It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new.
But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Good Friends are precious.

A good friend is precious.
You never know when you will need one and you feel so thankful that you have one when you need one.
You know how precious they are when you wish you had one and there is none.
Especially when you are on the way to the park but you think you are going to the vet.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Today I met a lady who grew up on this street.
She knew the lady that used to live here, the one with the Green Thumb.
She was visiting my neighbor, she and her friends came to my house and walked through .. I thought it was so great to be able to see a house from your childhood as an adult. To get to see the changes but better, to see that place from your childhood days .. as an adult.

She and her mom and friend loved the house ... better , they want to move back here .. so perhaps it was a sort of Kismet .. I had been outside to see the neighbor, her friends wants to buy my house.

I think my massive His and Hers closets in the bedroom had something to do with it ... and the pool.
Which is getting cleaned this week and made appealing .. right now I ignore it.

Speaking of ignoring .. I was worried about  Merlin  with Minette.
Would she attack it every time I left the room ? would she put poison in its food ? would she leave the door open just enough for him to slip out ?

So far, I think she is doing brilliantly.
She is sort of pretending he doesn't exist and yet, she keeps an eye out ..

Right now she is in Her sunroom on Her chair napping.
Merlin  is on the bookcase shelf, napping.
It is cute how cats find The Place that they make for naps and hiding or just hanging out. There are so many soft cushy places for them, one choses a chair at least in the garden room but this   one, a bookcase ? She is young, she will learn.

Merlin  has been a delight so far. I can't quit petting him,  he is so soft and purrs so happily.

It was a good day when  I saw that face on that website online.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Just a note to say that we have a Peaceful Kingdom here ... everyone is getting along, no one has growled since Minette's outburst the first day .. she regrets it.
She told me so.
She said she is starting to like Merlin.
He is quiet and doesn't steal her food.
Merlin likes to hang out with her, here with me, in the crate where he naps in a nest of pillows.

We Be Happy ...

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday Night ...

Merlin is adjusting. Tonight for the first time he is walking around the house , muttering under his breath .. what did he expect ??
I know he likes the sun room .. he slept there most of the day - I wonder if he will lie in bed all night, wishing he had a good book since he slept the day away.

I am not happy with my realtor and now I am feeling depressed about the house the move and Everything.
Good thing I have a new critter to spoil and Minette to keep happy and have I mentioned that my hair looks really good lately ?

Funny, I was always a blonde but it was darker in winter, whiter in summer. Then the real white started coming in . No grey hair for me ... noooo ... straight to pure white.
So people ask me who colors my hair.
Nature, sez I.

I like it that they think I am coloring my hair rather then just taking for granted that I am an old woman with white hair.

I am trying not to think about houses I want to buy, what I am going to do with myself after this house does sell.
So I look at Pottery Barn online and Old Navy.
Hey .. whatever cheers a person up !!

Gotta go ... Merlin is calling.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Nice to meet you

His name was Cubby.
He looks nothing like a "Cubby". (she says with disdain)

He is a long - haired Siamese, making him a Himalayan ?

He is 12-13 years old .. or older.

He is so very beautiful, sweet, fragile and precious ... oh and he is Mine.
and Minettes ..

We have't decided on a new name, it won't be Cubby.
I was thinking something a bit Siamese cat-ish ..
Any ideas, throw them out there .
I have lots of photos so far but no idea how to get them out of my husbands cell phone.

I have to download my camera and do it the old fashioned way.

Why did I get an old cat ?
I had no intentions of getting another cat. I adore Minette .
I did think when we moved to our next house .. that she might like a puppy.

But then I made the mistake of looking at the animal shelter website and there he was.
What made me want him was the idea that he is old.
No one wants an old pet.
No one wants a pet that will nap more than anything and then die.

I don't ever want any of my pets to die.
But they do.
When Pup died, my heart broke and is still healing.
But I did comfort myself with the knowledge that that dog never knew a bad day.
He was always happy and he was loved so much .. we all should know the love that dog had.
And he made us happy and he loved us back. We were all content.

So on the website I saw this cat ... beautiful .. and then I saw how old he was.
His last days would be spent in a shelter ? As nice as it is and it is the nicest shelter I have ever seen ..  He has no family to love him.
To hug him and talk to him.

Minette is ok so far with it all.
Curious but as long as I love her too.. she is good.
He is in her castoff cushy soft bean bag-like thing .. very comfy kitty.
When I go close to him to look at him or say something to him, I hear him purring.

He seems quite cozy right now. There are 2 litter boxes in the house anyway- Minette likes having 2 bathrooms.
So do I.

He is all hair and bones .. he has blue eyes and he squints and I wished my daughter was here because she would love him .. she loves long haired cats. She has one similar.

So I am now officially the cat lady in Chatham.
Nice to meet you.

His name is MERLIN .

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Times have changed

This is where I used to live. This is where I called Home. 
This is where my husband and I were happy.
This is where we walked our dog , Tate, every day, everywhere. 
We would sit in a cafe with Tate and while we had coffee or wine, the waiters always brought him water. Sometimes a treat too. Tate and my husband and I were so happy in Buenos Aires. 
I daydream about returning. 
I am cautioned that nothing ... Nothing .. would be the same.
Nothing is the same here too..
But some day , maybe in a year more or less ... I will go back and see for myself.

Right now I am waiting for a couple of people who saw my house, to talk to my realtor and hopefully make a nice offer.
When that happens, I will make my offer on my new little (old) house.
Lots of things happening, lots of ideas and hopes and dreams.
Lots of memories .. a few tears .. trying to look at the bright side, be brave.
Yesterday was a warm and sunny day, I got some new freckles on my nose , from messing around in the garden .
Today it is chilly and very windy and the kitten and I are happy to stay indoors and snug.
Blankets and good books and a squeaky toy are all we need.

I am going to go to a shelter to see a cat.
An elderly cat that might need us to love it for the rest of its life.
Once I am settled in our new house, a puppy will probably be moving in .. wait until Minette hears about that ! We won't say anything yet, there is plenty of time for that.. so much to do yet.
I am overdosing on magazines about homes.
Design, decorating, ideas ... oh ... my ... goodness... so many ideas !!
I will get a notebook and do it right .. be organized .. remember where the notebook is when I need it.
Time for tea.
In Buenos Aires, we would be walking to a favorite cafe, I would have my tea, my husband would have his glass of Malbec. We would be planning where/what was the story about Dinner.
Times have changed.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Beginnings

Things seem to move so slowly then suddenly they are moving too fast to keep up.

The other day someone wanted to see my house.
I took a drive, they came to see the house, I came home.
The realtor never calls right away to tell me anything but she will if there is something I should know.
I think she protects me in a lot of ways, she knows my hopes get up , she hates to dash them.
People adore my house, they adore my property but so far, that is about all that has happened.
I have let a lot of strangers walk through my home and tell me how nice it is ...

A few days ago, my realtor told me about a house that she was just listing, she wanted to take photos for her website.
I went with her.

I am still going to wait to talk too much about it , not to jinx it.
But the realtor had some people come in and ask about my house.
Today she brought them to see it.
Apparently, it is perfect.
I think it is nice, but for me, it is not quite perfect.
It could have been at one time, but that time  is gone now.

So the people saw the house ..
Today they came back with someone else .. a contractor.
There was talk of decks and extending things and now I get to sit on pins and needles to see if they say they want it.

If they say they do ... then the Ball will begin to Roll.
And I will say that I want the Little House that was made for Me and Minette.
(god forbid I should leave her out of anything ...)

Tonight we had a major rain storm. Very large trees whipping around.
I worried that at this time of all times, a tree falling on the house was a bad idea.
Minette just wanted me to stop running from room to room to look out the windows and make strange sounds.
Like she doesn't do that too ?

So any day now I will be able to announce my badly kept news.
A New Beginning is close ... don't tell Minette but a puppy might be close too.

                                               No, you can't get much crazier than her.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Waiting For Things...

So I am sitting here waiting for things.
What things you might ask ...

Well,  I am waiting for the cat , no, not Minette.
The Lost Cat .. waiting for him to come sniffing around my back garden, to discover that those good stinky fish smells are coming from a bowl... in the back of that huge crate ... which will close when he enters it ...
Then I can call his mom and dad who are worried sick about him.
And they don't need worries.
Dad is getting ready to go spend a year in Afghanistan, Mama and baby will wait at home, here, with the cat.
So Calvin, if you are reading this , come home.
Minette wants to meet you  . So do I.

The realtor told me someone was very interested in the house.
I dropped the price and they will come tomorrow to look at it.
I can definitely wait if I have to but there are a couple of things that make me want to get this over with.
1- I hate Waiting for things.
2- I found a new house.
A new old house. An Arts & Crafts house that was built just for Minette and I ... many years ago.
It has everything I want ... especially the Fireplace .
The stone chimney .. the enclosed porch ... the Norfolk Pine trees that tower over everything.
The sweet little tiny bridge over a tiny stream in the back garden that leads to the meadow and woods.
There are no houses in front or behind ... there is a street in front... then woods . then  a stream and  then a forest.

This is pretty much the house I have been waiting for.
But now I am tired of waiting.
Let's sell this house already !

So Calvin the Cat ... hurry up and come home.
Your mama and daddy need you and I have to  Stop waiting and Start making lists.

I refuse to put on that list Things To Do If I Don't Get That House.

Pet Shop Switch

So if you missed the story in the news, here it is again.
A pet shop in Brazil, switched homeless dogs for pet shop dogs.
See what happens, what the people say ..

in case it does not open for you

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Catch Up

Time for a mid-week catch up ... what has been going on here ...
I am involved in a frustrating search and catch of a runaway pussy cat.
Not mine but a neighbor. A beautiful big black and white cat who decided to make a dash for it and forgot the way home.
Sort of good luck is ... the cat has been here a couple of times.
Last night was so close .. his owner came but the cat ran off.

The owners are a sweet young couple who live nearby ... he is off to Afghanistan in a month or so and his wife will be here  ... she needs that cat to be with her.

So last night the cat came right up to my sliding glass doors but ran and hid when I opened them.
There is now food everywhere outside .. I hope the cat comes back.
The cat's name is Calvin. gotta love a cat named Calvin .

Minette is fascinated by it all and her usual curious self but she is relaxed lately, she lolls in the sun coming in the windows and listens to what is going on but doesn't get too involved .. not enough energy .

I went to look at a house yesterday.
A stone house . An Arts and Crafts style home.
I want it so badly.

No one is even looking at my house and this is driving me crazy.
If no one ever looks, I am doomed.

So the mood here is mixed but at least the sun is shining and flowers are blooming.
And I will not move to Florida.
My place is up here ..

More later when there is actually something to talk about ...
                                              Some of us just know how to pass the time ..

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Why Does the Turtle Cross the Road ?

Nothing is the same.
It seems like it sometimes but then I am reminded, Everything changed.
Yesterday my son and his little family came to visit .. just for the day.
Short and sweet ... very sweet.
The baby calls me grandma ... he walks up to him and puts his hands out ... that means I am to take a hand and go for a walk with him. We did a lot of walks yesterday.
We also did a lot of grabbing and snuggling, kissing and hugging, nuggies and giggles and more kissing.
I have so many kisses that built up waiting to give them to him ... we spent the day playing, kissing, laughing, kissing and eating a bit.
It is quite sad to wave goodbye to that baby ... his tiny hand waving to "gramma" ..
Minette looks for him for a short time then settles down on my lap, secure in the knowledge that the little scene stealer, the thief of kisses and attention is not coming in to disrupt things for her again.
I don't ever mention the fact that he will be back.

Today I messed around in the garden, saved a tiny baby Snapping Turtle.
Last summer the granddaddy of all Snapping Turtles crossed the road.
Why does the Snapping Turtle Cross the Road ?
Because behind my house are fields, the woods, then a lake/bog kind of place ... where Snapping Turtles live.
Did I mention this thing looked like a prehistoric creature  ? huge ... slow ... must weigh a ton... armored .. he could definitely rob a bank .. and get away with it .. no one is going to stop him !
Although he is so slow .. Minette and I could crawl backwards and beat him in a race.

So the little thing was just walking along, determined to go somewhere except the problem was ... my house was in its way. So it walked up to the foundation then started to kind of try to climb the stones.
I went out there and thought, this can't happen .. I must do something... So I got a shove.
I scooped the little thing up and carried it out to the edge of the property and put it down and it took off  .. it knew where to go !
As tiny and slow as it was, I hope it gets there before the first snows.

Yesterday a man came to the door and asked if we had seen his dog.
A really nice looking black and white dog named Calvin.
Calvins Mom is very upset, she wants her dog home with her.
Calvins Dad is sad, he is leaving for Afghanistan ... today ... and they lost Calvin.
So today I went for a drive ... looking for Calvin. Then I thought about what I can do to get him to come here, if he was in the area ... should I put dry cat food outside ?

I will keep looking for him, he is very distinctive looking .. his mama is sad and wants him home with her and his daddy will be gone for a year and he is worried.
How sad is that ?
I would be SO glad if I found Calvin !!

So it was a weekend of babies,   turtles and dogs and kittens.  and now .. storms .. Yikes.

What did you moms out there get for Mothers Day ?
I got flowers from the little family and perfume from my daughter. She and I are simpatico :)

I wonder if they have Snapping Turtles in Florida.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Have A Good Weekend

Catch up on some sleep.
Have fun with loved ones.
Pick some flowers
Take a nap.
Be happy.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Little Bird

Friday morning, hanging out at the bird feeders.
Filling the feeders, enjoying the sound of so many birds ! Including the dopey Canadian Geese who came in for a landing in the fields behind my property .. gliding in   .. landing so gracefully, then spoiling the image waddling around honking loudly.

Birds of prey also hang around , floating way up high, but we know how good their eyesight is.
They hover over my back yard .. knowing that is where the little birds and chipmunks can be found.

Now before we go any further, let me say this ...
I know all about the Balance of Nature and Leaving Things Alone so none of that, thank you very much. This is My Garden and therefore these are My birds and I take care of them.

I was in the garden room pouring out more seed from the bag that was almost as heavy as I am.
When Minette and I were startled by the loud bang against the glass.
I scurried out and took a look and there was the sweetest, small, brown ... wren ?
I am not sure what it was, not as slim as a sparrow, but small and sweet and knocked silly from crashing into the window.
I stood there and watched.
It stood there and swayed, and otherwise did not move.

I moved closer, it just stood there ..
I crouched down right beside it .. talking to it.
You know, baby bird talk. They all understand that.

It did not move. I waited,...if that little bird fell over dead it would be a bad day for me .. as well as   the little bird.
It just stood there ..

So I reached out and touched it.
Then I touched it some more, stroking it.
It just stood there.

I went into the house to get a box, filled it with grass and leaves so it would be safe inside that, by the door/under the big shrubs .. where I knew neighbor cats would not venture ..and Minette and I could keep an eye on it.

I sat there with the little bird, not wanting to touch it but wanting to help it.
We sat there, little bird and I for a while.
At least I knew that nothing was hurting it while it got its little brain together or worse case scenario, it would fall over dead and I could be there to take care of that too.

Finally I couldn't stand it ... I reached out and touched it again.
And it just stood there a minute.
Then it hopped away, I waited, holding my breath .. could it fly ?

A moment later .... it flew away.

I cried.
Minette grumbled.
The birds all cheered.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

In my garden this evening

And countless little Sparrows and   Cardinals and little Wrens and never forget the raucous Blue Jays.
Sometimes it is just magical ..

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Alone with my memories

No, I am not being sad or forlorn ... there is no one visiting this weekend .
Seems no one is  house hunting  either.
The sun is shining and all I need to be comfortable outdoors is a cotton sweater .. yay !

My daughter in law had her birthday yesterday  .
My daughters  birthday is today ... she is older than I am.
Two birthdays and would you believe it ? not one bite of cake for me. Hmmmm.

Minette is laying on a cushion in the sun in the garden room and in a semi-coma induced by warm sunshine and bird song.
If a chipmunk hiccups, she will know it and be on alert. I am glad she is getting her rest.

I went to the market to get some things that I forgot yesterday.
Everyone who works at the market knows me .. by sight.. they might think I live there.
I always forget something or run out of something, I was a better grocery shopper in Buenos Aires with my husband ... the one with the memory.

Plus, we had a market on the corner from our home where we could pick up small things ..

I was daydreaming about moving to Florida. I will eventually get a dog. I miss having a dog.
I will have to be sure to get one that is not too much like Pup ... that would not be fair to either of us.

The nice thing about having a dog is that they need to go for walks .. Pup walked with us everywhere .. he was allowed in outdoor cafes so he became a regular at a few places .
Quite the Pup Around Town if you were to ask anyone ..
He liked to go up the park staircase ahead of me ... but he always stopped at the top and waited, watching .. he was a Good Boy.
My husband loved going to the Track. We rarely even bothered to bet on the horses but it was such a nice day .
You can go to one part of the track viewing area that has both an inside area and outside.
There is a small grass area with tables with umbrellas. you can walk over and touch the horses as they walk to the Start line .. the men that came on certain days knew the jockeys, they would shake hands as they walked past on these magnificent race horses.
I wasn't interested in shaking hands with any jockey but I would love a moment stroking and kissing a horse ...
I know .. sometimes I say strange things.
The racetrack was nice though ..

It's funny, some people miss a place for its food or the beach or how easy it was to live there ..
I miss everything about Buenos Aires ..
Soon I will be moving South and will be making new memories ..
It will be fun to see what they are.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Waiting ......

Happy Birthday to my Daughter in Law today.
Happy Birthday to my Daughter tomorrow.

How neat is that ?

The sun is out, the birds are going wild.
The chipmunks and a squirrel are having a rousing good time in my back garden.
Minette is almost suffering chipmunk overload.. I found her asleep in the basket on the kitchen counter ... facing the window...where little bitty chipmunks had been running back and forth.
Seems it was more than she could take ... Chipmunk Overload ... it can be serious.

I am living in a house that is so clean, even I don't want to touch anything or make a mess.
Minette is being careful not to shed a hair .
I am being careful not to shed a hair.

The place looks great, the gardens are going crazy with blooms and birds and butterflies.
I expect the Seven Dwarves to show up any minute.

Now if someone would just come look at it, fall in love and buy it .. I would be ever so happy.

There is a new adventure waiting ...

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