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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Why Does the Turtle Cross the Road ?

Nothing is the same.
It seems like it sometimes but then I am reminded, Everything changed.
Yesterday my son and his little family came to visit .. just for the day.
Short and sweet ... very sweet.
The baby calls me grandma ... he walks up to him and puts his hands out ... that means I am to take a hand and go for a walk with him. We did a lot of walks yesterday.
We also did a lot of grabbing and snuggling, kissing and hugging, nuggies and giggles and more kissing.
I have so many kisses that built up waiting to give them to him ... we spent the day playing, kissing, laughing, kissing and eating a bit.
It is quite sad to wave goodbye to that baby ... his tiny hand waving to "gramma" ..
Minette looks for him for a short time then settles down on my lap, secure in the knowledge that the little scene stealer, the thief of kisses and attention is not coming in to disrupt things for her again.
I don't ever mention the fact that he will be back.

Today I messed around in the garden, saved a tiny baby Snapping Turtle.
Last summer the granddaddy of all Snapping Turtles crossed the road.
Why does the Snapping Turtle Cross the Road ?
Because behind my house are fields, the woods, then a lake/bog kind of place ... where Snapping Turtles live.
Did I mention this thing looked like a prehistoric creature  ? huge ... slow ... must weigh a ton... armored .. he could definitely rob a bank .. and get away with it .. no one is going to stop him !
Although he is so slow .. Minette and I could crawl backwards and beat him in a race.

So the little thing was just walking along, determined to go somewhere except the problem was ... my house was in its way. So it walked up to the foundation then started to kind of try to climb the stones.
I went out there and thought, this can't happen .. I must do something... So I got a shove.
I scooped the little thing up and carried it out to the edge of the property and put it down and it took off  .. it knew where to go !
As tiny and slow as it was, I hope it gets there before the first snows.

Yesterday a man came to the door and asked if we had seen his dog.
A really nice looking black and white dog named Calvin.
Calvins Mom is very upset, she wants her dog home with her.
Calvins Dad is sad, he is leaving for Afghanistan ... today ... and they lost Calvin.
So today I went for a drive ... looking for Calvin. Then I thought about what I can do to get him to come here, if he was in the area ... should I put dry cat food outside ?

I will keep looking for him, he is very distinctive looking .. his mama is sad and wants him home with her and his daddy will be gone for a year and he is worried.
How sad is that ?
I would be SO glad if I found Calvin !!

So it was a weekend of babies,   turtles and dogs and kittens.  and now .. storms .. Yikes.

What did you moms out there get for Mothers Day ?
I got flowers from the little family and perfume from my daughter. She and I are simpatico :)

I wonder if they have Snapping Turtles in Florida.

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  1. It sounds as if you had a nice Mother's Day...even rescuing little creatures. I should think that they will have plenty of turtles in Florida, even the snapping variety.

    Hope your house sells soon.


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