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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Catch Up

Time for a mid-week catch up ... what has been going on here ...
I am involved in a frustrating search and catch of a runaway pussy cat.
Not mine but a neighbor. A beautiful big black and white cat who decided to make a dash for it and forgot the way home.
Sort of good luck is ... the cat has been here a couple of times.
Last night was so close .. his owner came but the cat ran off.

The owners are a sweet young couple who live nearby ... he is off to Afghanistan in a month or so and his wife will be here  ... she needs that cat to be with her.

So last night the cat came right up to my sliding glass doors but ran and hid when I opened them.
There is now food everywhere outside .. I hope the cat comes back.
The cat's name is Calvin. gotta love a cat named Calvin .

Minette is fascinated by it all and her usual curious self but she is relaxed lately, she lolls in the sun coming in the windows and listens to what is going on but doesn't get too involved .. not enough energy .

I went to look at a house yesterday.
A stone house . An Arts and Crafts style home.
I want it so badly.

No one is even looking at my house and this is driving me crazy.
If no one ever looks, I am doomed.

So the mood here is mixed but at least the sun is shining and flowers are blooming.
And I will not move to Florida.
My place is up here ..

More later when there is actually something to talk about ...
                                              Some of us just know how to pass the time ..


  1. I am still waiting for my little house in the city to sell too. I know how you feel. I have already cut the price and am getting ready to again. I wonder if it would sell if I put a free sign outside. Hope Calvin goes home. Herding cats is hard. If they would leave a cage outside with his favorite can of cat food in it, I bet they could catch him. We have caught many that way, but you can only trick them that one time. They won't go in it again. I have been trying to catch a tomcat that is beating up all my farm cats and causing me vet bills. We caught him once and my husband hauled him off far away, but obviously not far enough away, because he's back. No way he will go in that cage trap again.

  2. I am tempted to cut the price .. I know what you mean.
    Herding cats might be impossible lol.
    That is what I hope to do, get the Trap * which is a big cage* and put food inside... then we will get him.
    That is funny about the Tom Cat ... no matter how far you take him, he just comes back lol
    Fly him so California ... good excuse for a trip :)

  3. Kind animal trap may work.

    Does this mean you are not moving to Florida???

    Hope your house will sell soon. Ours was on the market for a year with no offers and few lookers. Then we asked the realtor to have an open house, and we had two competing offers from people who attended it. That was a great day!

  4. Anony, Yes, it means No Florida :)
    I have recommended the kind trap to the cats family and I have food and a cat carrier out there now .. it is going to be stormy out and that will be so upsetting .. for me ... and the cat. Minette seems to not really care .. :)

    I was thinking about an Open House today. My realtor is unwell so I am trying not to bother her today but I really don't want another house that I saw and liked , to go because the realtor is unavailable.

    Thank you for your comment.. much appreciated.

  5. I am sorry to hear that no one is looking at your house. It must be so frustrating. If it is not too noisy for me to ask, you seemed to have had a change of heart. I thought that Florida was on the top of your wish list. When the time comes I hope you find the place that will be perfect for you.

  6. Thank you Teacups .. Florida was not on the "top" of my list but I was sort of settled in my mind that I would move there if I found nothing here ..
    I really prefer living here . So I think visits to Florida but keeping my home here is what I prefer.

  7. Speaking as someone who lives in Pennsylvania, I like it here most of the year, so I see the reasoning behind your thinking.

    A winter trip to warmth would be enough to get me through a winter. Too bad last year when it came time to leave, it was too darn cold to leave the house empty. Next year, next year.

  8. Carolyn, Thank you . Yes, I have always loved this part of NY State and I am happy with the surroundings and the sweet people I deal with every day . . but being alone has taught me a few things .. being out in an isolated area is no good and having a large house is no good..not to mention terribly expensive.
    Each town has its own taxes and I am in a high tax town too.
    So the house I want to buy is smaller, on less land and less expensive in all ways .. in my mind, an all win situation.
    Now if I can just sell this thing and make an offer ..

  9. Did your neighbors find their cat?

    I love the picture of your kitty on the beautiful rug. They are so becoming to each other. One of my favorite cats was solid gray. My toddler named her "gray baby." Then we had another cat named Blackie and a dog named Spot. We were not too original with pet names. :-)

    Now I am catless for the first time in my life since my old kitty died at 21 years old several months ago. Her little dog and I miss her.

  10. No, the cat is still missing :(
    The dad came over last evening and left new food and a loved tee shirt that the cat slept with.
    I woke this am , too early , thank you Minette to rain.
    So I had to move the "cat trap" inside and will have to put all dry blankets etc inside and no idea where to put it .. it is a Have a heart trap ,
    I know the feeling of loss .. our dog of 13 years died while we were in Buenos Aires .. I still miss him. His/our cat Sebastian was 18 when he died .. it is a difficult loss after all those years.
    You will know when the time is right to get another one, for you and her little dog .

  11. My brother has a beautiful black standard poodle named Beau. He has such a cheerful personality and is one of my favorite dogs ever. My niece has a little dachshund named Belle. They are pretty funny when they play together. The dachshund runs right under Beau.

    You all are going to have so much fun when Minette gets her new dog friend.

    My son's Manx cat is expecting her first litter of kittens soon, so I think one of them will be my new kitty.

  12. Oh a Manx kitten, what fun !!
    My husband had a client with a Black Standard named Beau :) Our first Standard was blue. His name was Bleu lol
    I am just anxiously awaiting a home buyer so I can offer on the little house ... such tension !!


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