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Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Today I met a lady who grew up on this street.
She knew the lady that used to live here, the one with the Green Thumb.
She was visiting my neighbor, she and her friends came to my house and walked through .. I thought it was so great to be able to see a house from your childhood as an adult. To get to see the changes but better, to see that place from your childhood days .. as an adult.

She and her mom and friend loved the house ... better , they want to move back here .. so perhaps it was a sort of Kismet .. I had been outside to see the neighbor, her friends wants to buy my house.

I think my massive His and Hers closets in the bedroom had something to do with it ... and the pool.
Which is getting cleaned this week and made appealing .. right now I ignore it.

Speaking of ignoring .. I was worried about  Merlin  with Minette.
Would she attack it every time I left the room ? would she put poison in its food ? would she leave the door open just enough for him to slip out ?

So far, I think she is doing brilliantly.
She is sort of pretending he doesn't exist and yet, she keeps an eye out ..

Right now she is in Her sunroom on Her chair napping.
Merlin  is on the bookcase shelf, napping.
It is cute how cats find The Place that they make for naps and hiding or just hanging out. There are so many soft cushy places for them, one choses a chair at least in the garden room but this   one, a bookcase ? She is young, she will learn.

Merlin  has been a delight so far. I can't quit petting him,  he is so soft and purrs so happily.

It was a good day when  I saw that face on that website online.


  1. Happy news about the neighbors.

    But, "kitten" -- is there now a third critter? Minette and Merlin and ??

    More fingers crossed for a speedy sale.

  2. Emm... it is just me having a brain fa*t. I call him the kitten but he is my little old man .. Merlin.
    sorry - I confuse myself sometimes lol

  3. Fingers crossed for you Candice!
    He is a handsome guy!
    Linda :o)

  4. Hope this sale will go through just the way you want it to.

    I am envious of your two kitties. Multiple animals are so much fun. What will they think when you add a puppy?

  5. Anony, the puppy will wait until after we have moved and by then hopefully everyone will be secure feeling .. they can bully the puppy.
    I had an 16 year old cat and got a puppy .. one morning my husband told me to come down to the kitchen but be quiet ... the cat had gone into the puppies crate and they were sleeping together ..

  6. My old kitty and our dog were the best of friends. They loved each other. She died a few months ago, and maybe I will soon get a kitten. We will see.


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