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Thursday, May 1, 2014

This Could Be Our New Life

While waiting for the airplane for our visit to Buenos Aires, we started talking to a lovely lady and her daughter at the airport. She was from Buenos Aires, she   lived in New York, she was flying back to BA to celebrate her fathers birthday with the (rather large) family.

We just sat and chatted about Buenos Aires and what we were thinking of in terms of visiting and possibly looking into the idea of living there ..
She said she would call us while we were there and we would go out for coffee.

Arriving in BA, we were swept along with the other people arriving from other destinations and quickly passed through customs and into the taxi that was waiting. ( there are all these rules for finding the Right Taxi so you don't get "Taken for a Ride" and robbed ..)..
Before you could say Hola, we were there ! Our little hotel on a small relatively quiet street in a beautiful neighborhood .. we were congratulating ourselves for our good luck and brilliance in choosing the hotel and location ... ( we liked to acknowledge our brilliance whenever it showed) ..

The first thing we did was put our things away and head out to a cafe.
This would be the way things would be in our future, for many happy years.... strong coffee and a medialuna in a cafe .

That week we saw parks, museums, shopped, we visited all the major neighborhoods,  restaurants, we saw Mimes on street corners, huge weekend ferias, dance, music, art, historic sites, cafes every day, and walked .. we walked and walked.. and took photos.

A couple of days before it was time to go home, the nice lady from the airport called and asked us if we wanted to go to have coffee. We met her at the hotel, her brother was with her.
What a great couple of people ! What a great coincidence that her brother is a realtor.
We completely enjoyed our visit with them, sitting in an outdoor cafe in a park in the neighborhood.
As we sat there, my husband and I both looked at each other and smiled, we always knew what the other was thinking ... we were thinking that This could be our life. This could be our daily habit, coffee in a cafe in the afternoon. In our cafe... in our neighborhood .. in our new life.


  1. I think you guys were so brave to do that. Incredibly brave. And now you have those memories and experiences to sustain you.

  2. Hello Candice,

    Sometimes the most major decisions one takes in Life come almost on a whim. But, one instinctively knows that this will be right. And, how right you both were to choose what must have been a very different way of life.

    And how you have now such wonderful memories of your adventures abroad. It is not always plain sailing, we know that ourselves only too well, but it does make one dig very deep into one's own natural resources in order to thrive in a foreign land.

    However tough the days ahead may not forget that you have proved what a remarkably flexible and resourceful person you are!

  3. Amazing. Your story is so fascinating; I think it's extra hard for Americans to live abroad. You two were truly Adventurers, and I'm sure you still are. You're really brave, and seem to have such a full sense of self; one hears it in your writing voice. I've learned lots from your blog, about Argentina, about pets, about viewing the world quite differently from my way, and about getting through life's very difficult changes. Thank you!


  4. erina, you made my day :) Thank you.

  5. Razmataz, He was brave, I just followed him , I knew I was safe when I was with him.
    Thank you :)

    Thank you Jane and Lance .. I must admit, I rarely feel brave .. quite the opposite in fact. But Minette is brave . :) besos.

  6. You make me feel like I am there again.
    I think of you often with love.
    xo xo


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