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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Something Nobody Knows About Me

When I was around 20 years of age, I lived in Hollywood California.
I lived in a wonderful 1930s stucco house in the Hollywood Hills, and worked for a movie director.
It was a wonderful time ... still a lot of Peace & Love going on, pot being smoked, girls wearing flowers in their hair  ...

One day at work, my boss asked me if I could take his car and go out to the airport to pick up someone who was coming to see him.
The person would be expecting me, just pick him up, bring him back to the office/which was located in part of the directors house ..

So , I , the innocent twit from North Carolina, hopped into the turquoise blue  Cadillac convertible and drove out to LAX and waited for Mr Barger to come out ... he did, he was very clean, neat and polite and appreciated the ride.

While we were driving back to the house/office, I asked why wasn't he driving and he said he could not drive in the state of California for a while .. hmmm ... I thought better of asking why.
He was as polite and nice as he could be.

When we got back to the house, my boss was happy to see him, everyone thanked me and they went to talk business and I got ready to go home.
My best friend, that I worked with, came back from errands she had been running and asked who was in the house.. I said some man called Sonny Barger and then I told her I picked him up at the airport.
She almost choked .. laughing but amazed at the same time.
How was I to know he was the head of the California Hells Angels ??
And they made a movie about the Hells Angels can see it on video probably .. I bet it is awful .

He is old , scarred and has throat cancer but I will remember that long haired man who was so very different from everything I would have ever expected and I laugh to think how innocent I was back then.


TexasTrailerParkTrash said...

Who was the movie director--was it Richard Rush or Lee Madden? My oldest granddaughter is a junior in USC's film school. Her dream is to be a director herself. She's done some great short films for school and got to meet Steven Spielberg.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Tom Stern, married to Samantha Eggar, he made crappy movies but he was really nice and fun.
And in those days he was sooo handsome !

TexasTrailerParkTrash said...

Here's an interesting (to me anyway) article about "Hell's Angels '69":

Tom Stern not only starred in that film, but was listed as producer also. I never saw the film, but did sit through a triple feature at the drive-in with my (now ex) husband, the film buff, where we saw "Easy Rider," "The Trip," and something else that I don't remember because I was comatose by that time. Then, when we came home, he watched ANOTHER movie on TV.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Yes, he was the producer.
I never watched the movie either, I am sure it was terrible lol .. Easy Rider was so so so much better ..

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