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Friday, May 8, 2015

Little Bird

Friday morning, hanging out at the bird feeders.
Filling the feeders, enjoying the sound of so many birds ! Including the dopey Canadian Geese who came in for a landing in the fields behind my property .. gliding in   .. landing so gracefully, then spoiling the image waddling around honking loudly.

Birds of prey also hang around , floating way up high, but we know how good their eyesight is.
They hover over my back yard .. knowing that is where the little birds and chipmunks can be found.

Now before we go any further, let me say this ...
I know all about the Balance of Nature and Leaving Things Alone so none of that, thank you very much. This is My Garden and therefore these are My birds and I take care of them.

I was in the garden room pouring out more seed from the bag that was almost as heavy as I am.
When Minette and I were startled by the loud bang against the glass.
I scurried out and took a look and there was the sweetest, small, brown ... wren ?
I am not sure what it was, not as slim as a sparrow, but small and sweet and knocked silly from crashing into the window.
I stood there and watched.
It stood there and swayed, and otherwise did not move.

I moved closer, it just stood there ..
I crouched down right beside it .. talking to it.
You know, baby bird talk. They all understand that.

It did not move. I waited,...if that little bird fell over dead it would be a bad day for me .. as well as   the little bird.
It just stood there ..

So I reached out and touched it.
Then I touched it some more, stroking it.
It just stood there.

I went into the house to get a box, filled it with grass and leaves so it would be safe inside that, by the door/under the big shrubs .. where I knew neighbor cats would not venture ..and Minette and I could keep an eye on it.

I sat there with the little bird, not wanting to touch it but wanting to help it.
We sat there, little bird and I for a while.
At least I knew that nothing was hurting it while it got its little brain together or worse case scenario, it would fall over dead and I could be there to take care of that too.

Finally I couldn't stand it ... I reached out and touched it again.
And it just stood there a minute.
Then it hopped away, I waited, holding my breath .. could it fly ?

A moment later .... it flew away.

I cried.
Minette grumbled.
The birds all cheered.


Leslie K said...

What a lovely start to your day!

Indigo Dragonfly said...

Sometimes Nature is just amazing.

angiemanzi said...

Someone paid you a visit. Beautiful story.

Anonymous said...

So glad he/she was OK! (a small suggestion for next time - put a little dish of water in the box too)

NotesFromAbroad said...

Thanks Anony, if I thought it was going to be staying in the box, of course I would leave water .. the box was just hoping to protect it while it got it's bearings.. I sat there with it .. it was so sweet.

beyondbeige said...

Adorable. And then you went and washed your hands! LOL kidding.

NotesFromAbroad said...

LOL ... yes ... I washed my hands ... no little birdling cooties on me :)

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