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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday Night ...

Merlin is adjusting. Tonight for the first time he is walking around the house , muttering under his breath .. what did he expect ??
I know he likes the sun room .. he slept there most of the day - I wonder if he will lie in bed all night, wishing he had a good book since he slept the day away.

I am not happy with my realtor and now I am feeling depressed about the house the move and Everything.
Good thing I have a new critter to spoil and Minette to keep happy and have I mentioned that my hair looks really good lately ?

Funny, I was always a blonde but it was darker in winter, whiter in summer. Then the real white started coming in . No grey hair for me ... noooo ... straight to pure white.
So people ask me who colors my hair.
Nature, sez I.

I like it that they think I am coloring my hair rather then just taking for granted that I am an old woman with white hair.

I am trying not to think about houses I want to buy, what I am going to do with myself after this house does sell.
So I look at Pottery Barn online and Old Navy.
Hey .. whatever cheers a person up !!

Gotta go ... Merlin is calling.


  1. Merlin and Minette go together perfectly - hope your realtor turns up with some promising news for you soon.

  2. Not much to crow about here either. Floods and non-stop rain has me down. I'm not happy with my realtor either. She way over priced the house, going by the square footage and we've had few lookers. Can't drop the price too much or it looks like something is wrong with the house.

  3. Thank you .. the realtor is angry with me because I was , in her words, very rude.
    Meaning that I told her she is not making me happy with the way she is going about things.

    At least the sun is shining, the kittens have their own beds and hiding spots and both are sleeping a sun drugged nap out in the garden room .. where I was reading and feeling like a nap also.

    Donna.. the whole thing is upsetting.. she overpriced it in the beginning and now I am sort of stuck. and the little house I want so badly is affordable, if I can just get this thing sold.

  4. A new cat is so much fun. The older ones are more sedate. They steal your heart in a different way from a crazy kitten.

  5. Merlin is a lovely name for that wise old gentleman.

    With summer now on, and a pool in your yard, the overpricing may not seem so much, at least to a buyer intent on a pool and house in the country. Hope so.


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