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Monday, May 26, 2014

Ahhhh The Country Life

I was sitting here looking at photos taken on our last days in Buenos Aires, the trip to the airport, saying goodbye to Argentina and all the wonderful people, sights and sounds and tastes.. yes, I am homesick for Buenos Aires.

I looked out the window and there was something very large and low in the middle of the street .. by my driveway.
I had to go look.
Who wouldn't ??

It was the biggest turtle I have ever seen ..

I thought to myself, he is never going to live to get across the street.
Then a car came along.
So I did what anyone would do.
I stepped into the street .. I sort of held my hand up like a traffic cop but not quite.
The car slowed down and it was a very nice lady with children who all got to look at the Snapping Turtle.
Huge Snapping Turtle.
I told her I would be there until His Turtleness made it across the street alive.
Even though across the street meant into my yard.
Then another car came along just as His Turtleness had begun to lift a foot.. preparing to take a turtle step ... slow motion style. I was worried I would still be out there tonight, with a flashlight, waiting for him to cross the road.
The next car was a car full of young men. That would have been great if I was a young girl, you know?
But they were happy to see the turtle and took a photo with their phones ..
Then another car came along ... there were more cars in that period of time on my street than there have been since I moved here.

Everyone thought it was Cool .. they laughed and joked with me and watched a while then went on their way.
It was really nice.

The turtle, I was told, is on his way to a swampy place and will be mating .. so as in all things male, he risked his life to get to that girl turtle so they could fool around .. men .. turtle men...same thing.

It is so green here, trees, grass, shrubs ... it seems as if the sky is green.

I might have to get out for a while.
I am getting too involved with the wildlife.
And I have no wild life.

I wonder how old it was .... it has moss on its shell.

Also in my garden


  1. Wow! A biggie for sure. Hope he found the girlfriend!

    Great story - you crack me up!
    Mary x

  2. I love that you were the turtle's crossing guard! Hope he made it to the marsh safely.

  3. Mary, he was a small armored truck :)
    They say they can bite a persons hand off. yikes.

    Indigo, yes, all I needed was a little sign . Everyone that stopped was so nice and laughing , one took photos . And one family gave me a Missing Dog sign :)

    I don't think the turtle got the dog.
    But it is a beautiful Border Collie so I am on the look out for a lost pup.

    Busy days in the country :)


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