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Alan Cohen
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Saturday, May 31, 2014


Today could be called a Day of Failures.

My visitors failed to be able to come visit .. someone doesn't feel good at all.

So far I have failed to get anything accomplished.
I tried, god knows I tried, but it was not meant to be.

The doctor here will not honor the prescription I had in Argentina for a medicine that is sold over the counter in some places .. not in NY though.
So I have to see a doctor specifically for this prescription, even though the doctor saw me a couple of days ago and told me I was fine.

I am refraining from ranting about US health care vs Other Worlds.

I decided to stay in after that but can't stand the sight of the high grass and weeds .. thriving from all the rain and sunshine.
So I went back out with the weed wacker and just got itchy.
The need for a wacker has gone, Only a honkin big lawn mower will do.
With someone else driving it ... since I sat on the thing, in the driveway, to the amusement of anyone who knows how to start a Riding Lawnmower .. I never figured out how to start the damned thing.
Put that sign on my back, the one that says Loser. Next to the sign that says Humiliation .
Then a spider dropped down just missing my face in the garage door and I squeaked like a mouse and ran in the house and gave up.

Call me a coward, fraidy cat, sissy, doofus , I don't care.
I am not going out in that yard again until someone with * you know whats* goes out there with a mower, wacker, buzz saw, guns .

Oh and lets talk about when I was wacking away , something hit me in the face .. and I got something on my foot so I picked it off and then I saw the plants that look suspiciously like poison ivy/oak.
So I ran in the house and washed my face and hands and said a few dozen prayers that they were just weeds.

Why can't spiders and bees be allergic to things .. like me ?

I fail to understand this ... they are tiny, why do they have to be Everywhere ... why don't they just live in Tinyville where all small things live and flourish??

I put some towels in the wash . I can hear it thumping. Now what ?

Tomorrow someone else can worry about it all.

I am going to go drink to my failure . And have a chocolate chip cookie .. or 3. OK... I will eat them all.

(the drink will be tea)


  1. I think your drink needs to be stronger than tea!

  2. I know, but I never drank alone and I hate to start now.. God knows what Me being Tipsy and Alone can result in ..
    saludos ! :)

  3. {{virtual hugs}} Some days are like that. There will be many, but they will become fewer & further in between.

  4. Tama, I think you have an excellent idea.
    Truthfully, If I could have gotten the thing running, I would have managed.. but with the bees to watch our for and the whole Doing It Alone For The First Time thing, I was glad someone else did it for me.
    I used to use a push mower when I was a kid and hated it then too ... especially when the green snake sat on my foot and I thought he was grass.


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