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Alan Cohen
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Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday To Do List


Buy Minette more food.

Make appointment with vet for Minette to get yet more medicines  for her upset belly.

Wash Minettes feet, she walks in the litter as if it were clean.
Then she jumps on my bed.... the bed with the white silk quilt.

Do laundry .. Reason .. see above.

Buy a present for the neighbor who came over here yesterday afternoon and mowed my entire yard, front and back and sides...without being asked.
( angels ride John Deere lawn mowers ... who knew??)

Go to Great Barrington and buy Good Coffee.

Take lamp to be repaired. It might be too old and fragile but my husband loved it. Enough said .

Keep busy.
Try not to  be sad.


  1. Scarlett, our cat had tummy problems for months. He had all sorts of meds but nothing helped much. It turned out he had food allergies. He now eats a prescription food that we get from the vet called z/d and the stomach issues have clearned up. You might want to ask the vet if changing Minette's food might help.

  2. Thank you Anony, I changed her food at the beginning and there was no improvement. Tomorrow we go to the vet .. again ... I will mention the food , how wonderful if that would be the reason for her problem !
    She is so cute and tiny and sweet, I want this to be over with already !

  3. Pictures of this fabulous yard?
    Come on.....
    Linda :o)

  4. This is part of the back yard in the fall.
    I have not taken photos yet of the Spring ..


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