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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Waiting For Things...

So I am sitting here waiting for things.
What things you might ask ...

Well,  I am waiting for the cat , no, not Minette.
The Lost Cat .. waiting for him to come sniffing around my back garden, to discover that those good stinky fish smells are coming from a bowl... in the back of that huge crate ... which will close when he enters it ...
Then I can call his mom and dad who are worried sick about him.
And they don't need worries.
Dad is getting ready to go spend a year in Afghanistan, Mama and baby will wait at home, here, with the cat.
So Calvin, if you are reading this , come home.
Minette wants to meet you  . So do I.

The realtor told me someone was very interested in the house.
I dropped the price and they will come tomorrow to look at it.
I can definitely wait if I have to but there are a couple of things that make me want to get this over with.
1- I hate Waiting for things.
2- I found a new house.
A new old house. An Arts & Crafts house that was built just for Minette and I ... many years ago.
It has everything I want ... especially the Fireplace .
The stone chimney .. the enclosed porch ... the Norfolk Pine trees that tower over everything.
The sweet little tiny bridge over a tiny stream in the back garden that leads to the meadow and woods.
There are no houses in front or behind ... there is a street in front... then woods . then  a stream and  then a forest.

This is pretty much the house I have been waiting for.
But now I am tired of waiting.
Let's sell this house already !

So Calvin the Cat ... hurry up and come home.
Your mama and daddy need you and I have to  Stop waiting and Start making lists.

I refuse to put on that list Things To Do If I Don't Get That House.


  1. Fingers crossed for house sale and cat catching.

  2. Run-a-way cats are the worst! When I moved the last time, I spent an hour chasing a tuxedo cat that was not even mine :0. I thought my cat got out, but he really got into the crawl space half of the attic. We had moved from the house, but still owned it, so my daughters and I spent a week going back and forth to the old house to find him. How did we know he was there you ask?? We put flour all around a dish of food and then followed his little foot prints to his hideout. (he was an abused rescue, so he never came when he was called). On the last day before the new owners closed, we caught him, or they probably would have thought the house was haunted!! Cats can be a pain!!! That house you like sounds dreamy, I can see it in my head. I hope it all goes well.

  3. Merle, I lived in California , then flew to NYC with my little kitten. She and I ended up marrying a man in NYC and she was his step kitten. One day we were out, came home and there was no kitten to be found. My heart was breaking, she was my little companion through all my adventures , otherwise I would have been all alone but I had Puss.
    We searched and searched then I sat on the bed and cried. And between sobs, we heard this sound. Faint, could it be ? a meow ???
    She was under the bed, trapped in a box spring kind of space , she was pretty but not too bright.
    She lived to be a very old cat ... who sat in the kitchen window in the sun and napped all the time.
    Dear Sweet Puss.
    If I don't get that house, I will be impossible to live with .. or even to know.

  4. Well you know, I am talking to Joe on your behalf ;) I am glad little Puss was OK. I love a cat sunning him/herself in a window. I say when my 2 cats go over the rainbow bridge, no more cats for me (but I know it's not true). When I was at the farmers market today I bought a catnip plant along with my herbs, so I have 2 very happy (with a slight case of the munchies) cats.

  5. My fingers are crossed for everything to work out this time! The little house sounds wonderful.

  6. I will keep catnip in mind when Minette is older. Right now she is still insane as only kittens can be.
    Georgia .. thank you sweetie .. it is such a great house. If I get it , there will be photos :)

  7. I thought you were moving somewhere warm? Will you be sad again in the snow next Winter? I hope not. :(

  8. I decided that part of the misery of being stuck indoors last winter was this house and where I am located.
    So I found something smaller and better and in a fabulous spot ..
    I have no idea if I will be sad next winter.
    I hope not too :)

  9. Timing these things is always tricky. I'm glad you have your eye on a nice new house. This one sounds delightful, but then, all of them do.

  10. Fingers crossed and prayers said for sale of current house, and purchase of future house! I spent many happy hours house hunting on the internet; the main issue is where to go? Sometimes too much choice is worse than none at all...decisions, decisions :-) !

  11. Carolyn, timings is everything isn't it ?

    Vivian, thank you dearling.
    Too much choice is dreadful and the right choice of place will send the "children" over the edge .. Buenos Aires ? London ? France ? lol ...

    I will be quite content to be the little old lady in the little old house if I can get that little house.

    Right now I have to trap that cat that is lost but came by here last night .. oy !!


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