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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Insane Kitty Alert

No sane cat looks like that ...  those eyes !!
The tiny hesitant baby has gone, the wild eyed, sliding around corners at the speed of light, skidding across tables and knocking things over Maniac is here.
Minette. . the Insane Kitty Cat.
A Heavy Metal band should call themselves that ..
There is an Insane Clown Posse, why not an Insane Kitty Cat band ?

Her new thing is standing at the door ( that is closed to keep her from sneaking in and knocking everything off tables , dressers etc ) and cries ....  loudly ... with that hoarse little voice and hits the door, scratches at it and then paces, meowing.
She tries to reach the door knob .. swear to God, she will get bigger and open the door herself !!

I let her in finally, she runs straight to the corner of the rug and flips it over and starts to sharpen her claws on it.
A very old ,  wonderful  Oriental rug .. the sort that cats and dogs don't often even get to walk on.
This one is barely avoiding being a large , beautiful cat scratching pad.

She ran into the bathroom, jumped on the sink and knocked a bottle off.
Plastic .. I am learning.
It was revenge for not letting her scratch the rug.
I took her out of the room and closed the door.

She is sitting on the sofa, meowing ... when I am not looking, she will sharpen her claws on the sofa ... from Buenos Aires ... that is covered in bath towels and blankets so she can't ruin it.

Someone, remind me, why did I need a kitten ?

Excuse me, I have to run now, someone is making noises ... in the kitchen ...


  1. Just like silly teenagers, they will settle down after a while. Animal antics always make me laugh!!
    Enjoy your feline family time.
    We are on the look out for a another kitty as our one is seventeen years old. I am not sure how to introduce them and keep the peace.
    take care

  2. Hi Anony and thank you .. it is just the one little kitten. She is not a teenager yet, more like a silly toddler lol.
    When my last cat was 14 , I introduced a puppy .. it was amazing, the cat sniffed the puppy who was all wiggles and happy then the cat proceeded to wash the puppy. They were best friends for a few years, until the cat died of old age.
    After that, if you ever asked the dog , where's the pussycat ? he would run all over the house looking for his friend the cat.

  3. I do believe it was YOU who thought you needed a kitten!

    Linda :o)

  4. Linda .. really ? It was MY idea ???
    LOL ... and a fine idea it was.

  5. Hello Candice,

    Our curtains still bear the rips of kitten claws from many years ago! We tell ourselves that it is all part of creating the English country house shabby chic look. We do not know how you can convince yourself that this was a wise move......

    But, Minette will give you unconditional love and you will survive. All will be well. Try a second kitten......they love company....ONLY JOKING!

  6. Wasn't it to keep you busy... ;-)

  7. LOL Jane & Lance .. if I do that, will you come visit me in the Home for Crazy Ladies ?

    Furtheron ... There is Busy and then there is busy .. Besides, she seems to be having more fun being busy than I am.

  8. I know I was one of them that encouraged you to get a kitten/cat. You did the right thing. Even though she can be very "playful" she has enriched your life and you have saved hers.

  9. Yes, you did, Madison and I thank you too.
    She is at the moment, running amok with a tiny toy that drives her crazy. A plastic ball with a bell inside.
    She has started to talk to it ..


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