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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Cat Talk

It is wet and rainy and chilly out now, which makes me worry for the homeless cats and hope they are staying home or wherever they have shelter.
I do not need a couple of cats to worry about, I do just fine with the 3 I have.

Merlin has a new thing ... he speaks.

He does this thing, this mix of chirping and cat talk .. I don't even know how to describe it , but it is adorable ... and always ends with a question sound ..
 It means .. "Food" ? or "Water" ? or "Hold me " or "Hungry "? or "Give me a scratch" ? ... it can mean "'what's that noise" ? or "Who is that " or my favorite " Pick me up Mama "?

He is very vocal and reminds me of my grandmothers Siamese cat .. she bred Siamese cats.
The Queen of them all was Suzie .. or Su  Ling .. she was gorgeous, possessive and hated me.
So if my grandmother was talking to me, the cat would put her paw on my grandmothers mouth, to shut her up.
It worked ... every time. That cat controlled her human !

I noticed Merlin speaking when it was bedtime and I was turning down the blankets ..he stood on the other side of the bed ,on the floor and made a clear cat sound but ended it on a higher note, a Question.
I picked him up and put him on the bed and all was well.

Every night, Merlin goes around the bed and makes his chirrup sound and I put him on the bed.
He has me very well trained.

Now the little outdoor cat ..
She shows up in the evening, she meows sadly and rubs her little head and face against the screen.
I take the cats bowls with food left uneaten and put it all in a plastic container and put it out with fresh water and the little homeless cat has dinner.
Now for all I know, it sleeps in a nice bed in a nice house a couple of doors down, but I won't risk that not being so and that little one really is homeless.
The other day she was full and happy after dinner and watching from inside the house, I saw her chasing a leaf .. a playful full and happy kitten/cat.
No amount of anyone telling me this is not a good idea, will make any difference to me at all.

I was thinking tonight, last time I saw my daughters puppy, it was so small ... all of my cats plus the outdoor ones, are larger than that puppy.
So if I ever got a puppy of that breed, it would probably end up thinking it was a cat .

Aside from cat talk , nothing is going on here for now - it is rainy and cool and I am taking my time in making decisions and being sure I can manage whatever I decide to do .. in all ways.
I just know one thing ...I am alone day in and day out and if I fell and broke my back, I would still be laying there because days go by before that phone rings ..

Now that you know this, be sure to call me once in a while and be sure I am not lying at the bottom of the stairs, phone in my pocket , cats sitting around me staring at me, willing me to get up and feed them ...
You don't want that on your conscience ...
The cat is in the dog crate with blankets in my garage where it is quiet, warmish and no other pets or people. Tomorrow I will see that it eats a good breakfast and then I will send it out must have a family, a home, but as it was getting dark tonight, it was outside crying. So at least tonight it is warm and fed ...


liparifam said...

My cats have surely all thought they were dogs! Their behaviors were always much more canine than feline... I know what you mean about being alone. When I was working, I knew my co-workers (friends) would always come looking if I didn't show up. But even when I lived far away from her, my daughter and I always texted at least once a day just to touch base, and usually both morning and evening. Sometimes just a "How are you this morning?" or "Good night, love you!" If I don't respond to her within a short time period, she gets very agitated and calls. And a friend of mine says her elderly mother has a friend of a similar age who lives far way, but they touch base by text or email every single evening just to check on one another; they could place an emergency call if necessary. Not the same as seeing someone in person or even having a phone conversation, but good to know that help would come if needed...

Anonymous said...

I call my Mom every day just to check in and my Dad about every other day. my mom has been ill for years and that was the catalyst. Now I call both of them because I am wiser and realize the day will come when I won't be able to talk to them.
I know if you stopped posting I would wonder if you were okay but that doesn't do you much good!

TexasTrailerParkTrash said...

My mother-in-law, who will be 100 this August, still lives alone although she has help several times a week. My brother-in-law got her one of those Life Alert type buttons to wear in case of emergency. Well, she fell in her garage and fractured her hip, but rather than use the button (she didn't want to bother anyone) she crawled inside and managed to phone him. So much for that.

My mother also had a button that I insisted she wear. Every month we would do a test to see if it worked and if she could hear the person who responded over the unit. She too managed somehow to drag herself to her bedside phone to call me when she got dizzy and fell, rather than use the dreaded button. Oy.

NotesFromAbroad said...

I hate to think how long it would be before someone actually checked on me if I didn't answer the phone lol

I have to teach the cats to use the phone.

Carrie .. I am warmed by the thought :)

TT .. Those buttons etc are great, for the elderly and infirm .. I may consider one, when I am elderly and/or infirm .. For now, someone can get on the phone and call me if they want to know how I am or send an email.
The cats will answer if I can't.

Fat Dormouse said...

I'm glad you're looking after the little sad kitty.

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