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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Online shopping

 I like to shop Online better than in real stores.

Although if someone led me into a nice shoe store, I would spend a little time there..if they made me.

If I just happened to come across a store with nice handbags, I might while away a few minutes or so.

If I just wandered into a store that was full of oh, let's say ... Jewelry ! Earrings .. a bracelet or two .. I might spend a moment looking.

But in the evening, when I am just relaxing  ... I find myself looking at sites online .. like ... Sephora.
 My delivery will be in 3 days. They are giving me a present too.

I bought myself something from Coach online. I was buying someone a gift, I figured I would get one for me too, so I wouldn't feel left out.

I ran out of something, I went to How was I to know that they sell EVERYTHING ??
Make up, music, movies, books...  My Shampoo and Conditioner will be delivered this week.

I was looking forward to the sun coming out and being able to go out and do things like shop in stores.
But when I got to the store, everything was unappealing.
The next store didn't have my size.
The next store did have some pretty good chocolate cake with the coffee.
I went home and bought the size I wanted, in the color I wanted  and it was delivered in 3 days.

Does anyone else feel this way about shopping ?

It was fun in Argentina !
The styles were always from Europe, the bags were the best leather and high style, the clothes fit !
I have shoes I haven't even worn yet, they were so beautiful, such good leather and wonderful prices.
If anyone is going to Buenos Aires on a vacation, shop for shoes ! and handbags.
You can thank me when you get back .

I wish I could buy a new house online.


  1. Hello Candice,

    Well, we shall certainly take your advice about shopping in Buenos Aires when we go there in December!

    We never shop online here in Hungary as we have absolutely no faith that anything would be delivered. Things do, mysteriously, go missing in the post here and so it just does not seem worth the hassle. However, we rarely go into any ordinary shops either. And, we never go food shopping as Timea does that for us. So, all in all, we are definitely not the ones to ask about shopping!!

    1. Let me know if you want recommendations for shopping in BA.

  2. I cannot stand to shop in department stores. Recently, I vacationed in Paris and of course had to buy some new things. I did all of it online. Makeup - Sephora, Amazon, Zappos, Eileen Fisher. To top it off there is a mall near my home but I find it too stressful to shop there. Glad I am not alone

  3. Madison, I loved Galleries Lafayette but my favorite shopping besides boutiques in Paris , were the drug stores. Pharmacies in Paris carry the greatest products :) I had a list from friends of things to look for .. I was hooked right away on a few of them.

  4. Another online shopper here. First it started as an easy way to do my Christmas shopping in one night! Such fun and everything delivered to your door, lol. No fighting crowds, crabby attitudes and nothing in stock. My daughter & I were just in Galleries Lafayette in April....on a Saturday no less! I made sure she saw the beautiful stained glass dome, I purchased some perfume and we were out of there in less than 15 minutes because we couldn't handle the insane crowds or the overwhelming heat! My friend and I were at the local mall on a Tuesday and I must say it was quite a pleasant shopping experience. So much different than a Saturday or Sunday. Mid-week "live" shopping is the way to go if you must do that instead of online. As for buying a house online, it's almost doable. After taking a lot of virtual tours, it's so much easier to narrow down your choices instead of being driven around looking at everything the realtor "thinks" are good choices for you. If you have a really good attorney you don't even have to be at the closing....just wire the money! lol :D


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