countries are dramatically different, culturally and socially, but both great places to live provided you have interesting, stable work.

    I spent that afternoon watching stray dogs on the beach chase seagulls. I am sure your cat would have been entertained.


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