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Friday, May 22, 2015

Nice to meet you

His name was Cubby.
He looks nothing like a "Cubby". (she says with disdain)

He is a long - haired Siamese, making him a Himalayan ?

He is 12-13 years old .. or older.

He is so very beautiful, sweet, fragile and precious ... oh and he is Mine.
and Minettes ..

We have't decided on a new name, it won't be Cubby.
I was thinking something a bit Siamese cat-ish ..
Any ideas, throw them out there .
I have lots of photos so far but no idea how to get them out of my husbands cell phone.

I have to download my camera and do it the old fashioned way.

Why did I get an old cat ?
I had no intentions of getting another cat. I adore Minette .
I did think when we moved to our next house .. that she might like a puppy.

But then I made the mistake of looking at the animal shelter website and there he was.
What made me want him was the idea that he is old.
No one wants an old pet.
No one wants a pet that will nap more than anything and then die.

I don't ever want any of my pets to die.
But they do.
When Pup died, my heart broke and is still healing.
But I did comfort myself with the knowledge that that dog never knew a bad day.
He was always happy and he was loved so much .. we all should know the love that dog had.
And he made us happy and he loved us back. We were all content.

So on the website I saw this cat ... beautiful .. and then I saw how old he was.
His last days would be spent in a shelter ? As nice as it is and it is the nicest shelter I have ever seen ..  He has no family to love him.
To hug him and talk to him.

Minette is ok so far with it all.
Curious but as long as I love her too.. she is good.
He is in her castoff cushy soft bean bag-like thing .. very comfy kitty.
When I go close to him to look at him or say something to him, I hear him purring.

He seems quite cozy right now. There are 2 litter boxes in the house anyway- Minette likes having 2 bathrooms.
So do I.

He is all hair and bones .. he has blue eyes and he squints and I wished my daughter was here because she would love him .. she loves long haired cats. She has one similar.

So I am now officially the cat lady in Chatham.
Nice to meet you.

His name is MERLIN .


  1. Himalayan Siamese cats are so beautiful - Cubby is just not right for such a lovely male cat - having just come home from the foothills of the Himalayas the name that springs to my mind is Kashmiri.

  2. A nice idea, thank you !
    My husband was in Kashmir, many many years ago.
    It is funny how pleased a person feels when a poor dejected looking little cat purrs when the touch him.

  3. Congratulations on the new addition to your family. I hope that you all enjoy your new lives together.

  4. Thank you Anna :)
    Right now he is sleeping under furniture where he feels safe. Minette is pretending he does not exist.

  5. You know I love old animals. Such a wonderful thing to do. He will live out his days with love and kindness.

  6. Yes, Raz, I remember your old boys well :)
    I touch him and the motor starts .. He feels so delicate, bones and hair. Minette is all muscle and sinew and soft kittenish girliness .. this one is so fragile feeling.
    I am already totally in love .. I am thinking of all the ways to pad things and make everything soft and comfy for him. And trying to think of a good name :)

  7. You are an angel for giving him another chance at life.

  8. He looks like a little gentleman. Don't you wish he could talk, and tell you his story?

  9. Congratulations on your new cat. I love that you adopted an older cat. Do you happen to know how he ended up without a home at his age?
    A couple of years ago I adopted Lette. At the time she was 5 1/2 years old. Her owners turned her in to a high kill shelter with a broken leg. She was already on the euthanasia list when Stray Cat Alliance saved her. The rest is history. I love her and had she been older I still would have adopted her.
    The very best to you and your fur children.

  10. I am amazed at you. I love to read your blog not just because you are funny, a good photographer, and gifted with words, but because you are so Different to me! You have real emotional bravery my dear. An Old Guy Cat. What next?! ;-)

    How about General Tso? He is so dignified, even while embracing a pink stuffed toy!


  11. Oh erina, how very very kind of you. I am not brave .. I am needy and sad and afraid of everything. But then, I see some small creature who is even more afraid and helpless than I am and I have to try to help. At least he is not afraid now, he is not hungry or frightened. He is napping in Minettes bed and she is sulking out in the sun room ..
    I just bought her a new bed, bigger, cushier, better. maybe she will like it. Even if that intruder got her old bed.

  12. Look at that face. Congratulations.

  13. beyondbeige, that is what I say to him ... Look at that face ... he just looks at me.
    I am not sure how well he can even see, bless his heart. But he is such a soft sweet lovey.

  14. He is beautiful. And he is lucky to have found you. xxx

  15. Oh Mym, thank you. He must weigh 3 lbs .. just a small handful of long hair. He is hiding under the bed right now- I vacuumed a room.. Minette hides too but he is staying hidden poor baby.

  16. Hi, I have an old girl, Lucy who showed up in our yard some 20 years ago now. Fragile, arthritic and sleeps a lot but has a good appetite and wields great power with her every howl (despite being deaf).

    Been hoping she gets one last summer basking in the garden on a comfy chair... For the last 4 years!

    They can surprise you; enjoy them both.

  17. What a wonderful thing you have done! He is one lucky cat to have you and Minnette as his new family.

  18. Thank you :)
    Tonight he is more adventurous.. not wanting to settle down and relax which I really need.
    Problems with my realtor and no one to be on my side.
    Hoping for a better day for us all tomorrow !


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