It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new.
But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.

Saturday, May 31, 2014


Today could be called a Day of Failures.

My visitors failed to be able to come visit .. someone doesn't feel good at all.

So far I have failed to get anything accomplished.
I tried, god knows I tried, but it was not meant to be.

The doctor here will not honor the prescription I had in Argentina for a medicine that is sold over the counter in some places .. not in NY though.
So I have to see a doctor specifically for this prescription, even though the doctor saw me a couple of days ago and told me I was fine.

I am refraining from ranting about US health care vs Other Worlds.

I decided to stay in after that but can't stand the sight of the high grass and weeds .. thriving from all the rain and sunshine.
So I went back out with the weed wacker and just got itchy.
The need for a wacker has gone, Only a honkin big lawn mower will do.
With someone else driving it ... since I sat on the thing, in the driveway, to the amusement of anyone who knows how to start a Riding Lawnmower .. I never figured out how to start the damned thing.
Put that sign on my back, the one that says Loser. Next to the sign that says Humiliation .
Then a spider dropped down just missing my face in the garage door and I squeaked like a mouse and ran in the house and gave up.

Call me a coward, fraidy cat, sissy, doofus , I don't care.
I am not going out in that yard again until someone with * you know whats* goes out there with a mower, wacker, buzz saw, guns .

Oh and lets talk about when I was wacking away , something hit me in the face .. and I got something on my foot so I picked it off and then I saw the plants that look suspiciously like poison ivy/oak.
So I ran in the house and washed my face and hands and said a few dozen prayers that they were just weeds.

Why can't spiders and bees be allergic to things .. like me ?

I fail to understand this ... they are tiny, why do they have to be Everywhere ... why don't they just live in Tinyville where all small things live and flourish??

I put some towels in the wash . I can hear it thumping. Now what ?

Tomorrow someone else can worry about it all.

I am going to go drink to my failure . And have a chocolate chip cookie .. or 3. OK... I will eat them all.

(the drink will be tea)

Thursday, May 29, 2014


It's funny, I have had various Families through my life ..
I was the child of a very young mother.
My father was killed in an accident when I was an infant, so my Grandparents and Uncle and Aunts and cousins were my family.
I have nothing but the best memories of the Family.

Then I grew up and met my husband and  got his family too.
They are an excellent family.
I never had those " in-laws" stories to tell, they were always nice to me , they were crazy about my husband so I guess I was part of that "glow" he gave off .. and he loved them.

Over the years, people move here and there, children grow up, life changes, people change and most families drift apart in some ways and some get closer.

Sadly, now, when I can use all the family I can get, that family seems to have drifted away.

Lucky for me, I have my children who are making their mother proud in so many ways.
They have proven that all that Love and Affection and having a brilliant father, means something.
They are nice people.
They are smart and kind and they call their Mother.

So now that my family is much smaller .. I am happy to say that it is  a wonderful family and I am very proud of them and hope they keep reminding me of all the things I keep forgetting.

Now where did I leave my camera ?

A Questionnaire :

1- Who can you depend on to tell you how to pay a bill online, after you ask 326 times ?
2- Who can you depend on to tell you when there is an online sale on Sephora ?
3- Who can you call when you are sad ?
4- Who can you call when you forgot something ?
5- Who loves your cooking ?

The Answer:

Family   Kazoku

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Looking out the kitchen window. Flowers and greenery outside, flowers and greenery inside.
I look outside and marvel that there is still no snow ... there was so much, at times I wondered if it would just last forever. I worried that the snow would last longer than I would.

Now it is green .. no snow .. no  rain .. just green.. flowers.. trees blooming. Birds everywhere.
Chipmunks going wild .. squirrels, deer but not so much now that there is an alfalfa field out there for them to pig out in every day.
There is no hunting allowed in this area, the creatures are safe and pretty well fed.

The population at the  farm up the hill is growing .. in the afternoon you can hear the baby sheep and goats.
The goats are comical, they baaaa to each other, back and forth, back and forth, for what seems like hours ..
The one horse just grazes in the grass and ignores them all.
I would talk to him and pet him, but the Highland Cattle and their massive horns want to come see what's going on and I don't think I want to disturb things too much !

I have poppies blooming. Fabulous orange poppies.
I have giant turtles crossing the street and going to a pond/swamp ? somewhere on the other side of the field behind my house .. I wonder how long it takes to get from Here to There ..
I wonder what a baby snapping turtle looks like ...
Big Daddy/Mama is scary looking if you were to ask me.

Minette keeps track of things at the bird feeder from her little bed at the sliding glass doors.
She is growing up, calming down.
She sleeps later, gets in bed with me and both of us sleep later.
I sometimes wake the second time to kitten kisses or someone nibbling on my fingernails.

Spring is here ... Summer is on the way ... nothing ever stops changing .. Everything changes.

Monday, May 26, 2014


Ahhhh The Country Life

I was sitting here looking at photos taken on our last days in Buenos Aires, the trip to the airport, saying goodbye to Argentina and all the wonderful people, sights and sounds and tastes.. yes, I am homesick for Buenos Aires.

I looked out the window and there was something very large and low in the middle of the street .. by my driveway.
I had to go look.
Who wouldn't ??

It was the biggest turtle I have ever seen ..

I thought to myself, he is never going to live to get across the street.
Then a car came along.
So I did what anyone would do.
I stepped into the street .. I sort of held my hand up like a traffic cop but not quite.
The car slowed down and it was a very nice lady with children who all got to look at the Snapping Turtle.
Huge Snapping Turtle.
I told her I would be there until His Turtleness made it across the street alive.
Even though across the street meant into my yard.
Then another car came along just as His Turtleness had begun to lift a foot.. preparing to take a turtle step ... slow motion style. I was worried I would still be out there tonight, with a flashlight, waiting for him to cross the road.
The next car was a car full of young men. That would have been great if I was a young girl, you know?
But they were happy to see the turtle and took a photo with their phones ..
Then another car came along ... there were more cars in that period of time on my street than there have been since I moved here.

Everyone thought it was Cool .. they laughed and joked with me and watched a while then went on their way.
It was really nice.

The turtle, I was told, is on his way to a swampy place and will be mating .. so as in all things male, he risked his life to get to that girl turtle so they could fool around .. men .. turtle men...same thing.

It is so green here, trees, grass, shrubs ... it seems as if the sky is green.

I might have to get out for a while.
I am getting too involved with the wildlife.
And I have no wild life.

I wonder how old it was .... it has moss on its shell.

Also in my garden

Sunday, May 25, 2014

For Sale

Enough of this Nature business, I want to move back to the City.

Why ?
I will give you a small list :

1- I have to mow the lawn myself.
This isn't such a big deal except for .... the mower wouldn't start.
The very nice man next door used his and did it for me.
Then he took mine and tried to find out why it wouldn't start.
He fixed it. I can mow.
But I don't really want to mow.
I can drive a car , I can shift gears, I like riding motorcycles , I am afraid to ride on a riding lawnmower.

2- There is poison ivy/oak out there.
I am not going to go into greenery that can make me break out in bumps that itch, burn and weep and scar.
Not to mention, there are babies and other people who will visit and be exposed to that too.

3 - I have a Mother Groundhog in a nest ( for want of a better word) at the edge of the garden.
She is big.
I don't know what she would do if she thought someone was threatening her baby.
I don't want to find out.
Minette and I watch her from Inside the house, that works fine for us.. well, Minette asked if she could go out and meet her and I had to say no .. let's keep things simple here.

4- I tried weed whacking the hedges and edging of the lawn / pool area/ etc and discovered it was mostly poison ivy.
I ran in the house and took a shower and scrubbed the top layer of skin off to be sure I didn't get a drop of poison juice on me ...
I had it once as a child, I do not ever want it again.

5- I was in the house, with a nice breeze coming in through the screened windows in the "garden room" and I heard the kitten .. in my bedroom .. making odd noises.
I walked in and she had something on the floor .. it was a battle, Minette seemed to be winning.
I walked over and she moved.
It was a WASP !!!
No ... not a WASP like me ... A BEE  !!!!!

My heart still hasn't stopped thudding.
It could have really harmed Minette, she is so tiny.
It could have really harmed me , I am not that tiny but I am allergic to bee stings.
Something about swelling, breathing/not breathing, heart stopping... you know, that kind of allergic.

So I grabbed a box of Kleenex, grabbed the kitten with one hand, slammed the box of tissues down on the bee and Minette and I ran out of the room and slammed the door.
When my heart had slowed down a bit, I put her in another room and went in, carefully, slowly .. the box wasn't moving ... I lifted it ... the damn thing moved ... So I took one of my boots and finished it off.

Mid Century Modern on one acre in bucolic setting with formal gardens and a full size swimming pool -For Sale.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Something to Consider

I am homesick for Buenos Aires. I miss that apartment.
The kind  apartment that I just dreamed of living in some day.
We took tired rooms and made them into beautiful rooms from a movie or book that we liked.

Romantic and charming and serene and beautiful rooms.

I miss the view from my front windows

I miss my husband who made me brave and shared so many wonderful adventures with me.
I miss Pup.
Minette says she goes where I go but somehow , I wonder if she would like to live in Buenos Aires.
Maybe, I will do what Amy from God I Love Paris did.
I will pack up the cat and go live in an apartment in Paris , 4 flights up, no elevator and sit in the windows and look out over the city .. ride a bike  .. learn to speak French.. it can't be worse than my Castellano !

It is something to consider.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014



Click and sit back and enjoy .. this is so wonderful.
Tell me how you liked it. How could you not ! ?

Thank you to my daughter for sending this to me .
She knows just what to do to make me smile.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday To Do List


Buy Minette more food.

Make appointment with vet for Minette to get yet more medicines  for her upset belly.

Wash Minettes feet, she walks in the litter as if it were clean.
Then she jumps on my bed.... the bed with the white silk quilt.

Do laundry .. Reason .. see above.

Buy a present for the neighbor who came over here yesterday afternoon and mowed my entire yard, front and back and sides...without being asked.
( angels ride John Deere lawn mowers ... who knew??)

Go to Great Barrington and buy Good Coffee.

Take lamp to be repaired. It might be too old and fragile but my husband loved it. Enough said .

Keep busy.
Try not to  be sad.

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Weekend..

Minettes excited.
The Baby is coming to visit. A whole day early !!
She sits and waits the arrival , out in the garden room, on Her pillow, at the sliding doors .. where she can keep a close watch on the comings and goings of the Chipmunk family as well as any birds intruding into her airspace.

You know when she has sighted something ... she freezes.
You could pick her up and she would be like a stiff little kitten statue.
Although the tip of her tail does twitch a bit.
I will never ever tell her that she will never catch a chipmunk. Let her have her dreams.

She had a bad night last night, or should I say morning.
She called me at 5 am.
She was not well.
This poor little thing has been taking one kind of antibiotic after another and nothing is making any difference in her tummy issues.
She just got more meds and something extra and she still is showing no improvement.

But she did get a manicure yesterday.
They told me she behaved perfectly.
I thought them very kind but great big liars !!
Unless they had her in a kitten straight jacket, they were all wearing long sleeves today to cover up the strips she cut into their arms.
My hands and arms look like I was attacked by some sort of creature that makes small red holes all over you .... am I a voodoo doll ?
No, I just thought I could cut Minettes nails myself.
Silly me. I was attacked by a creature that makes small red holes all over me.
I learned my lesson. There are people out there that you can pay to do things like that !

It is a warmish gloomy day and I miss someone.
He would be getting out there and revving up the motor on the lawnmower.
He loved driving that thing all over the yard.
My City Boy ... on a Riding Lawnmower .. I wouldn't let him live that down ..
I miss him.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Avoid Touching the Ball

Another Insane Kitty Alert.

She wakes up squeaking, tiny baby meows although she is getting bigger .. she is an adolescent now I think .. in Kitten Years.

She found a ball with a bell in it.
She carries it around in her mouth .. sometimes meowing at the same time. Kitten meows with a ball in her mouth have a different sound .. I try not to laugh , it is impossible.
She walks through the house, jingling, mouth full, then meows .. I have to laugh .. she looks at me with scorn and continues through the house... looking for a good place to hide her ball.

She is under my bed with it now ,  she thinks she is hidden, I can see her tail switching back and forth, little chortling meows coming from under the bed.
She hasn't gotten that Silent Cat thing yet ... you know,* fog rolls in on silent cat feet ?
Not my cat !
Fog would roll in with little chortles and squeaks !

I have spent 2 days searching for something.
It should be in my bedroom, today the search widened to the other rooms in the house.
I have looked in places where it could not be ... of course, it wasn't there ... it isn't anywhere but I know it is.
Where would you hide if you were a automatic fan/ light remote ?
No, you wouldn't hide in the drawer in the table next to the bed .. that is too easy.
In any drawer in the bedroom ? nooooo.
In the closets ? In the pockets of clothes in the closets ? On the shelves in the closets ? No !

The fan  cannot be turned on without the remote. The light can but not the fan.
And I don't have the box or info on the fan to just order a new one.
What to do ?

I need another cup of coffee.
It is raining and dreary, probably a good day to look for a remote control device.
Avoid touching the little ball with the bell in it ..
Avoid ordering more goodies online.
Avoid drinking more coffee.

                                                 Does that look like a Sane kitten to you ?

*The fog comes
on little cat feet.
It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on. Carl Sandburg

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Home ... in BA

Our home in Buenos Aires.
Formerly a private family home, converted years ago into apartments..
2 apartments to a floor, from front to back. Walled gardens in the back.. my view from our bedroom was the garden , a large tree and the sounds were doves and birds.
I wish I were there right now.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Foto

                                     A shady street on a Summer day in Buenos Aires

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Online shopping

 I like to shop Online better than in real stores.

Although if someone led me into a nice shoe store, I would spend a little time there..if they made me.

If I just happened to come across a store with nice handbags, I might while away a few minutes or so.

If I just wandered into a store that was full of oh, let's say ... Jewelry ! Earrings .. a bracelet or two .. I might spend a moment looking.

But in the evening, when I am just relaxing  ... I find myself looking at sites online .. like ... Sephora.
 My delivery will be in 3 days. They are giving me a present too.

I bought myself something from Coach online. I was buying someone a gift, I figured I would get one for me too, so I wouldn't feel left out.

I ran out of something, I went to How was I to know that they sell EVERYTHING ??
Make up, music, movies, books...  My Shampoo and Conditioner will be delivered this week.

I was looking forward to the sun coming out and being able to go out and do things like shop in stores.
But when I got to the store, everything was unappealing.
The next store didn't have my size.
The next store did have some pretty good chocolate cake with the coffee.
I went home and bought the size I wanted, in the color I wanted  and it was delivered in 3 days.

Does anyone else feel this way about shopping ?

It was fun in Argentina !
The styles were always from Europe, the bags were the best leather and high style, the clothes fit !
I have shoes I haven't even worn yet, they were so beautiful, such good leather and wonderful prices.
If anyone is going to Buenos Aires on a vacation, shop for shoes ! and handbags.
You can thank me when you get back .

I wish I could buy a new house online.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Insane Kitty Alert

No sane cat looks like that ...  those eyes !!
The tiny hesitant baby has gone, the wild eyed, sliding around corners at the speed of light, skidding across tables and knocking things over Maniac is here.
Minette. . the Insane Kitty Cat.
A Heavy Metal band should call themselves that ..
There is an Insane Clown Posse, why not an Insane Kitty Cat band ?

Her new thing is standing at the door ( that is closed to keep her from sneaking in and knocking everything off tables , dressers etc ) and cries ....  loudly ... with that hoarse little voice and hits the door, scratches at it and then paces, meowing.
She tries to reach the door knob .. swear to God, she will get bigger and open the door herself !!

I let her in finally, she runs straight to the corner of the rug and flips it over and starts to sharpen her claws on it.
A very old ,  wonderful  Oriental rug .. the sort that cats and dogs don't often even get to walk on.
This one is barely avoiding being a large , beautiful cat scratching pad.

She ran into the bathroom, jumped on the sink and knocked a bottle off.
Plastic .. I am learning.
It was revenge for not letting her scratch the rug.
I took her out of the room and closed the door.

She is sitting on the sofa, meowing ... when I am not looking, she will sharpen her claws on the sofa ... from Buenos Aires ... that is covered in bath towels and blankets so she can't ruin it.

Someone, remind me, why did I need a kitten ?

Excuse me, I have to run now, someone is making noises ... in the kitchen ...

Monday, May 5, 2014

Gardens, Kittens and Music

It is quiet here.
At night there is no sound, not even a kitten snoring .
Just before dark, you can hear the birds getting ready for bed, last minute nest fixing, quieting down the babies, snuggling in ...
The woodchuck runs along the property line, to her burrow in our back yard with  the alfalfa fields behind us ...
What seems like miles of bright green fields .. the deer like it back there but after the young ones had a late night party in the yard, it has been quiet.
I guess the elder deer let them know the rules.

During the day, far off, I can hear tractors sometimes and more often, the lawnmowers of neighbors.
And then there is that sound , early in the morning, no, besides the birds waking up ... a squeaky hoarse sound .. sort of like a meow but not quite.
And when I go in and take her out of her crate and back into bed with me, she settles from grumbling to purring then a little snoring.

This afternoon there was the sound of the weed-wacker thing.
That was me !
 Last year when my husband would ride the lawnmower, I would Do Edges.
Yes, that was my job .. and a damn fine job I did.
I also do a good job leveling things .
Even good things now and then but accidents happen you know.
I haven't gotten brave enough yet to try riding the mower.
I have to ease into that one.
But I did some drastic removal of ferns etc last year so this photo below is definitely a Before photo.
Later I will have the new After photos to show off.

The kitten stayed in the house, making sure that no gnats or flying things managed to work their way through the screens.
She  was mesmerized by a chipmunk.
She doesn't do things in moderation.
When she watches the chipmunk, she never takes her eyes off the chipmunk... even if it is not there, she will stare at the spot where it stood, until it comes back or I pick her up and take her away, discussing the possibilities of therapy for obsessive chip monk watching.

She is in her little bed by the glass doors, pretending to be napping.
With fine weather , I am filled with the need to Go Somewhere.
 I am thinking about going to ... in no particular order ...
Lenox , Massachusetts , where the buildings are all beautiful, very very old and there is the Red Lion Inn.
Where I could order tea .. a Real Tea and have it out on the porch , sitting in a rocking chair.
It might do me good, I have been there enough times to know that I will be the youngest person sitting in one of those rocking chairs and feeling like the youngest person around can do wonders for a persons spirits.
Or so I have heard. 

I can go look at Tanglewood and see what concerts I might be able to go to ..
I like the idea of a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, sitting on the lawn, listening to a classical concert.

I like going to Hudson NY on a weekend and just looking in all the antique shops and stopping at the French Cafe for a bite or just a good cup of coffee.

Now that it is warmer, it will be much more comfortable walking up and down that long street, with only antique stores and cafes .. imagine .. it is great.
Warm weather will make it fantastic.

Tomorrow ? Maybe more weed wacking followed by leaf blowing.
With a bit of kitten snuggling in the evening.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Meanwhile, Back in BA

Yes, that was my Buenos Aires Bedroom.
We bought that chandelier in San Telmo.
The neighborhood of Old Things. ( not like me old ... Things, like antiques)
We actually went into garages, converted into antique malls and found crystal chandeliers from grand homes in the past.
I preferred to think that they renovated and got rid of them, rather than this was from the days when people were selling everything they had to manage during one of the countries Bad Days.
Financial crashes etc.

All of the lighting in our apartment was from San Telmo, all chandeliers and none of them work here !!
But I am keeping them... you never know.

On the highest ladder, we could not change the bulbs in the chandelier.
We had to call the porter .
He had a taller ladder.
Which he carried up 5 flights of stairs because it didn't fit in the elevator.
The life of a Porter is not always easy, hanging out across the street chatting with the other Porters.
Bringing flowers that were left at the door, to someone living in the building.
Holding doors for people walking in and out with a Pup .
Holding doors for people waking in with groceries.

Unlocking the garden door so someone could go out there and just be in a quiet spot for a minute and tend to the flowers donated because they were leaving Buenos Aires and the plants were staying behind.. in the garden .. adios mi flora !!

I am homesick for Buenos Aires today.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Being There

After spending our days spent sightseeing, listening to the amazing music that you hear wherever you go in the city and  experiencing a million small kindnesses from the people..  the ready smiles, the willingness to not only help you if you ask for directions but so many times, the eagerness to try out their English on us .. to walk us to the corner and point out the way to go .
These were just  going that one bit farther in making us fall in love with the city and its people...
After all that and more, we would fall in to bed at night , exhausted, walked out, too wound up by all that we had seen and done and eaten and how overwhelmed we were .. or at least I was.

I was terrified at the idea of moving to Argentina, What about Pup ??
What about the kids , the family ? and What if ??
My husband just calmly told me that there was no deadline for any decision, just think about it or don't, relax and enjoy being there .

I would fall asleep with my mind finally settling on a perfect afternoon, sitting in a cafe garden, having coffee and people watching and seeing how appealing the life was .. and not to mention, I liked the idea that I could live in an apartment that looked like it was located in Paris on the Left Bank .

Speaking of Paris ... we shopped and shopped and I bought so many pairs of shoes, a few purses and a lot of presents. They weren't kidding when they said Buenos Aires was the Paris of South America.

We went to museums that I really   wanted to go back to,  again and again.
One has a lovely cafe on its grounds .. the Museum is the home of a famous man from the early days of Buenos Aires and it is magnificent. Their ballroom was the size of a house.
And the cafe is pretty darn nice too !

And then there is Evita's Museum .. her former home, before she went to live in the Big Pink House.
Old tiles, arched windows, arched doorways, wonderful music playing as you walk through the rooms, balconies looking out on a garden .. it is a really nice museum and they have a cafe that is fabulous. Lunch, Sunday brunch .. perfecto.

We ate in nice restaurants at night, we ate in pizzerias , we drank copious amounts of strong dark coffee and Malbec, we ate medialunas ( Argentine croissants) every morning and we walked.
We walked miles every day.
 It was the best way to see everything and to get a feel of being there .. really Being There.
We took taxis too and that was a delight.
The drivers were courteous, friendly and loved to try out their English, loved good music and drove like maniacs.
I learned right away, don't look.
Just sit back and listen to the music.
And if it feels right, practice your Castellano .. they love that .. if you get a good one.
 I always got good ones  ~
( in all the years we were there, all the taxis we took, we were never in one accident, not even a slight fender bender.... it just looks like they are going to crash all the time .. but they don't . )

We started looking at things in terms of Real Estate and Neighborhoods.
We decided that we would live in Recoleta, where we were staying.
We decided that we wanted an old apartment building, one of the French style with character and high ceilings and charm.

We also decided that if at any time, one of us changed our mind or decided that it was going to be too much ... money, stress, difficult in any way... we would forget about it and be happy anyway.

So the days zoomed by with shopping and eating and exploring, watching Tango, listening to concerts, shopping, sitting in parks and just Being There...

The day before we left .. our new friend and realtor called and said he would take us to see 4 apartments to give us an idea of what there was available.

Lesson One in looking at Real Estate in Argentina.. coming next.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Foto

My view in BA. Across the street.. I sorta wanted to live in the apartment on top of the building on the left.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

This Could Be Our New Life

While waiting for the airplane for our visit to Buenos Aires, we started talking to a lovely lady and her daughter at the airport. She was from Buenos Aires, she   lived in New York, she was flying back to BA to celebrate her fathers birthday with the (rather large) family.

We just sat and chatted about Buenos Aires and what we were thinking of in terms of visiting and possibly looking into the idea of living there ..
She said she would call us while we were there and we would go out for coffee.

Arriving in BA, we were swept along with the other people arriving from other destinations and quickly passed through customs and into the taxi that was waiting. ( there are all these rules for finding the Right Taxi so you don't get "Taken for a Ride" and robbed ..)..
Before you could say Hola, we were there ! Our little hotel on a small relatively quiet street in a beautiful neighborhood .. we were congratulating ourselves for our good luck and brilliance in choosing the hotel and location ... ( we liked to acknowledge our brilliance whenever it showed) ..

The first thing we did was put our things away and head out to a cafe.
This would be the way things would be in our future, for many happy years.... strong coffee and a medialuna in a cafe .

That week we saw parks, museums, shopped, we visited all the major neighborhoods,  restaurants, we saw Mimes on street corners, huge weekend ferias, dance, music, art, historic sites, cafes every day, and walked .. we walked and walked.. and took photos.

A couple of days before it was time to go home, the nice lady from the airport called and asked us if we wanted to go to have coffee. We met her at the hotel, her brother was with her.
What a great couple of people ! What a great coincidence that her brother is a realtor.
We completely enjoyed our visit with them, sitting in an outdoor cafe in a park in the neighborhood.
As we sat there, my husband and I both looked at each other and smiled, we always knew what the other was thinking ... we were thinking that This could be our life. This could be our daily habit, coffee in a cafe in the afternoon. In our cafe... in our neighborhood .. in our new life.

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