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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Meanwhile, Back in BA

Yes, that was my Buenos Aires Bedroom.
We bought that chandelier in San Telmo.
The neighborhood of Old Things. ( not like me old ... Things, like antiques)
We actually went into garages, converted into antique malls and found crystal chandeliers from grand homes in the past.
I preferred to think that they renovated and got rid of them, rather than this was from the days when people were selling everything they had to manage during one of the countries Bad Days.
Financial crashes etc.

All of the lighting in our apartment was from San Telmo, all chandeliers and none of them work here !!
But I am keeping them... you never know.

On the highest ladder, we could not change the bulbs in the chandelier.
We had to call the porter .
He had a taller ladder.
Which he carried up 5 flights of stairs because it didn't fit in the elevator.
The life of a Porter is not always easy, hanging out across the street chatting with the other Porters.
Bringing flowers that were left at the door, to someone living in the building.
Holding doors for people walking in and out with a Pup .
Holding doors for people waking in with groceries.

Unlocking the garden door so someone could go out there and just be in a quiet spot for a minute and tend to the flowers donated because they were leaving Buenos Aires and the plants were staying behind.. in the garden .. adios mi flora !!

I am homesick for Buenos Aires today.


  1. Hello Candice:

    But you have all these beautiful memories and, we are certain, many, many more. Try not to be sad.

  2. Oh I am not so sad as just wishing I were there .. it would be warmer and there would be something to do besides walk up the hill and have a chat with the cows and sheep :)



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