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Thursday, January 18, 2018

That Cat

It is going to be down to freezing tonight. I know some people don't understand that animals do feel the cold .. they can be miserable and in pain from being outside in the night with no shelter ... especially small animals who are used to living inside a home or shelter of some sort.

I would love to meet the moron who lets the cat out and or doesn't keep it inside , we are not out in the country .. there are foxes and wolves in the woods behind my house and there are cars everywhere, and they don't as a habit, drive slowly or carefully on the lookout for a cat ..
The other day there was a body of a poor cat that had sheltered under a car in the public parking lot .. apparently the driver got into the car, started it and backed it up .. over the poor cat trying to be warm and safe under a car.

I have a large forest behind my house. The kind that has foxes and some say wolves. I can't help but think that those wolves might be dogs that have been lost/neglected and live in the woods in a pack, trying to find food and warmth .. this sort of thing makes me hate humans.

So tonight, for the second time, a beautiful, fairly large, grey tiger  cat has come to the door crying.
to be let in .. to be fed ... to be warm..
So tonight, for the second time, I brought in a starving sweet, huge cat and fed it and tucked it into blankets in the big dog crate and it is sleeping .. on a full belly , warm and safe .
Oh and when I heard/saw the cat at the door, trying to get it to open, I walked over to the door , the cat stopped and looked at me. I spoke to it and it purred. Yes... it purred .

Tomorrow I will give it breakfast and let it out to find its way (safely I hope) home ..wherever that is .. I considered putting a ribbon around the cats neck with a note ... a good snarky note telling them how I fed their cat and gave it shelter and now they had better take better care. . because if the cat shows up at my house hungry .. I am not letting it go after I feed it . I will keep it.
(not really but it is the only threat I could think of lol)

So much for my quiet night with my tv shows... anyone watch the Acorn channel online ?
I am watching this series, Australian .. A Place To Call Home .. it's good ,  imo.

So that is the story today.
It is cold , I am wearing NY Winter pjs and fuzzy slippers. Just like home :)


Anonymous said...

if the cat was being well cared for by its family (at least fed) do you think it would come to your door? I am really asking. I haven't known cats to eat just to eat but I have only ever had one cat (plus the ferals I feed at work). I would feel fine keeping it. How does it get along with your cats?

NotesFromAbroad said...

Hi Carrie
The cat looks well ... not pitiful so I thought it was just roaming at night and I didn't feed it because that is just inviting all kinds of complications .. I don't want it to depend on me to have food out whenever he comes by .. that is not fair to him and what about if I move ?
He is just beautiful and huge .

Merlin is the most vocal, growling and hissing when he sees the cat outside.
Minette will hiss but mostly she just gets still and waits and watches.

Merlin and the outside cat are twice as big as Minette.

I will feed it because it is not difficult but I don't want to feed it because animals depend on that ..they have a route of where to go for food and suddenly to show up but there is no food, would be unkind and bad for the cat.

But at the same time, it seems hungry sometimes .
I can't keep it .. I signed a lease and was forgiven already for having cats at all ... adding to my "herd" would be a bad thing. :)

And my own cats are fine, I don't need to change or complicate matters.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Sometimes cats show up at the door for a gazillion reasons.
My house could be one of a few on her route .. I assumed she was homeless but it is possible she just roams.

liparifam said...

OMG - so glad you found APTCH! I just finished the latest (5th) season, and loved it. My sister and daughter are now starting it and were immediately hooked. Lucky kitty to have found you :) That's how I got my Lucy - when I was still working a couple of years ago, I ran home at lunch to check on the dogs, and there she was on the front steps, and just walked right in the door! She was totally comfortable with the dogs from minute one. She had no collar, but was clean and glossy and so affectionate and friendly that it was hard to believe she had not been a house cat; however, signs around the neighborhood and posts on the website turned up nothing.

liparifam said...

Oh, and if you are ok with watching subtitled series, I cannot recommend the Spanish series VELVET highly enough - we all were just obsessed with it!! Beautiful, romantic, fun, touching, great music - all that and more...

sillygirl said...

My niece's dog was not losing her excess weight even though the niece's mother said she was NOT putting out extra food during the day. Then a neighbor shared the night camera's video of the dog "visiting" in the night and eating their animals' food! So said dog will be "in" for the night now.

NotesFromAbroad said...

LOL sillygirl , that is so cute and funny ..

NotesFromAbroad said...

My husband and I watched A Place To Call Home while we were living in Argentina..he was so good at scouting out good series on tv.

NotesFromAbroad said...

The cat has been fed ( by me ) and nothing changed, it went into the woods and watched from there .. it breaks my heart, she is so affectionate and sweet.
I left the door open to the lanai with a box full of towels in case she wanted to come in during the cold ( it is really cold here right now) night and as of this am, she did not come in. I gave her breakfast and hope she goes home.

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