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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Sign Here

                                         Some members of my family, at a meeting ...

                      Signing papers ... something about a Mayflower and Colonies etc ....

credit :
my daughter who is the best detective/genealogist in the world !!


TexasTrailerParkTrash said...

I love genealogy research. Did the Ancestry DNA test a couple of years ago and found out my supposedly Norwegian great-grandfather on my mother's side was in fact ethnically Finnish. He belonged to a (now) recognized minority in Norway that had been looked down upon and stigmatized, so I guess that's why he kept it hidden. It opened up a whole new vista for me, complete with a fascinating culture and people I had been unaware of. Sad that I almost missed out on this knowledge.

I have early Pilgrim ancestors too, like you, and also Dutch ones who owned the land where Wall Street in Manhattan stands now. Wish it were still in the family. :)

NotesFromAbroad said...

That is just Fabulous!! I will refer to you as my Wall Street friend:)

HappyTrvlr said...

My family supposedly owned watefront near Wall Street. Wish we had it too.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Happy .. waterfront ! how nice :)

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