It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new.
But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.

Monday, January 29, 2018

We Will See

You know that saying ... "With friends like these, who needs enemies ?"

I was thinking about that yesterday when I was cleaning out the computer ... spam and its like .. like old emails from people who were once on a friendly basis .. who called themselves my friends .. until they weren't.

One had a nice life, husband , house proud as all get out and 2 kids. One good and one a troublesome type.
Over the years I heard the stories of how one made something of her life, left home and went as far as she could from the parents and brother ..
I have not looked in a long time but I am sure she made something of herself ..
The boy .. a problem .. spoiled .. troubles with drugs and the law and parents who spoiled him then couldn't understand why he was such a problem.

Of course, one day I suggested something in response to yet another sad email .. the something I suggested was Common Sense, not personal or insensitive .. it was sent with affection and hope to make her feel better.
Her response was bitter, hateful and obviously, she was not the friend I thought she was ...
That was the end of her.

Then there were the two people who were all over me for years, how exciting to live in Argentina ! People want to know you !
Then we came back from Buenos Aires, my husband died suddenly, "friends" were all over me/emails daily with advice ( much of it very much appreciated ) and much of it just a pat on the back or a virtual hand to hold .. considering I lived all alone in a country setting with only a couple of neighbors to know if I was still alive ! Emails and online pals were a good thing.

But like all people ( I guess, although I have friends still from high school) these "friends" would still write but not as often, which was fine .. but then they just stopped.
I would send a note, checking to see if all was well.
Sometimes an answer, then silence.

Imagine when the one who had spent years crying about her drug addict child .. said she didn't want to hear from me anymore .. I was  too sad.

Imagine the surprise when the 2 people who had been there for me all the time, sent me real gifts in the real mail and suddenly .. the she of the two .. sent a really cold email that "they" didn't want to email with me anymore .. apparently .. I was too sad for them, I don't really know, they never even gave me the courtesy of having been friends for years, at least telling me why they were *together* in telling me they no longer wanted to email.

And then there is the girl from New York.
A smart, kind, funny girl .. who just came to my house one day and asked me if she could walk with me when I take my afternoon walk. ( I made a point of taking a long walk up the hill to the farm and petting the horse and talking to the sheep ...I was so very alone ) and now out of nowhere, this young woman asks if she can take a walk with me.
And that is how it started ... we became friends .. She married the son of the man who owns the farm.
She now has babies ..beautiful blue eyed boys ..

 I thanked her in the past for this and that .. acknowledged how much her kindness meant to me.
But I need to say it again, whether she reads this or not, let someone else know and hopefully remember how much your small acts of kindness mean.

I will tell you this also ... when I asked about the silence from the two people who I thought were friends, I was told in a snarky, b*tchy way that they just didn't want to hear from me.
No real reason, no real excuse ... just ending years of emails and laughter with a stab in the heart.

I am living in a private community, it is hard to make friends with people here because they go from home to car in garage and out ..the gates close behind us .. no one walks ..
so while I am safe and protected , I am isolated and alone.
My daughter has been a dream daughter, I wish everyone with a daughter that you have one like mine.

So of course, thoughts of returning to where I was happy, where I have friends and family are in my mind all the time now.
We will see what happens .. where Time and Fate lead me ...

Monday morning

It is grey and gloomy out and I really would have liked to sleep later ... but there is the matter of ... cats.
They wake up and expect breakfast ... yeah, well, I wake up and expect coffee but I have to get it myself.

Now everyone has been fed and morning naps are in progress, except for Honey who is having a very thorough bath, on her perch beside my chair.
And old toy box with a little rug on top , under the window, perfect for napping kitties ..or bathing kitties as the case may be.

Being so gloomy out and nothing I have to do, there will be closets ransacked and maybe something complicated baked or cooked .. we will see.
It would have been nice to sleep a bit later .. maybe a nap will happen this afternoon.

The Little Lost Cat is out there , first thing this morning .. crying crying ..I fed it the kibble my cats left after they had their breakfast .. this is a good way to Not throw out good food and to help a starving young cat.
It is cold and raining out , I am not going to think about that little cat , wet cold and at least not hungry right now.

I am going to attack the closets .. throw out things I have not worn in a year .
Make bags of clothes to donate.

I might bake something sweet .. we will see how much energy I have .. but a day like today, requires the smell of baking in the house ..

Happy Monday to All ... what are you doing ? Are you glad it is Monday or were you having way too much fun this weekend to wake up to a Monday ?
Tell us about it ....

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Saturday Night

So my Saturday night will not be spent entirely on this blog that has changed, partly due to me doing a few updates and partly to Blogger being a PITA.

I don't know what else to do but hope that it will settle down or I will with no clue, fix things while I keep clicking on this and deleting that .

This is the last thing I feel like doing .. in the same world as having to give my own car an oil change or something .. I am good at somethings and other things I just don't want to know about .. know what I mean ?

So today I ran through a store to find one thing, they didn't have it , but they had a bunch of things I might have to go back there for .. like as soon as possible.

Other than that , I have no plans cooking at the moment but there are quite a few ideas ...

Have a Fabulous weekend and enjoy your friends, family or just being home with some music , peace and quiet.

Until Monday  ....

Cheer Up

You have to go and read this blog ... he never fails to make me laugh. some days a good laugh is just priceless.
Here is a  taste ....

" Staying married "in sickness and in health" sounds good in theory but my wife just threw up so now obviously the kids and I have to move out, start over and try to put back together the pieces of our shattered lives ... "

 The blog - Reasons  My Son Is Crying 

My Blog

What started out as me "cleaning" up the blog and getting rid of old things on lists that are no longer of interest etc ... I did something wrong.
I clicked yes instead of no or the equivalent of ....

And so after spending hours yesterday on this .. this new aspect of my blog seems to be all I can manage.

My fear was that I would lose all the history, blogs and comments and photos but hopefully everything remains.

I put my lists back on and overnight they left but I think everything is back on again.

It breaks my heart because I put so much into this blog and Blogger seemed to be easy to use .. but there is a No Going Back aspect to it and I think I sort of went past that point.

So you will notice, I think, slight differences .. but I am pretty sure comments will still go through and be published. If anything doesn't work for you, please email me and let me know .. I will fumble around some more and see if I can get things closer to Back To Normal as possible..

Things like my lists is driving me crazy .. I have kept those lists for the entire time I have blogged ..
and they make things so easy, If I want to read Going Gently in the morning, one click and I am there.
Now I have to find Going Gently !!

So that is the news today ... not great but not too terrible ... so far.

Enjoy your weekend ... ours is cloudy and cool .. which for a Florida day in January, is not bad at all.

Friday, January 26, 2018


In Colonia , Uruguay
We never , in all our years living in Buenos Aires, got on a ferry and visited Colonia.
It is a World Heritage site, so the whole town is basically , a museum. Founded by the Portuguese  in 1680, it is a wonderful day trip from Buenos Aires on a ferry across the river .. and if you are a photographer .. you will be very happy.

Why ?

Why can't I comment on blogs   ?
What did I do now ?
I do one tiny thing and the whole blog rebels ...
well, it isn't just the blog that is rebelling .. I quit.

for now....

I have been sitting here for over an hour trying to get the stupid thing back to normal.

It is too early to be this aggravated.

Have a good weekend .. tell me what you did or where you did it or whatever.

I will be here. Plotting and planning ... I wish packing was the next step .. we will see.

besitos y gracias y chau !!


No Comment

Having read the comments left here and having spent at least an hour already on this thing .. I am still unable to get my comments on the blog and working ...

I have no idea why everything has gotten so difficult unless I fell and hit my head and have no memory of it ... or anything else ... at least to do with Blogging.

So please be patient and leave a comment ! That way at least I will know if the work I am doing is even working.

Happy Friday !

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Just a Note

Well, here I am, sitting here covered in cat hair , trying to get the blog back in action.
I changed one tiny issue yesterday and that led  to a major overhaul of the entire blog.. especially the Look of it.
I am sick of it and will happily walk away from this computer that is a pain in my a$$ and go find something fun to do .. which might be just read a book out on the lanai and listen to the crows go crazy out there .
There must be a hawk in the area, that gets them fussy every time.
I spent a long time yesterday with the Bank Lady , walking out as I always do , relieved and happy.
I then should have known better than to decide to tweak the look of the blog.

Now it will just have to do ..

Wishing everyone a good day, your weekend is almost here ... what will you do ? where will you go ?

besitos, C

I am aware of the comment issue and have been working on fixing that ... thank you !

Memories - Sebastian the cat

One day my husband was reading the Sunday Times and he put the paper down and said, 'How would you like to have an Abyssinian kitten  ?'
I had to look them up .. I thought I knew what they looked like but had never seen one in person.
They are gorgeous. They are slinky, long and elegant and gorgeous ..

  I was not that excited about going to see the kitten, I had no hope of it happening .. so I stayed home and he went to see the kitten.

I was busy doing something when he came home, something around the house .. and I heard him walk  down the hall ..... then I heard this sound ... a small bell sound .. he was carrying a little toy with a bell in it ... and behind him came this tiny Ruddy Abyssinian  kitten ... big ears, big eyes, and gorgeous.

We named him Sebastian.
He lived for a long time ... not long enough, they never live long enough .. but he was about 12-13 when he died .. I still miss him sometimes ..

Funny .. the older you get, you go back through memories of other times, happy times, exciting times, love and loss and it is all mixed up in a blend of smiles and tears and wishing you were there again, or that they were here again or that you could do it all over again ..

Minette would have been crazy in love with Sebastian :)

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Everytime I look at this, I think of my Mother in Law who was born in Russia .. a very long time ago.
She had a painting that I am reminded of , much like this.
She was living in the times when there were Cossacks and  a new war every month .. raping and pillaging. She was the only daughter with 2 brothers . Her mother died when they were children, when they were old enough, their father put them on a ship - out of Russia.
One brother went to Israel.
One brother to Argentina and she was sent to cousins in the US .. NYC .
She never talked about any of it and at the time I wondered why ... but then one day I realized, as good as life turned out to be for her, the amount of loss and heartache she lived through was mind boggling.
She never saw her family again ... one brother she visited , one came to the US to see her .. we met his children when we were living in Argentina.
All these countries , through all those crazy times, this little group of people met and got to see each other in the flesh, not just a photo .. to hear each other speak, to laugh at someone's attempts at speaking English , or Yiddish .. or Spanish !
It's funny how much you can say, without being able to speak that language or understand ...
I wish I had taken photos .. I felt they would be intrusive .. they would have been .. but to see these 3 siblings, old and wrinkled and reunited after over 50 years ... I weep at the memory.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

So far so good

YAY !   So far so good .. everything looks normal and is working .. I might still be a Blogger !

It is a dark grey gloomy and chilly day in Florida ... don't visit .. it will be such a disappointment for you.
This is when I wish I had an apt in Buenos Aires that I can go to in winter .. or just go to and live :)

For now, though .. I am in Florida and making plans .
I am talking to the cats ... I have to talk to them or I will corner some poor person in the supermarket and jabber at them ..

I no doubt have caught up on all replies to every email that I have ever gotten, even the Department of Motor Vehicles .

It is grey and chilly and a good day to be in the house, I need to get some things at the store but I might suffer and just stay in.
I have less and less energy and interest in leaving the house .. on a grey and chilly damp day.

I have nothing to blog about.

more later ...


Sunday, January 21, 2018

This is a Quickie

 I have spent hours, I lost track of how many, over a  couple of days and nights, trying to get my blog back to the way it was ... thanks to Blogger making changes ..

Everything is finally almost completely back to normal.

I hope I don't wake up tomorrow to a new glitch but so far , it seems normal again.

I need normal again.

I hope your weekend was good, that your team won, that the weather is good and that you have a great week ahead.

Just So You Know

Blogger or Chrome or Satan, lol , did something to my computer and I can now only blog and use Safari for some things and Chrome for others ..
I am writing this on Chrome ... I wasn't able to comment on Going Gently, I had to switch over to Safari.

If anyone has any ideas, do let me know.
The only one I have had so far, after the perfectly sensible idea of looking at everything and making sure it was the same as before ...  is   the idea   to chuck the thing out the window now.

So that's the story- I am trying to go on as usual when nothing is working as usual.



Thursday, January 18, 2018

That Cat

It is going to be down to freezing tonight. I know some people don't understand that animals do feel the cold .. they can be miserable and in pain from being outside in the night with no shelter ... especially small animals who are used to living inside a home or shelter of some sort.

I would love to meet the moron who lets the cat out and or doesn't keep it inside , we are not out in the country .. there are foxes and wolves in the woods behind my house and there are cars everywhere, and they don't as a habit, drive slowly or carefully on the lookout for a cat ..
The other day there was a body of a poor cat that had sheltered under a car in the public parking lot .. apparently the driver got into the car, started it and backed it up .. over the poor cat trying to be warm and safe under a car.

I have a large forest behind my house. The kind that has foxes and some say wolves. I can't help but think that those wolves might be dogs that have been lost/neglected and live in the woods in a pack, trying to find food and warmth .. this sort of thing makes me hate humans.

So tonight, for the second time, a beautiful, fairly large, grey tiger  cat has come to the door crying.
to be let in .. to be fed ... to be warm..
So tonight, for the second time, I brought in a starving sweet, huge cat and fed it and tucked it into blankets in the big dog crate and it is sleeping .. on a full belly , warm and safe .
Oh and when I heard/saw the cat at the door, trying to get it to open, I walked over to the door , the cat stopped and looked at me. I spoke to it and it purred. Yes... it purred .

Tomorrow I will give it breakfast and let it out to find its way (safely I hope) home ..wherever that is .. I considered putting a ribbon around the cats neck with a note ... a good snarky note telling them how I fed their cat and gave it shelter and now they had better take better care. . because if the cat shows up at my house hungry .. I am not letting it go after I feed it . I will keep it.
(not really but it is the only threat I could think of lol)

So much for my quiet night with my tv shows... anyone watch the Acorn channel online ?
I am watching this series, Australian .. A Place To Call Home .. it's good ,  imo.

So that is the story today.
It is cold , I am wearing NY Winter pjs and fuzzy slippers. Just like home :)

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Or Is It Just Me ?

I am having all sorts of problems posting and reading and publishing posts on my blog.
I can't quite figure out what is wrong but it seems to be part of the Blogger revamp ..

Has anyone else ( blogging here ) had any problems ?

Thank you ! C

The Cat Chronicles

Cat Chronicles ... Part One

Honey takes a Nap.
Never mind the  nap is taken at the top of the stairs where it is almost impossible to step over her and not fall down a flight of stairs ..
It is possible she has ulterior motives .. a master plan..

Monday, January 15, 2018

Blogger Problems

So all the time I have had these blogs, it has been ridiculously easy to manage them .. write and publish, post photos, read comments, easy peasy.

Suddenly, thanks to whatever ... I lost the blog . I found the blog. It had no content. I managed to find bits and pieces and sat here way too long and obsessed over how to make it all The Way It Was.

After hours of obsessing over it and hoping I did not ruin everything else on my computer, I got my Blogger back.
Then there were the hours of getting some things back where they belonged and or removing things that were lost but left a big blank spot ..don't ask.

By the end of the day, yesterday, I had my blogs although my favorites list is a whole other ordeal.

This morning I read the Times then clicked on my Blog and it was gone again.

So I am here right now. With limitations ... I still can't do the easy things I was able to do , just days ago !

So let's hope Blogger gets its act together and I can have my Blog back the way it was.
I need stability in my life lol ....same ole blog, same ole blogger, happy cats ... you know what I mean?

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Something Nobody Knows About Me

When I was around 20 years of age, I lived in Hollywood California.
I lived in a wonderful 1930s stucco house in the Hollywood Hills, and worked for a movie director.
It was a wonderful time ... still a lot of Peace & Love going on, pot being smoked, girls wearing flowers in their hair  ...

One day at work, my boss asked me if I could take his car and go out to the airport to pick up someone who was coming to see him.
The person would be expecting me, just pick him up, bring him back to the office/which was located in part of the directors house ..

So , I , the innocent twit from North Carolina, hopped into the turquoise blue  Cadillac convertible and drove out to LAX and waited for Mr Barger to come out ... he did, he was very clean, neat and polite and appreciated the ride.

While we were driving back to the house/office, I asked why wasn't he driving and he said he could not drive in the state of California for a while .. hmmm ... I thought better of asking why.
He was as polite and nice as he could be.

When we got back to the house, my boss was happy to see him, everyone thanked me and they went to talk business and I got ready to go home.
My best friend, that I worked with, came back from errands she had been running and asked who was in the house.. I said some man called Sonny Barger and then I told her I picked him up at the airport.
She almost choked .. laughing but amazed at the same time.
How was I to know he was the head of the California Hells Angels ??
And they made a movie about the Hells Angels can see it on video probably .. I bet it is awful .

He is old , scarred and has throat cancer but I will remember that long haired man who was so very different from everything I would have ever expected and I laugh to think how innocent I was back then.

The Weekend pt 1

There was a bump in the night, a goblin got inside, the computer woke up this morning confused and not knowing what to do.
I have spent hours getting it semi normal.

The weather is chilly and sunny and beautiful.
I will have company later, a little bitty puppy and her mama.
The cats will be disturbed but they all have their hiding places ..

It will be nice to talk to a human ... I hope I don't start stroking her head and scratching her chin.

I feel like eating junk food.

Have a fabulous weekend !

Friday, January 12, 2018


Christmas was exhausting ... for the cats. All those fun things to play with, chase and catch and kill.
Next year hopefully there will be a new location for the celebrations ..

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Cat Talk

It is wet and rainy and chilly out now, which makes me worry for the homeless cats and hope they are staying home or wherever they have shelter.
I do not need a couple of cats to worry about, I do just fine with the 3 I have.

Merlin has a new thing ... he speaks.

He does this thing, this mix of chirping and cat talk .. I don't even know how to describe it , but it is adorable ... and always ends with a question sound ..
 It means .. "Food" ? or "Water" ? or "Hold me " or "Hungry "? or "Give me a scratch" ? ... it can mean "'what's that noise" ? or "Who is that " or my favorite " Pick me up Mama "?

He is very vocal and reminds me of my grandmothers Siamese cat .. she bred Siamese cats.
The Queen of them all was Suzie .. or Su  Ling .. she was gorgeous, possessive and hated me.
So if my grandmother was talking to me, the cat would put her paw on my grandmothers mouth, to shut her up.
It worked ... every time. That cat controlled her human !

I noticed Merlin speaking when it was bedtime and I was turning down the blankets ..he stood on the other side of the bed ,on the floor and made a clear cat sound but ended it on a higher note, a Question.
I picked him up and put him on the bed and all was well.

Every night, Merlin goes around the bed and makes his chirrup sound and I put him on the bed.
He has me very well trained.

Now the little outdoor cat ..
She shows up in the evening, she meows sadly and rubs her little head and face against the screen.
I take the cats bowls with food left uneaten and put it all in a plastic container and put it out with fresh water and the little homeless cat has dinner.
Now for all I know, it sleeps in a nice bed in a nice house a couple of doors down, but I won't risk that not being so and that little one really is homeless.
The other day she was full and happy after dinner and watching from inside the house, I saw her chasing a leaf .. a playful full and happy kitten/cat.
No amount of anyone telling me this is not a good idea, will make any difference to me at all.

I was thinking tonight, last time I saw my daughters puppy, it was so small ... all of my cats plus the outdoor ones, are larger than that puppy.
So if I ever got a puppy of that breed, it would probably end up thinking it was a cat .

Aside from cat talk , nothing is going on here for now - it is rainy and cool and I am taking my time in making decisions and being sure I can manage whatever I decide to do .. in all ways.
I just know one thing ...I am alone day in and day out and if I fell and broke my back, I would still be laying there because days go by before that phone rings ..

Now that you know this, be sure to call me once in a while and be sure I am not lying at the bottom of the stairs, phone in my pocket , cats sitting around me staring at me, willing me to get up and feed them ...
You don't want that on your conscience ...
The cat is in the dog crate with blankets in my garage where it is quiet, warmish and no other pets or people. Tomorrow I will see that it eats a good breakfast and then I will send it out must have a family, a home, but as it was getting dark tonight, it was outside crying. So at least tonight it is warm and fed ...

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Sign Here

                                         Some members of my family, at a meeting ...

                      Signing papers ... something about a Mayflower and Colonies etc ....

credit :
my daughter who is the best detective/genealogist in the world !!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Computer High Jinx

I cannot leave comments ... anywhere , although I just did a test and I did leave a comment on my own blog. But otherwise, I think if I use Safari I will be ok but in the meantime, I use Chrome and it is all very annoying. From one day to the next !!

Thus I spend way more time that I want to on the computer with a very bored sweet cat lying on the floor staring at me ... sighing now and then ... maaaa maaa come play, maaaamaaa dinner pleeeease.

So I had all kinds of computer difficulties today and spent a while with a super nice , sweet man who had to give me my new code etc for xfinity ..

I wrote down passwords, and numbers and hope never to have to think of it all again.

So Annoying.

Now I am off the computer for a while because I am sick of sitting here so long for no good reason.

Have a good day, tell me if it snowed ? or are you in a sunny spot ? tell me about it.

Monday ......January ..... Florida

Monday in January in Florida ..... it is gloomy and cool and cloudy and I had to wear a sweater and I LOVE IT !!

The cats are not so happy .. there is no sun to bake in while they nap on the lanai.
Merlin's old bones are missing the warm sun.
Honey is lying here by my chair, she doesn't have an opinion on the weather, she just wants to make sure I am here ...

I am making soup. What else do you do on a day like this ??
Chicken noodle with spinach. It looks good.

I have nothing else to say.
So tell me what your Monday is like ... Where, What are you doing ? How is the weather ? Are you enjoying the day or rather be in bed ? 
What are your plans for the week ahead ... do tell.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Poor Pussy Cat

There is an unhappy but warmer than it was, cat , in a nest of blankets in a dog crate, covered with a blanket to keep out the chill my garage, by the kitchen door ( warm)...
It is the same beautiful grey tiger cat that is outside every night .. a beauty ... large and vocal .. and freezing with apparently no one to care.

I cannot sleep/ rest if I left it out in the cold dark night crying at the door .. so it will sleep in my garage by the kitchen door, warm and quiet and tomorrow I will release it ..

I hope the owners are worried and concerned and after that cat returns home tomorrow, maybe they will take better care of it.
It / they are just lucky it came to my door.

My cats are not impressed.

I am not thrilled, I am trying to find a peaceful life with  no stress and worries and so a young pretty cat shivers outside my door crying for food, warmth, something.

I will try to get a photo tomorrow ..

Friday, January 5, 2018

There Should Be A Law ..

OK, now I have shopped in some mighty fine jewelry stores and I have shopped with my children and babies before .. but I can truthfully say, my infants never crawled out of the store and out to the car on their own.


The cats and I are homesick and missing family and friends so we are considering taking a drive.

Thursday, January 4, 2018


I have nothing to say ... neither does Honey. But she is keeping an eye on me.
It is cold in Florida. We are warm and toasty in our home...which is where we will stay until the weather warms up. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Rain, Snow and sleet.
In  the 30's ...
I am in Florida !!!!

I am surrounded by napping cats ... smart babies.

I am on the lookout for the little homeless cat that I let out last night while it was frantic to be let out ..  I will let it back in and feed it and give it a warm bed again .. even if it thinks it is trapped, better to be comfortable, fed ,warm and trapped,  than out in those freezing cold wet woods.

Little cats like that ... make me hate humans. You know what I mean.

So I will tell you a story on a rainy wet day ..

We had just moved in to our new home in Buenos Aires and they had a sudden big storm.
Argentine storms are not like NY storms .. or even Florida storms.
There is much thunder, lightening that is fabulous to see and torrential rains where the streets look like rushing rivers and everyone huddles in a doorway or says To Hell With It and tries to jump the raging torrent of a curb and lands up to their ankles in rushing water ... slopping along down the sidewalk with an umbrella that has blown inside out ... water pouring out of drains and off of the awnings over your head.
We got home from that walk, soaked, chilled and with a dog that needed an hour long  blowout with towels and hair dryer.

The lesson we learned ....... Stay Inside until it stops raining if at all possible.
Those sorts of rains are usually not long lived and there is no shortage of lovely cafes and little places to have tea/coffee/sandwich/medialunas and chat ...
There is no one to hurry you along, chat for hours if you wish, just keep ordering that food and/or drink.

Nice memories on a wet, windy and cold Winter Day in Jacksonville Florida, USA.

While We Are Talking About Cats

                                            LOL ... how adorable is that ? !

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering "it will be happier " ...

 Alfred Lord Tennyson 


Cats, Cloudy & Cold

They say that Santa said ... This is Florida !?? Bah humbug !! and he left as quickly as he could.

I might have totally freaked out the little "lost/homeless" kitten last night but I put old towels into the dog crate that stays out on the lanai ... it is huge, has towels and blankets for the pleasure of a cat nap and carries 3 cats or a full grown Standard Poodle comfortably on a long distance drive.
The little cat went inside and had a Christmas Eve dinner that was eaten in record time then it banged on the crate door and said, OK, thank you, let me out now.
I waited , hoping the little thing would appreciate the warm towels and a full belly but no, it got agitated and banged harder on the crate so I let it out again.
If I could get my hands on the owners of this little cat, they would spend the rest of this winter, barely fed, sleeping in a crate with a towel for warmth .. 
If it weren't for my cats ... I would have brought the little thing inside,with the crate .. 
I am not quite that loony though so when it didn't work out on the lanai, I shed a few tears, apologized and let it go.
By the way , she is a little grey tiger and feels like silk when you touch her, she is spooky about everything (who wouldn't be ??) but purrs like crazy when you pet her. 
I think a soft loving touch is something she is not used to .. 
So she is out there in those woods or hopefully at her home down the street .. 
but that was our New Years Day ..
I didn't even see fireworks ! What the  **** ??

Monday, January 1, 2018

What Do You Do

On the rainy, cold, dreary First Day of the New Year ?

Of course ! You curl up on the sofa with a soft blanket, 2 cats and watch Harry Potter movies.

Happy New Year ... Let's make this one count in every good way !

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