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But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Times have changed

This is where I used to live. This is where I called Home. 
This is where my husband and I were happy.
This is where we walked our dog , Tate, every day, everywhere. 
We would sit in a cafe with Tate and while we had coffee or wine, the waiters always brought him water. Sometimes a treat too. Tate and my husband and I were so happy in Buenos Aires. 
I daydream about returning. 
I am cautioned that nothing ... Nothing .. would be the same.
Nothing is the same here too..
But some day , maybe in a year more or less ... I will go back and see for myself.

Right now I am waiting for a couple of people who saw my house, to talk to my realtor and hopefully make a nice offer.
When that happens, I will make my offer on my new little (old) house.
Lots of things happening, lots of ideas and hopes and dreams.
Lots of memories .. a few tears .. trying to look at the bright side, be brave.
Yesterday was a warm and sunny day, I got some new freckles on my nose , from messing around in the garden .
Today it is chilly and very windy and the kitten and I are happy to stay indoors and snug.
Blankets and good books and a squeaky toy are all we need.

I am going to go to a shelter to see a cat.
An elderly cat that might need us to love it for the rest of its life.
Once I am settled in our new house, a puppy will probably be moving in .. wait until Minette hears about that ! We won't say anything yet, there is plenty of time for that.. so much to do yet.
I am overdosing on magazines about homes.
Design, decorating, ideas ... oh ... my ... goodness... so many ideas !!
I will get a notebook and do it right .. be organized .. remember where the notebook is when I need it.
Time for tea.
In Buenos Aires, we would be walking to a favorite cafe, I would have my tea, my husband would have his glass of Malbec. We would be planning where/what was the story about Dinner.
Times have changed.


  1. The places we visit really do not change. What we bring with us to those places changes allot.

  2. I love kittys so much. I am highly allergic. Please get one more to love. Just don't be a cat lady. If you know what I mean and I think you do. ;)

  3. LOL ... I do know what you mean .
    I will do my best not to be a Cat Lady.
    I will also get a puppy hopefully in a few months.
    So perhaps that will help me avoid Cat Lady Syndrome.

  4. I'm glad everything is looking up for you Candice!

    The building you lived in while in Buenos Aires is gorgeous. So much beauty and character. I tried my first glass of Malbec last week and loved it. It's my new favorite I think. (Don't tell the Pinot Noir growers out here in Oregon!) :)

  5. Oh Mary, my husband became quite an aficionado on Malbec ..
    Before that , we lived in Oregon .. and it was Pinot Noir :)

    I am busy taking photos .. of my new .... cat :)

  6. So glad to hear that spring has arrived and you are making plans for a new place. We seemed to have rushed through fall straight into winter here in Santiago. It's supposed to get down to 39 tonight and today was my first day in a winter coat. Your new cat is gorgeous. Enjoy your garden.


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